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JPB Bonne

Bonne, Rose. I KNOW AN OLD LADY. A cumulative folk song in which the solution proves worse than the predicament when an old lady swallows a fly. c1973.

JPB Brett

Brett, Jan. BERLIOZ THE BEAR. Berlioz the bear and his fellow musicians are due to play for the town ball when the mule pulling their bandwagon refuses to move. A strange buzzing in Berlioz's double bass turns into a surprise that saves the day. c1991.

JPB Carle

Carle, Eric. I SEE A SONG. Brightly colored forms represent music played by the violin. [1973]

JPB Cross

Cross, Peter. TRUMPETS IN GRUMPETLAND. Livingstone the lute-player and the beautiful Kim are brought together by their love of music, while fierce Havoc the Grumpet and his Grumpicats are repelled, at least temporarily, by the Trumpets and the Borderers. c1985.

JPB Davol

Davol, Marguerite W. THE HEART OF THE WOOD. A cumulative tale in which a tree that is home to a singing mockingbird continues to be a source of music after it is fashioned into a fiddle. c1992.

JPB Fair

Fair, David. THE FABULOUS FOUR SKUNKS. When four skunks who form a rock and roll band play at the teen center, the manager provides a clothespin for everyone who attends the performance. c1996.

JPB Griffith

Griffith, Helen V. GEORGIA MUSIC. A little girl and her grandfather share two different kinds of music, that of his mouth organ and that of the birds and insects around his cabin. c1986.

JPB Hale

Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB. The famous nineteenth-century nursery rhyme about the school-going lamb is accompanied by the music later written for it. c1984.

JPB Hoff

Hoff, Syd, ARTURO'S BATON. When an orchestra conductor misplaces his baton and feels he cant work without it, he learns that it is his own talents, not a little stick, that make him famous. c1995.

JPB Ivimey

Ivimey, John W. THE COMPLETE STORY OF THE THREE BLIND MICE. Three small mice in search of fun become hungry, scared, blind, wise, and, finally happy. c1987.

JPB Kherdian

Kherdian, David. THE CAT'S MIDSUMMER JAMBOREE. A roaming mandolin-playing cat encounters a number of other musical animals on his travels, and the result is a jamboree in a tree. c1990.

JPB Kovalski

Kovalski, Maryann. THE WHEELS ON THE BUS. While a grandmother and grandchildren wait for the bus, they sing the title song with such gusto they miss their bus. c1987.

JPB Langstaff

Langstaff, John M. OVER IN THE MEADOW. The text is Mr. Langstaff's version of an old rhyme for children and is not a traditional folk song. Includes Over in the meadow (for voice and piano) by Marshall [1957]

JPB Levine

Levine, Evan. NOT THE PIANO, MRS. MEDLEY! After several false starts, Mrs. Medley, loaded with gear, sets out for the beach with her grandson Max and her dog Word. c1991.

JPB Kuskin

Kuskin, Karla. THE PHILHARMONIC GETS DRESSED. The 105 members of the Philharmonic Orchestra get ready for a performance. c1982.

JPB Maxner

Maxner, Joyce. NICHOLAS CRICKET. Nicholas Cricket and the other members of the Bug-a-Wug Cricket Band lead all the forest creatures in a musical celebration of the night. c1989.

JPB Moss

Moss, Lloyd. ZIN! ZIN! ZIN!: A VIOLIN. Ten instruments take their parts one by one in a musical performance. c1995.

JPB Myers

Myers, Walter Dean. THE BLUES OF FLATS BROWN. To escape an abusive master, a junkyard dog named Flats runs away and makes a name for himself from Mississippi to New York City playing blues on his guitar. c2000.

JPB Nygaard

Nygaard, Elizabeth. SNAKE ALLEY BAND. When the Shhh-BOOM, Shhh-BOOM, Shhh-BOOM of the snake band begins to sound a little monotonous Snake suggests adding Frog's cha- BOP, or maybe Cricket's chew-up chew-up. c1998.

JPB Partch

Vip. LUDWIG: THE DOG WHO SNORED SYMPHONIES. A dog gains fame and fortune for himself and his master by snoring nine symphonies. [1971]

JPB Peek

Peek, Merle. THE BALANCING ACT: A COUNTING SONG. "Lyrics and music of 'One little elephant balancing' from Sally go round the sun. One elephant after another strides onto the high wire until there are ten and the wire threatens to break. c1987.

JPB Pinkney

Pinkney, J. Brian. MAX FOUND TWO STICKS. Although he doesn't feel like talking, a young boy responds to questions by drumming on various objects, including a bucket, hat boxes, and garbage cans, echoing the city sounds around him. c1994.

JPB Raffi

Raffi. DOWN BY THE BAY. In this song, two children imagine their mothers asking, "Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose, a fly wearing a tie, or llamas eating their pajamas down by the bay?" c1987.

JPB Raffi

Raffi. SHAKE MY SILLIES OUT: RAFFI SONGS TO READ. Animals and campers join together in the woods one evening and shake their sillies, clap their crazies, and yawn their sleepies out. c1987.

JPB Schaefer

Schaefer, Carole Lexa. TWO SCARLET SONGBIRDS: A STORY OF ANTON DVORAK. While visiting Iowa in 1893, the Czech composer Anton Dvorak hears the song of a scarlet tanager and is inspired to create a new piece of music. c2001.

JPB Steig

Steig, William. ROLAND, THE MINSTREL PIG. Roland sets out to see the world, armed with his lute and his sweet voice, but a scheming fox almost roasts him before he is rescued by the king. [1968]

JPB Van Kampen

Van Kampen, Vlasta. ORCHESTRANIMALS. A band of animal musicians introduces the symphony orchestra. c1989 (1990 printing).

JPB Walter

Walter, Mildred Pitts. TY'S ONE-MAN BAND. On a hot, humdrum day Ty meets a man who, using a washboard, comb, spoons, and pail, fills that night with music. c1980.

JPB Wood

Wood, Audrey. MOONFLUTE. A moonbeam turns into a magic flute and takes Firen on a journey through the night sky to find out what the moon has done with her lost sleep. c1980.

JPB Zelinsky

Zelinsky, Paul O. THE WHEELS ON THE BUS. The wheels on the bus go round, the wipers go swish, the doors open and close, and the people go in and out in this movable book version of the classic song. c1990.

JPB Zemach

Margot Zemach. HUSH, LITTLE BABY. A baby is promised a strange assortment of things from a mocking bird to a horse and cart--all for not crying. c1976.



YP 780 M366ma

Marsalis, Wynton, MARSALIS ON MUSIC. Companion book to the PBS television series.c1995.

J 781.91 A676m

Ardley, Neil. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Describes the characteristics of the various families of instruments and the members of each one. c1978, 1980 printing.

J 782.1 G263ma

Gatti, Anne. THE MAGIC FLUTE. Retells the story of the Mozart opera in which the noble Prince Tamino seeks the fair Pamina against a backdrop of the battle between darkness and light.c1997.

J 782.1 S949gi

Sullivan, Arthur, Sir. GILBERT AND SULLIVAN SONG BOOK. 27 easy to play melodies for piano chosen from the operettas of William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. Each group of songs is preceded by a story-resume which tells where in the operetta each selection is sung. c1955.

J 782.25 A867al

Bryan, Ashley. ALL NIGHT, ALL DAY: A CHILD'S FIRST BOOK OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN SPIRITUALS. A selection of twenty spirituals with piano accompaniment and guitar chords. Includes "This Little Light of Mine," "He's got the whole world in His hands," and "Get on board." c1991.

J 782.4 M488ze

Medearis, Angela Shelf. THE ZEBRA-RIDING COWBOY: A FOLK SONG FROM THE OLD WEST. In this Western folk song, an educated fellow mistaken for a greenhorn proves his cowboy ability by riding a wild horse. Includes a discussion of Afro-American and Hispanic cowboys in the nineteenth century. c1992.

J 782.41 G553e

Glazer, Tom. EYE WINKER, TOM TINKER, CHIN CHOPPER; FIFTY MUSICAL FINGERPLAYS. Words and music to fifty songs with directions for accompanying finger play. c1973.

J 782.42 G742de

Graham, Steve. DEAR OLD DONEGAL. Through the rhyming verses of this song an Irish immigrant to the United States relates his success in his new country and his delight at the prospect of going back to Ireland. c1996.

J 782.42 I94

Westcott, Nadine Bernard, ill. I'VE BEEN WORKING ON THE RAILROAD. An illustrated presentation of the familiar folk song about railroad life. c1996.

J 782.42 N946

NOW WE'LL MAKE THE RAFTERS RING: CLASSIC AND CONTEMPORARY ROUNDS FOR EVERYONE. 75 of the most famous traditional rounds, plus 25 brand-new ones by Ed Finckel. c1993.

YP 782.42 S587ju

Silverman, Jerry. JUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG I'M SINGING: AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY THROUGH SONG. Uses the music and lyrics of thirteen African-American songs as a focal point for relating the history of the African-American experience and for telling American musical history. c1996.

YP 782.42 S698

Silverman, Jerry, Editor. SONGS AND STORIES FROM THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. The drum -- The wars of America -- The sergeant Yankee Doodle -- Ballad of Bunker Hill -- The riflemen of Bennington --The battle of Saratoga -- The swamp fox The surrender of Cornwallis -- In the days of Seventy-Six. c1994.

J 782.421 G984th

Guthrie, Woody. THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND. This well-known folk song is accompanied by a tribute from folksinger Pete Seeger, the musical notation, and a biographical scrapbook with photographs. c1998.

J 784.2 K86st

Koscielniak, Bruce. THE STORY OF THE INCREDIBLE ORCHESTRA. Describes the orchestra, the families of instruments of which it is made, and the individual instruments in each family. c2000.

J 784.6 G799th

Greene, Carol. THE THIRTEEN DAYS OF HALLOWEEN. A Halloween version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," featuring such seasonal gifts as bats, goblins, spiders, worms, and ghosts. c1983.

J 784.62406 R137ra

Raffi. SONGS. SELECTIONS. The Raffi singable songbook: a collection of 51 songs from Raffi's first three records for young children. A noted Canadian recording artist presents his own songs. 1987, c1980.

J 793.4 N879pl

Brown, Marc Tolon. PLAY RHYMES. A collection of twelve play rhymes with illustrations to demonstrate the accompanying finger plays or physical activities. Includes music for the six rhymes which are also songs. c1987.

J 92 E46pi

Pinkney, Andrea Davis. DUKE ELLINGTON: THE PIANO PRINCE AND HIS ORCHESTRA. A brief recounting of the career of this jazz musician and composer who, along with his orchestra, created music that was beyond category.

J 92 M939is

Isadora, Rachel. YOUNG MOZART. A biography of the famous Austrian composer. c1997.



J H681ji

Hoban, Russell. JIM HEDGEHOG AND THE LONESOME TOWER. Jim Hedgehog, who likes heavy metal music, buys a cassette tape and a musical instrument from Mr. Strange, which lead him to a haunted castle. c1992.

J K46se

Kidd, Ronald. SECOND FIDDLE: A SIZZLE & SPLAT MYSTERY. Two members of the Pirelli Youth Orchestra find their lives in danger when they try to find the practical joker whose string of pranks includes destroying a $250,000 violin. c1988.

YP S897r

Strasser, Todd. ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTS: A NOVEL. High school rock musicians Gary, Susan, Oscar, and Karl, the Electric Outlet, pursue their dream of stardom by trying to get their pictures in the paper and their records on the radio. c1982.

YP T413ca

Thesman, Jean. CATTAIL MOON. Unable to deal with her mother's disregard of her interest in a musical career, fifteen-year-old Julia leaves Seattle to live with her father and grandmother near the Cascade mountains, where she encounters a ghost who helps her make important decisions about her future. c1994.

YP W855mo

Wolff, Virginia Euwer. THE MOZART SEASON. Allegra spends her twelfth summer practicing a Mozart concerto for a violin competition and finding many significant connections in her world. c1991.



P.R. 027.62 P148mu


P.R. 372.87 A552in 2001

Anderson, William M. INTEGRATING MUSIC INTO THE ELEMENTARY CLASSROOM. Helps you to not only teach music successfully but also to integrate it into many other subject areas in the curriculum. c2001.

P.R. 372.87 B261m

Barnett, Elise B. MONTESSORI & MUSIC; RHYTHMIC ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. This collection of folk tunes and excerpts from pieces by well-known composers is designed for children from three to eight years old. [1973]

P.R. 372.87 B621mu

Bisgaard, Erling. MUSICBOOK O: PULSE, PITCH, RHYTHM, FORM, DYNAMICS."Songs, games, movement activities for teaching music to young children" c1976.

P.R. 372.87 B649wo

Bliss, Bill. WORD BY WORD: SONGBOOK. Features 11 original songs that highlight useful English vocabulary.c1995.

P.R. 372.87 B862on

Britsch, Barbara Martin. ONE VOICE: USING MUSIC AND STORIES IN THE CLASSROOM. Explore the worlds of music and story with students through improvisation, child-centered art, child-created story production, and a host of other outstanding activities.

P.R. 372.87 C641ho

Cline, Dallas. HOMEMADE INSTRUMENTS. Instructions for making more than thirty musical instruments from easy-to-find materials. Includes music and lyrics. c1976.

P.R. 372.87 H515mu

Hennessy, Sarah. MUSIC 7-11: DEVELOPING PRIMARY TEACHING SKILLS. The Curriculum in "Primary Practice series is aimed at students and qualified teachers looking to improve their practice within the context of the National Curriculum.c1995.

P.R. 372.87 H153le

Haines, B. Joan E. LEADING YOUNG CHILDREN TO MUSIC. Deals with music and music-related experiences for preschoolers through 8 year olds. The materials it contains are designed for use by both specialists and classroom teachers, in day-care centers, nursery schools, and the primary grades.c1992.

P.R. 372.87 K14mu


P.R. 372.87 L657mu

Levene, Donna B. MUSIC THROUGH CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: THEME AND VARIATIONS. Using a rich variety of illustrated folk songs, rhythmic poems and stories with musical themes, the author introduces subjects of rhythm, melody, form, instruments, music history, and dance.c1993.

P.R. 372.87 M657

Mills, Janet. MUSIC IN THE PRIMARY SCHOOL. This handbook is for all primary teachers, whether or not they feel they are at all "musical". The author believes that primary class teachers can and should teach music. c1995.

P.R. 372.87 M987 Unit 1

Adair-Hauser, Audrey J. BASIC MUSIC THEORY. Provides 50 motivating music experiences to develop students' understanding of the fundamental elements in music theory, including pitch, intervals, dynamics, duration, keys and scales, and music terminology.c1987.

P.R. 372.87 M987 Unit 2

Adair-Hauser, Audrey J. READING AND WRITING MUSIC: 50 READY-TO-USE ACTIVITIES FOR GRADES 3-9. Presents 50 diverse activities for both treble and bass clefs ranging from picture clues to spell-downs, word squares, and anagrams to build such skills such as writing line and space notes, transcribing in octaves, and naming, drawing and rearranging notes.c1987.

P.R. 372.87 M987 Unit 3

Adair-Hauser, Audrey J. TYPES OF MUSICAL FORM AND COMPOSITION: 50 READY-TO-USE ACTIVITIES FOR GRADES 3-9. Provides 50 activities to stimulate music listening and give the children the foundation they need to bridge the gap between popular and classical music. Types of music studied are symphonic, patriotic, show, spirituals, folk, jazz, and popular. c1987.

P.R. 372.87 M987 Unit 4

Adair-Hauser, Audrey J. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND THE VOICE. Includes 50 well-illustrated activities to provide knowledge and facts and teach about features and characteristics of the band, orchestra, and folk instruments and the human voice, ranging from classifying, matching and identifying, to researching. c1987.

P.R. 372.87 M987 Unit 5

Adair-Hauser, Audrey J. GREAT COMPOSERS AND THEIR MUSIC: 50 READY-TO-USE ACTIVITIES FOR GRADES 3-9. Presents 50 ready-to-use activities to help students relate to some of the foremost composers of the past and present, cultivate an early taste for good music, and invite students to compose on their own. c1987.

P.R. 372.87 M987 Unit 6

Adair-Hauser, Audrey J. SPECIAL DAYS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: 50 READY-TO-USE ACTIVITIES FOR GRADES 3-9. Features 50 fun-filled activities to spark students' interest in music on 42 American holidays and other special occasions a year, including summer school, plus additional, plus additional activities for school events days. c1987.

P.R. 372.87 M987 Unit 7

Adair-Hauser, Audrey J. MUSICIANS IN ACTION: 50 READY-TO-USE ACTIVITIES FOR GRADES 3-9. Provides 50 reproducible activities to help students explore options of music as a pastime or career, by experiencing daily adventures with the skills and requirements of many musical careers. c1987.

P.R. 372.87 R893mu

Rozmajzl, Michon. MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS, METHODS, AND MATERIALS FOR THE ELEMENTARY CLASSROOM TEACHER. Specifically designed for prospective teachers who do not have an extensive music background. c1990.

P.R. 372.87 V529c

Vernazza, Marcelle. COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF KINDERGARTEN MUSIC LESSON PLANS AND ACTIVITIES. Packed with 140 complete, step-by-step music lessons and activities, this practical handbook provides you with everything you'll ever need to develop the natural musical abilities and interests of young children. c1981.

P.R. 372.87 W421mo

Weikart, Phyllis S. MOVEMENT PLUS MUSIC: ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN, AGES 3 TO 7. Introduces 8 key experiences in movements that includes moving with others to a common beat and following movement directions. c1989.

P.R. 372.87 W741mu

Wills, Peter. MUSIC FOR ALL: DEVELOPING MUSIC IN THE CURRICULUM WITH PUPILS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. Aimed at the musically-challenged teacher, and offers a practical approach to the teaching of music with pupils with wide-ranging learning difficulties. It presents a structured, developmental framework, to enable pupils of all abilities to progress in sufficiently small steps. c1996.

P.R. 372.87 Y68ca


P.R. 372.87 Y78in

Young, William. AN INTEGRATED MUSIC PROGRAM FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Combines two of today's most popular approaches to music education Kodaly and Orff-Schulwerk making both systems more accessible for American teachers.1990.

P.R. 372.8704 A869g

Athey, Margaret. A GALAXY OF GAMES FOR THE MUSIC CLASS. Offers over 200 tested and proven games that illustrate the important concepts in music, and turn any class period into an inspiring, stimulating experience.[1975]

P.R. 780.7 H698te 2000

Hoffer, Charles R. TEACHING MUSIC IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOLS. Essential information and practical guidance for today's secondary-school music teacher. Also current coverage of the National Standards and how to apply them effectively. c2001.

P.R. 808.55 D923bu




CDROM 780.92 B415

MICROSOFT MULTIMEDIA BEETHOVEN: THE NINTH SYMPHONY. [interactive multimedia] Microsoft Home, c1994. Multimedia information on Beethoven and his Ninth symphony, including a recording of the symphony, an examination of the historical and social context in which it was composed, a visual guide through the music.

CDROM 780.92 M939

MICROSOFT MULTIMEDIA MOZART: THE DISSONANT QUARTET. [interactive multimedia] Microsoft, c1994. Multimedia information on Mozart and his Dissonant quartet, including a recording of the quartet, an examination of the historical and social context in which it was composed, a visual guide through the music.

CDROM 780.92 S384

MULTIMEDIA SCHUBERT: THE TROUT QUINTET. [electronic resource] Microsoft, c1993. Multimedia information on Schubert and his Trout quintet, including a recording of the quintet, an examination of the historical and social context in which it was composed, a visual guide through the music, and the song Die Forelle that inspired the quintet. The quintet and the song also playable as a music CD.

TAPE 780.92 N652be

Nichol, Barbara. BEETHOVEN LIVES UPSTAIRS. [sound recording] (45 min.) Records Canada, 1989.Young Christoph exchanges letters with his uncle about the chaotic arrival of Mr. Beethoven into his house. In the end, he is won over by the music and true incidents from the great composer's life.

TAPE 782.42 A779

Baskin, Martha A. ARROZ CON LECHE: A COLLECTION OF SPANISH GAMES WITH SONGS. [sound recording] c1996.

TAPE 782.42 T636

PLAYTIME: MUSIC FOR LITTLE PEOPLE. [sound recording] p1999. (39 min) CONTENTS My little playmate - She'll be comin' round the mountain - BINGO - Hokey pokey Skip to my lou - Pick a bale o' cotton - Head, shoulders, knees and toes - 1-2, buckle my shoe - A sailor went to sea - Tisket a tasket - London Bridge is falling down - Paw paw patch- Here we go round the sorry playmate - Miss Mary Mack - Farmer in the dell - Jump rope medley.

TAPE 782.421 K51

KINDERGARTEN HITS. [sound recording] Kidzup Productions, p2001.CONTENTS: Three little fishies - Do your ears hang low - My Bonnie -This old man - Manners - Oh dear what can the matter be? -Mulberry bush - Days of the week - Baa baa black sheep -This is the way - The more we get together - Alphabet song - Muffin man - B-I-N-G-O - Polly put the kettle on - Old King Cole - Head and shoulders - The farmer in the dell If you're happy and you know it - Frere Jacques/Brother John -Rock-a-bye baby - Kumbaya.

TAPE 783.65 M987bo

A MUSIC BOX OF CHRISTMAS CAROLS. [Cassette] New York Vanguard Recording Society, 1982.

VCR 780.7 M235 7-11

MAKING MUSIC WITH CHILDREN AGES 7-11. [videorecording] (ca. 60 min.) +4 booklets. John Langstaff and Eizabeth Lloyd Mayer, c1995. John Langstaff shows easy ways to have fun with music while developing children's musical abilities.

VCR 780.92 T974

TWO HUNDRED YEARS OF MOZART, 1791-1991 [videorecording] (26 min.)

Clearview/eav ; 1992, c1991. A visual presentation of Mozart's life that includes visits to various landmarks in his life and scenes of students from the Vienna University of Music preparing and performing the marriage of Figaro.

VCR 781.2 W629

WHY TOES TAP: MARSALIS ON RHYTHM. [videorecording] (54 min., 46 sec.) Sony Classical Film & Video ; c1995. Using two versions of The Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky's and Duke Ellington's jazz arrangement), Wynton demonstrates how composers use rhythm to express a wide variety of emotions.

VCR 782.42 L285le 7-10

LET'S KEEP SINGING: JOHN LANGSTAFF SINGS WITH CHILDREN AGES 7-10. [videorecording] (45 min.) Langstaff Video Series, c1997.

VCR 782.42 L649le 3-7

LET'S SING: JOHN LANGSTAFF SINGS WITH CHILDRENAGES 3-7. [videorecording] (45 min.) John Langstaff and Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, c1997.

VCR 784.2 I59

Clearvue/eav INSTRUMENTS OF THE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. PT.1 & Pt.2 Discusses the symphony orchestra and the musical instruments which comprise it. Gives history of the instruments. Set 1. String instruments. Woodwind instruments. Brass instruments. - Set 2. Percussion instruments. Melodic percussion instruments. The symphony orchestra.

VCR 784.8 S725

SOUSA TO SATCHMO: MARSALIS ON THE JAZZ BAND. [videorecording] (54 min., 46 sec) Sony Classical Film & Video, c1995. Uses music by Sousa, Joplin, and Armstrong to explain the development of Sousa's European-style orchestra into the American jazz band.


ZIN! ZIN! ZIN!: A VIOLIN. [videorecording] .(30 min.) The Library, [1996] Viewers will visit with an orchestra of 8-18 year olds, including a young musician who gives LeVar a few tips on playing the timpani. Also features are percussion performers from the Off-Broadway show, STOMP, who demonstrate some of their routines.



C2 SB M987 1995 TE

Beethoven, Jane, Editor. THE MUSIC CONNECTION. Teacher's editions for Gr. K contains 1 CD-ROM, Gr. 1-6 each contain 1 CD-ROM and 8 transparencies in front flap. Teacher's ed. for Gr. 7 & 8 each contain 1 CD-ROM and 10 transparencies in front flap. Includes indexes. For grades Kindergarten-8.c1995.

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