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Juvenile Picture Books

JPB    Coles

Coles, Robert.THE STORY OF RUBY BRIDGES. For months six-year-old Ruby Bridges must confront the hostility of white parents when she becomes the first African American girl to integrate Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans in 1960.


JPB    Ringgold

Ringgold, Faith.  AUNT HARRIET'S UNDERGROUND RAILROAD IN THE SKY.  With Harriet Tubman as her guide, Cassie retraces the steps escaping slaves took on the Underground Railroad in order to reunite with her younger brother. c1992.




Juvenile & Young People NonFiction

YP    301.45    T949w

Turner, Mary.  WE TOO, BELONG; AN ANTHOLOGY ABOUT MINORITIES IN AMERICA.  The white man's way, by J. London.--White wisdom, by M. Austin.-- War, by Chief Joseph.--A day in the life of a slave, by S. Northup.--Swing low, sweet chariot.--We wear the mask, by P. L. Dunbar.--Incident, by C. Cullen.--Scum o' the earth, by R. H. Schauffler.--Harriet Tubman, by H. Buckmaster.--Life as a freeman, by F. Douglass.--Lift every voice and sing, by J. W Johnson.--Morris and the honorable Tim, by M. Kelly.—The newly-rich Goldsteins, by K. Bercovici.--For two cents plain, by H. Golden.--The test of a man, by T. J. Fleming.--Friend at large, by R. Sawyer.--Why Chicago feted Mrs. Savino, by K. Detzer.--Under one roof, by H. Kromer.--Martin Luther King, Jr, by R. Bartlett.--A fly in the buttermilk, by J. Baldwin.-- Tableau, by C. Cullen. c1969.


YP    305.896    K53i

King, Martin Luther.  I HAVE A DREAM. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.  Here in its entirely is one of the seminal speeches of the twentieth century. Coretta Scott King has written a timely forward, and fifteen Coretta Scott King Award and honor book artists have created beautiful, interpretive artwork. c1997.


J    322.4094    H314bl

Harris, Janet.  BLACK PRIDE; A PEOPLE'S STRUGGLE.  Traces the history of black people in America and the struggles of such leaders as Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King to establish a racial identity and equal rights for Negroes as citizens of the United States. c1969.


YP    323.1    B935fr

Bullard, Sara.  FREE AT LAST: A HISTORY OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT AND THOSE WHO DIED IN THE STRUGGLE. An illustrated history of the Civil Rights Movement, including a timeline and profiles of forty people who gave their lives in the movement. c1993.


YP    323.1    C582

Winters, Paul A., editor. THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. The fight for rights begins -- Litigation and political lobbying -- Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott --Nonviolence and racial justice -- Malcom X and Black nationalism -- Southern states sidestep desegregation orders -- Massive resistance by Southern states -- The Federal Government's litigation strategy -- Peaceful demonstrations and radical tactics -- The student sit-in campaign – Civil disobedience in Birmingham -- The march on Washington – Blacks question the multiracial movement -- Churches join the movement -- Freedom summer -- The ineffectiveness of nonviolence -- From

protest to politics -- The Civil Rights Act of 1964 -- The end of the Civil Rights Coalition -- The Chicago Freedom Movement of 1966 -- The Anti-War movement -- The fight for rights continues -- Integration or anti-discrimination? --Equal economic opportunity -- Black voting in Mississippi. c2000.


YP    323.1    D637

LET FREEDOM RING: A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY OF THE MODERN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Anticipating the movement -- Desegregating the schools – The Montgomery Bus Boycott -- The sit-ins and freedom rides – The fires of discord -- Birmingham and the Great March --Mississippi : opening the closed society -- Selma : the bridge to freedom -- Black power -- The civil rights movement and other social movements -- White resistance -- The struggle continues -- Appendix : statistical profile of black America. c1992.


YP    323.1    H351da

Haskins, James.  THE DAY MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., WAS SHOT: A PHOTO HISTORY OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT.  Presents the history of the civil rights movement through pictures, newspaper clippings, and text, from colonial times to 1991, framed within the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. c1992.


J    323.1    J13bl

Jackson, Jesse.  BLACK IN AMERICA: A FIGHT FOR FREEDOM. A history of blacks in America from their arrival as slaves to their still troubled, but improving, position in society today. c1973.


 YP    323.1   L991me


 A story of how a handful of dedicated young people, both black and white, forged one of the most successful Grassroots organizations (SNCC) in American history. c1992.


YP    323.1    P888fr

Powledge, Fred. FREE AT LAST?: THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT AND THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT.  Traces the dramatic progress of the Movement from its beginnings - the Supreme Court's 1954 Brown decision, the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott, and the 1960 Greensboro sit-ins - all the way to Selma and beyond. c1991.


YP    323.1    P888we

Powledge, Fred.  WE SHALL OVERCOME: HEROES OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT.  Examines the system of segregation that existed in the United States until the mid-twentieth century and discusses the civil rights movement that changed this system. c1993.


J    323.4    E26co

Edwards, Gabrielle I.  COPING WITH DISCRIMINATION.  Examines the historical patterns and results of prejudice and discrimination and their effects on such minorities as the homeless, blacks, women, homosexuals, and the handicapped. c1986.


YP    323.4092    L736m

Lincoln, C. Eric (Charles Eric). MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.: A PROFILE.  c1970.


J    323.4092    L917ma

Lowery, Linda.  MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY.  Briefly recounts the life of the black minister who devoted his life to civil rights and discusses the national holiday in his name: Martin Luther King Day celebrated on the third Monday of every January. c1987.


YP    323.4097    C749c

Congressional            Quarterly. CIVIL RIGHTS REPORT 1970. A comprehensive review of civil rights from 1968-1970. It includes a background chapter reviewing civil rights Developments from 1948-1968.


J    323.4092    R878a



YP    92    K52he

Henry, Sondra.  CORETTA SCOTT KING: KEEPER OF THE DREAM.  Traces the life and accomplishments of the civil rights leader and widow of Dr. Martin Luther King. c1992.


J    92    K53a

Adler, David A.  MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.: FREE AT LAST. A biography of the Baptist minister who worked unceasingly for his dream of a world without hate, prejudice, or violence, and was assassinated in the attempt. c1986.


J    92    K53br

Bray, Rosemary L.  MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. SERIES  Lives to remember.


J    92    K53c

Clayton, Edward Taylor.  MARTIN LUTHER KING : THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR.  A biography of the black leader, Martin Luther King, who, encouraged by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, inspired the Nation to begin a non-violent campaign for equality. c1968.


YP    92    K53dy

Dyson, Michael Eric.  I MAY NOT GET THERE WITH YOU: THE TRUE MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968 -- Influence.  c2000.


J    92    K53ha

Haskins, James.  I HAVE A DREAM: THE LIFE AND WORDS OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. Presents the life, words, and principles of the noted civil rights worker through extensive quotations from his speeches and writings. c1986.


YP    92    K53jo



YP    92    K52k

King, Coretta Scott.  MY LIFE WITH MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.    An inside look at the life and work of the noted civil rights leader, from the viewpoint of his wife Coretta Scott King. c1993.


J    92    K53m

McKee, Don.  MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. Series: Lives to remember.


YP    92    K53o


KING, JR.  c1982.


J    92    K53p


A biography of the Baptist minister, focusing on his leadership role in the civil rights movement. c1989.


YP    92    P252ha

Parks, Rosa.  ROSA PARKS : MY STORY. An autobiography of the black woman in Montgomery, Alabama, whose experiences with segregation led to her role in the early days of the civil rights movement. c1992.


YP    92    W454f 2000

Fradin, Dennis B. IDA B. WELLS: MOTHER OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Born a slave in 1862, Ida B. Wells went on to become one of our nation's earliest civil rights leaders.  She helped found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and fought for women's voting rights. c2000.


YP    920.72    P655le

Pinkney, Andrea Davis.  LET IT SHINE : STORIES OF  BLACK WOMEN FREEDOM FIGHTERS.  Tells the stories of ten African-American women freedom fighters. c2000.



Juvenile & Young People Fiction

YP    C775bu

Cooney, Caroline B.  BURNING UP: A NOVEL. When a girl she had met at an inner-city church is murdered, fifteen-year-old Macey channels her grief into a school project that leads her to uncover prejudice she had not imagined in her grandparents and their wealthy Connecticut community. c1999.


J    M136ma

McDonnell, Janet.  MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY.  Katie celebrates Martin Luther King Day with a party, where she shares with relatives and friends what her grandfather has told her about the great man whom the holiday honors. Includes related crafts and activities. c1993.






P.R.    372.64   S832co



P.R.   922.673   T253re

State of Connecticut, Department of Education. TEACHER'S RESOURCE MANUAL ON MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. c1988.




AID    920    B672

Eye Gate Media.  BLACK AMERICAN SERIES [PICTURE] Large pictures of ten prominent black Americans with brief biographical sketches in corner of each one. c1970.


FS 394.26 E86           

Eye Gate Media. ETHNIC HOLIDAYS OF SPECIAL [Filmstrip] A Martin Luther King Day. c1976.


TAPE    305.896    W689

Southern Regional Council. WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN?: AN AUDIO HISTORY OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT IN FIVE SOUTHERN COMMUNITIES AND THE MUSIC OF THOSE TIMES. [sound recording] . [1998?] 9 sound cassettes + 1 teacher's guide + 1 issue of Southern Changes Tape 1. Prologue - Our place, their place. Tape 2. Under color of law - Hey, hey, ho, ho, segregations got to go-Orangeburg. Tape 3. Cradle of the Confederacy - Walle and pray -The bus boycott.  Tape 4. My feet is tired –Rocking the cradle Little Rock, Arkansas - The Jim Crow years.  Tape 5. Nine for justice - Soldiers in school - The lost year. Tape 6. The 1960's -- American apartheid -Birth of the Jackson movement. Tape 7. The demonstrations – Freedom summer -Power and resistance. Tape 8. Prelude of a movement- Atlanta student movement - Crow and molasses. Tape 9. The city too busy to hate -The rise of black political power. Epilogue.


TAPE    808.85    G786

THE GREATEST SPEECHES OF ALL-TIME. [sound recording] A compilation of sixteen speeches, chiefly by Americans, using recordings made of the speech at the time.  Each speech prefaced by a brief introduction except tracks 14-16.  Inaugural/ John F. Kennedy (5:25)--I have a dream/ Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (3:41)--The Watergate tapes/ Richard M. Nixon (1:25)--Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner/ Harry S. Truman (8:51)--Declaration of war/ Franklin Delano Roosevelt (6:47)--Democratic convention/ Robert F. Kennedy (9:19). c1997.

TAPE    73.9     S724

National Archives and Records Service. SOUNDS OF HISTORY FROM THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES  [Sound recording]  Civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. c1976.


VCR    323.4     E97

PBS Home Video.  EYES ON THE PRIZE [video-recording]: America's Civil Rights, Years 1954 to 1965.  6 videocassettes (60 min. each) v. 1. Awakenings, 1954-1956 -- v. 2. Fighting back, 1957-1962 --3. Ain't scared of your jails, 1960-1961 -- v. 4. No easy walk, 5. Mississippi-- is this America, 1962-1964 -- v.6. Bridge to freedom, 1965. c1986.


VCR    781.592    W361

California Newsreel.   WE SHALL OVERCOME.   [video-recording] (58 min.)

Traces the transformation of the title song from an old slave spiritual to the anthem of the civil rights movement, while chronicling its effect on human rights movements in the United States and in other parts of the world, using historical footage and personal recollections. c1988.


VCR    92    K53


c1986. [video-recording] (28 min.) Recording of Martin Luther King's televised speech given on August 28, 1963, to the civil rights marchers at the Lincoln Memorial, with additional footage from other demonstrations and King's funeral. c1988.


VCR    92    K53  1997

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.: THE MAN AND THE DREAM.  [video-recording] (50 min.) A & E Home Video. c1997.A look at Martin Luther King, Jr. and his role in the civil rights movement.


VCR    323.1    C582


[video-recording] (31 minutes) c1986.

VCR    323.1    K52

Pacific Arts Video. KING, MONTGOMERY TO MEMPHIS. [video-recording]

(103 min.) Through newsreel and television excerpts, this documentary captures the eloquence and courage in striking words and images of the civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. c1988.


VCR    92    K53    1998

OUR FRIEND, MARTIN. [video recording] (60 min.)  20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Authentic historical footage of Martin Luther King Jr. is blended with colorful animation as the students learn about – and actually meet – the civil rights leader who challenged all Americans to turn his dream of freedom into reality. [1998]


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