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JPB Balian

Balian, Lorna. LEPRECHAUNS NEVER LIE. Gram is ailing and Ninny Nanny, too lazy to care for their simple needs, says she'll catch a leprechaun to discover his hiddengold. Gram thinks it won't work--but does it? c1980.


JPB Bunting

Bunting, Eve. ST. PATRICK'S DAY IN THE MORNING. Jamie seeks a way to prove he is not too young to march in the big St. Patrick's Day parade. c1980.


JPB Janice



JPB Schertle

Schertle, Alice. JEREMY BEAN'S ST. PATRICK'S DAY. Shy Jeremy Bean forgets, much as to his humiliation, to wear green to school for St. Patrick's Day. c1987.





J 394.26 B284s

Barth, Edna. SHAMROCKS, HARPS, AND SHILLELAGHS: THE STORY OF THE ST. PATRICK'S DAY SYMBOLS. Explores the origin and meaning of the symbols and legends associated with St. Patrick's Day. c1977.


J 394.26 G441st

Gibbons, Gail. ST. PATRICK'S DAY. c1994.


J 394.268 C234s

Cantwell, Mary. ST. PATRICK'S DAY. Relates what is known about St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, and why we celebrate March 17. [1967]


J 394.2682 K427st

Kessel, Joyce K. ST. PATRICK'S DAY. Presents a brief account of the life of the Roman aristocrat who became Ireland's patron saint and discusses the annual holiday that honors him. c1982.


J 398.2 M134ti

McDermott, Gerald. TIM O'TOOLE AND THE WEE FOLK: AN IRISH TALE. A very poor Irishman is provided with magical things by the "wee folk", but he must then keep his good fortune out of the hands of the greedy McGoons. c1990.


J 398.2 O13ta

O'Brien, Edna. TALES FOR THE TELLING: IRISH FOLK & FAIRY STORIES. A collection of twelve folk and fairy tales from Ireland, including "The Magic Apples," "The Swan Bride," and "Paddy the Piper." c1986.


J 398.21 G797l

Green, Kathleen. LEPRECHAUN TALES. Eleven original stories about the fairy folk of Ireland--leprechauns, banshees, the Pooka, and others - including one about a tailor who made himself a jacket of magic cloth, and another about a cobbler who helped a banshee celebrate her birthday. [1968]


J 782.42 G742de

Graham, Steve. DEAR OLD DONEGAL. Through the rhyming verses of this song an Irish immigrant to the United States relates his success in his new country and his delight at the prospect of going back to Ireland. c1996.


J 914.15 E66i

Erdoes, Richard. IRELAND: BEWITCHING WONDERLAND. An appreciation of Ireland's geography, history, people, religious spirit, art, literature, leprechauns, and leisure. [1968]


J 914.15


McMahon, Patricia. ONE BELFAST BOY. Describes the life of Liam Leatham, a young Catholic boy, and his family as he prepares for a boxing match that he sees as the first step out of violence-plagued Belfast. c1999.


YP 941.5 B292bl

Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. BLACK POTATOES: THE STORY OF THE GREAT IRISH FAMINE, 1845-1850.The chronology of the disaster unfolds in this gruelingly poignant text that draws heavily on news reports and first person narratives.c2001.


J 941.5 F799re

Fradin, Dennis B. THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND. Presents a history and description of Ireland, as well as geographical, political, and cultural information. c1984.


YP 941.5 B644ir

Blashfield, Jean F. IRELAND. Hundred thousand welcomes -- Braving the Atlantic One people -- Two Irelands -- Irish government -- Celtic tiger --Irish -- Island of saints and myths -- Words, music, and sports --Ceili and cabbages -- Timeline. c2002.





J B942sp

Bunting, Eve. SPYING ON MISS MULLER. At Alveara boarding school in Belfast at the start of World War II, thirteen-year-old Jessie must deal with her suspicions about a teacher whose father was German and with her worries about her own father's drinking problem. c1995.


J E26le

Edwards, Pamela Duncan. THE LEPRECHAUN'S GOLD. A leprechaun intervenes with gold and magic when a greedy, boastful young harpist gains an unfair advantage for a royal harping contest. c2004.


YP G461no

Giff, Patricia Reilly. NORY RYAN'S SONG. When a terrible blight attacks Ireland's potato crop in 1845, twelve-year-old Nory Ryan's courage and ingenuity help her family and neighbors survive. c2000.


J M345st

Markham, Marion M. THE ST. PATRICK'S DAY SHAMROCK MYSTERY. On Saint Patrick's Day, the twin Dixon sleuths become involved in a mystery unfolding right next door. c1995.



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