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Picture of Indians and teepees


  JPB    Baker.

Baker, Betty.  AND ME, COYOTE!  The author retells material from Native American Creation legends in which World Maker, Blind Man, and Coyote shape the world and its inhabitants.


JPB    De Coteau            

De Coteau Orie, Sandra.  DID YOU HEAR WIND SING YOUR NAME?: AN ONEIDA SONG OF SPRING.  Pictures and words pay homage to the Oneida Indians' view of the cycle of spring.


JPB    Edmiston            

Edmiston, Jim.  LITTLE EAGLE LOTS OF OWLS.  Little Eagle Lots of Owls is puzzled by his grandfather's gift of a strange animal that will not wake up, until he discovers that the creature represents part of his name.


JPB    Goble   

Goble, Paul.  DEATH OF THE IRON HORSE.  In an act of bravery and defiance against the white men encroaching on their territory in 1867, a group of young Cheyenne braves derail and raid a freight train.


JPB    Goble   

Goble, Paul.  THE GIRL WHO LOVED WILD HORSES.  Though she is fond of her people, a girl prefers to live among the wild horses where she is truly happy and free.


JPB    Kroll            

Kroll, Virginia L.  THE SEASONS AND SOMEONE.  A young Eskimo girl witnesses the changing seasons in Alaska.


JPB    Lyon    

Lyon, George Ella.  DREAMPLACE.  Present-day visitors describe what they see when they visit the pueblos where the Anasazi lived long ago.


JPB    Martin 

Martin, Bill,  KNOTS ON A COUNTING ROPE.  A grandfather and his blind grandson, Boy-Strength-of-Blue-Horses, reminisce about the young boy's birth, his first horse, and an exciting horse race.


JPB     Monjo  

Monjo, F. N.  THE DRINKING GOURD.  Sent home alone for misbehaving in church, Tommy discovers that his house is a station on the underground railroad.


JPB    Parish   

Parish, Peggy.  GRANNY AND THE INDIANS.  Granny Guntry proves such a menance to the Indians that they promise to bring her food everyday if she will only stay out of their forest.


JPB    Parish   

Parish, Peggy.  GRANNY, THE BABY, AND THE BIG GRAY THING.  Granny Guntry causes consternation among the Indians when she leaves her new "dog" to babysit with a papoose.


JPB    Speare 

Speare, Jean E.  A CANDLE FOR CHRISTMAS.  Tomas desperately wishes his parents, gone for two weeks to attend to their cattle, would be home on the reservation in  time for Christmas.


JPB    Yolen   

Yolen, Jane.  SKY DOGS.  A young motherless boy in a tribe of Blackfeet Indians is present when his people see horses for the first time and are changed forever.





J   299.7    S789d

Stan-Padilla,  DREAM FEATHER.  Guided by the wisdom within the Grandfathers' words, a young boy follows the Dream Feather from the quiet of night to the awakening that radiates from the other side of the Sun.


YP    299.72    W732fi

Williamson, Ray.  A FIRST HOUSES: NATIVE AMERICAN HOMES AND SACRED STRUCTURES  Presents a variety of North American Indian creation myths and discusses how the "first houses" described in these myths set the pattern used by the tribes for their own homes and ritual structures.


YP    370.8997    C777in

Cooper, Michael L.  INDIAN SCHOOL: TEACHING THE WHITE MAN'S WAY.  Carlisle was the first institution opened by the federal government for the education of Native American children.  This book examines the purpose and daily routine of the Indian schools and tells the personal stories of several young students. c1999.


J    394.2    A542po            

Ancona, George.  POWWOW.  A photo essay on the pan-Indian celebration called a powwow, this particular one being held on the Crow Reservation in Montana.


J    398.2    B168w 

Baker, Olaf.  WHERE THE BUFFALOES BEGIN.  After hearing the legend retold by the tribe's oldest member,  Little Wolf hopes to someday witness the beginning of the buffaloes at the sacred lake.


J    398.2    C678cl            

Cohlene, Terri, 1950-  CLAMSHELL BOY: A MAKAH  Retells the legend of Clamshell Boy, who rescues a captured group of children from the dreaded wild woman Ishcus. Includes information on the customs and lifestyle of the Makah Indians.


J    398.2    D911ma            

Duncan, Lois.  THE MAGIC OF SPIDER WOMAN.  Retells the Navajo tale of how a stubborn girl learns from the Spider Woman how to keep life in balance by respecting its boundaries.


J    398.2    G575le 

Goble, Paul.  THE LEGEND OF THE WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN.  A Lakota Indian legend in which the White Buffalo Woman presents her people with the Sacred Calf Pipe which gives them the means to pray to the Great Spirit. c1998.


J    3982.2  G575my

Goble, Paul.  MYSTIC HORSE. After caring for an old abandoned horse, a poor young Pawnee Boy is rewarded by the horse's mystic powers. c2003.


J    398.2   G786

Philip, Neil.  THE GREAT MYSTERY: MYTHS OF NATIVE AMERICA.  A compelling account of Native American mythology with stories from all over America. c2001.


J    398.2    G818fi            

Greger, C. Shana.  THE FIFTH AND FINAL SUN.  For hundreds and hundreds of years different gods take turns being the sun, with unsatisfactory results, until Nanautzin takes the position permanently. c1994.


J    398.2    L543ch           

Lelooska.  ECHOES OF THE ELDERS:THE STORIES AND PAINTINGS OF CHIEF LELOOSKA.  The ollection of five tales represents the first written record of Chief Lelooska's tellings of the ancient myths and legends that have been part of the oral tradition of the Northwest Coast Indians for centuries. 1 CD is included.


J    398.2    M134ra            

McDermott, Gerald.  RAVEN. A TRICKSTER TALE FROM THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. Native American story of the Raven who brought light to the world.


 J    398.2    O93ho            

Oughton, Jerrie.  HOW THE STARS FELL INTO THE SKY: A NAVAJO LEGEND.  A retelling of the Navaho legend that explains the patterns of the stars in the sky.


J    398.21    M134a            

McDermott, Gerald.  ARROW TO THE SUN; A PUEBLO INDIAN TALE.  An adaptation of the Pueblo Indian myth which explains how the spirit of the Lord of the Sun was brought to the world of men.


J    398.24   B887ho

Bruchac, Joseph.  HOW CHIPMUNK GOT HIS STRIPES: A TALE OF BRAGGING AND TEASING. When Bear and Brown Squirrel have a disagreement about whether Bear can stop the sun from rising, Brown Squirrel ends up with claw marks on his back and becomes Chipmunk, the striped one. c2001.


J    398.26    E74st            

Esbensen, Barbara Juster.  THE STAR MAIDEN: AN OJIBWAY TALE.  Tired of wandering in the sky, the star maiden searches for the perfect home on earth.


YP  419    F936in

Fronval, George.  INDIAN SIGNALS AND SIGN LANGUAGE.  Photographs and text describe non-verbal signals used by the Indians of the Great Plains, including more than 800 signs, smoke signals, picture writing, and the language of feathers and body paint. c1985.


J    633.14    A411co            

Aliki.  CORN IS MAIZE: THE GIFT OF THE INDIANS  A simple description of how corn was discovered and used by the Indians and how it came to be an important food throughout the world.


YP    641.5973    W576I            

Whisler, Frances Lambert.  INDIAN COOKIN.  Indian recipes.


J    709.011    G567a             

Glubok, Shirley.  THE ART OF THE SOUTHWEST INDIANS.  Describes and discusses wall and sand paintings, Katchina dolls, pottery, and other forms of Southwest Indian art. Illustrated with black and white photographs.


J    709.011    G567an            

Glubok, Shirley.  THE ART OF THE NORTHWEST COAST INDIANS.  Text and photographs examine the artistic heritage of the Indian tribes inhabiting the Pacific coast of the United States and Canada.


YP    745    M666am 



YP    745.5    M571ha            

Merrill, Yvonne Young.  HANDS-ON ROCKY MOUNTAINS: ART ACTIVITIES ABOUT ANASAZI, AMERICAN INDIANS, SETTLERS, TRAPPERS, AND COWBOYS.  This book will interest teachers, parents, youth programs, and libraries that are looking for activities based on authenticity.            


J    746.41    S571ba            

Siegel, Beatrice.  THE BASKET MAKER AND THE SPINNER.  Tells the stories of the Indian basket weavers and colonial spinners of early America and discusses the preservation of their craft in a time of advanced technology.


YP    793.3    L495la             

Left Hand Bull, Jacqueline.  LAKOTA HOOP DANCER.  Follows the activities of Kevin Locke, a Hunkpapa Indian, as he prepares for and performs the traditional Lakota hoop dance. c1999.


YP    796.347    H869la 

Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane.  LACROSSE: THE NATIONAL GAME OF THE IROQUOIS.  Describes the sport of lacrosse, its origins, and connections to the Iroquois, or Haudenosaunee, peoples.


J    796.5    M143b            

Macfarlan, Allan.  THE BOY'S BOOK OF INDIAN SKILLS: A HANDBOOK ON WOODLORE, HIKING, TRACKING, CAMPING, AND OTHER INDIAN SKILLS.  Also provides instructions for making costumes and other tribal implements.


J    811.3    H623hi            

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth.  HIAWATHA'S CHILDHOOD.  Children's poetry


J    811.3    L853hi

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth.  HIAWATHA AND MEGISSOGWON.  In this episode, the hero Hiawatha, son of the West Wind, is grown to manhood--a powerful figure, righting wrongs and vanquishing demons.  c2001.


J    811.3    S441            

Seattle, Chief.  BROTHER EAGLE, SISTER SKY: A MESSAGE FROM CHIEF SEATTLE.  A Suquamish Indian chief describes his people's respect and love for the earth, and concern for its destruction.


YP    811.54    B416na            



J    897    S671da            

 selected by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. DANCING TEEPEES : POEMS OF AMERICAN INDIAN YOUTH.  An illustrated collection of poems from the oral tradition of Native Americans.


YP    92    C911fr            

Freedman, Russell.  THE LIFE AND DEATH OF CRAZY HORSE.  A biography of the Oglala leader who relentlessly resisted the white man's attempt to take over Indian lands.


J       92    P74ra

Raatma, Lucia.  POCAHONTAS. Life story of Pocahontas. c2002.


YP    92    S119br            

Bruchac, Joseph.  SACAJAWEA: THE STORY OF BIRD WOMAN AND THE LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION.  Sacajawea, a Shoshoni Indian interpreter, peacemaker, and guide, and William Clark alternate in describing their experiences on the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Northwest. c2000.


J    92   S119er

Erdich, Liselotte.  SACAGAWEA.  A biography of the Shoshone girl, Sacagawea, from age eleven when she was kidnapped by the Hitdatsa to the end of her journey with Lewis and Clark, plus speculation about her later life. c2003.


J    92    S119gl 

Gleiter, Jan.  SACAGAWEA.  Traces the life of the Shoshoni Indian girl who was stolen from her tribe at the age of twelve, sold to a French trapper, and served as a guide in the Lewis and Clark expedition.


J    92    T147er            

Erdrich, Heidi Ellen.  MARIA TALLCHIEF.   Describes the life of the American ballerina and descendant of the Osage tribe.


YP    970.01    M528se            

Meltzer, David. SEARCH FOR THE FIRST AMERICANS.  Provides the reader with criteria with which to judge claims for early sites, claims that frequently appear on the front pages of local newspapers or in national magazines.


YP    970.011    S253ea            

Sattler, Helen Roney.  THE EARLIEST AMERICANS  Covers the history of early man in America from the earliest known sites to approximately 1492 A.D.


J    970.1    F833in            

Franklin, Paula Angle.   INDIANS OF NORTH AMERICA: THE EIGHT CULTURE AREAS AND HOW THEIR INHABITANTS LIVED BEFORE THE COMING OF THE WHITES.  An overview of eight areas where the North American Indian lived, describing daily life, clothes, homes, hunting, and culture.


J    970.1    J77a    v.2       

Jones, Jayne Clark.  THE AMERICAN INDIAN IN AMERICA. [1973] Two volumes survey the American Indian from prehistory through the twentieth century, including discussions of his origin, culture, the impact of White civilization on his society, and Amerindian contributions to United States history and culture.


J    970.1    S549i            

Sheppard, Sally.  INDIANS OF THE EASTERN WOODLANDS. c1975 Discusses the origins, history, and way of life of the Indians of the northeastern United States before and after the arrival of the white man.


J    970.1    S571i            

Siegel, Beatrice. INDIANS OF THE WOODLAND, BEFORE AND AFTER THE PILGRIMS. Describes the way of life of the woodland Indians of the Northeast before the arrival of the white man. Also briefly discusses what happened to these Indians and where they are today.


J    970.1    Y43a            

Yellow Robe, Rosebud.  AN ALBUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN.  Summarizes the way of life of seven American Indian tribes before the Europeans came. Describes how the arrival of the white man changed the life of the Indian through war and by isolation on reservations.


J    970.3    R379c            

Reit, Seymour. CHILD OF THE NAVAJOS.  Describes a nine-year-old Navajo boy's life on a present-day reservation.


YP    970.446    W573i2            

Whipple, Chandler.  THE INDIAN AND THE WHITE MAN IN CONNECTICUT.  Describes the way of life of the New England Indians in general and, specifically, traces the history of the Indian relations with the whites in Connecticut.


J    970.49    B358W            

Baylor, Byrd. WHEN CLAY SINGS.  The daily life and customs of prehistoric southwest Indian tribes are retraced from the designs on the remains of their pottery.


J    973.0497    S592na            

Simmons, William Scranton.   THE NARRAGANSETT.  c1989. Examines the history, culture, and changing fortunes of the Narragansett Indians of Rhode Island.


J    973.04973   M435sh

Mattern, Joanne.  THE SHAWNEE INDIANS.  An overview of the past and present lives of the Shawnee Indians, including their history, food and clothing, homes and family life, religion and government. c2001.


YP    973.04973    Y94wi  

Yue, Charlotte.  THE WIGWAM AND THE LONGHOUSE.  Describes the history, customs, religion, government, homes, and present-day status of the various native peoples that inhabited the eastern woodlands since before the coming of the Europeans. c2000.


YP    973.04974    M818co            

Mooney, Martin J.  THE COMANCHE INDIANS. Examines the history, culture, and future of the Comanche Indians. c1993.


YP   973.04975   B954tr

Burgan, Michael.  THE TRAIL OF TEARS. U.S. expansion westward led to the seizure of Indian lands and the destruction of Indian culture. c2001.


J     973.25   M184st

Matestro, Betsy.  STRUGGLE FOR A CONTINENT: THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WARS, 1689-1763.  Discusses the relations between the European colonists and the Native Americans, the disputes between settlers from France, England and Spain, and the role these conflicts played int he history of  North America. c2000.


YP    973.8    S915wo            

Streissguth, Thomas.  WOUNDED KNEE, 1890: THE END OF THE PLAINS INDIAN WARS. Narrates the events leading up to the massacre which marked the end of a long succession of wars between whites and Indians, and concludes with a description of the battle itself.


YP   973.86   W164wo

Waldman, Neil.  WOUNDED KNEE.  Recounts the events leading to the massacre at Wounded Knee, concluding with a description of the battle itself. c2001.


YP    974.0094   E58ir

Englar, Mary.  THE IROQUOIS: THE SIX NATIONS CONFEDERACY.  Looks at the customs, family life, history, government, culture, and daily life of the Iroquois nations of New York and Ontario. c2003.


YP    974.00497    K14na 

Kallen, Stuart A. NATIVE AMERICANS OF THE NORTHEAST. SERIES Indigenous peoples of North America. Discusses the history, daily lives, culture, religion, and conflicts of the Indians that lived in the northeastern part of what is now the United States, including the Algonquian, Abenaki, and Wampanoag tribes. c2000.


J    974.4    W329ta            

Waters, Kate.  TAPENUM'S DAY: A WAMPANOAG INDIAN BOY IN PILGRIM TIMES.  The photographs will entice the reader back into the seventh century with their authenticity and detail.


J    974.4   W593pl

Whitehurst, Susan.  A PLYMOUTH PARTNERSHIP: PILGRIMS AND NATIVE AMERICANS.  A new land and new people--A close watch--"Welcome, English--A partnership begins--A peace treaty--Squanto, a special friend--Lessons with Squanto--A lost boy and a bellyache--A feast of friendship--A treaty ends, A nation begins--Web sites. c2002.


J    977    O82ch            

Osinski, Alice.  THE CHIPPEWA.   Presents a brief history of the Chippewa Indians describing their customs and traditions and how they are maintained in the modern world.


J    978    F853bu            

Freedman, Russell,  BUFFALO  HUNT.  Examines the importance of the buffalo in the lore and day-to-day life of the Indian tribes of the Great Plains and describes hunting methods and the uses found for each part of the animal that could not be eaten.


J    978    R327bu            

Reef, Catherine.  BUFFALO SOLDIERS.   Recounts the deeds of the 9th and 10th Cavalry, comprised of African American soldiers who kept peace between Indians and settlers on the western frontier, fought in the Spanish-American War, and pursued the outlaw Pancho Villa through Mexico.


YP    978.00497    T329da            

Terry, Michael Bad Hand.  DAILY LIFE IN A PLAINS INDIAN VILLAGE, 1868.  Depicts the historical background, social organization, and daily life of a Plains Indian village in 1868, presenting interiors, landscapes, clothing, and everyday objects. c1999


YP     978.02  M359si

Marrin, Albert.  SITTING BULL AND HIS WORLD.  Discusses the life of the Hunkpapa chief who is remembered for his defeat of General custer at Little Big Horn. c2000.


YP    978.3    R796gr 

Rose, LaVera.  GRANDCHILDREN OF THE LAKOTA.  Introduces the history, culture, and beliefs of the Lakota Indians through a description of the lives of several children living on the Rosebud Sioux reservation in South Dakota.


YP    979.1   B887na



YP    979.1   G851na

Griffin, Lana T.  THE NAVAJO.  Covers historical events, family life, religion, contemporary life recipes and prayer. c2000.


J   979.8    C518a            

Cheney, Cora.  ALASKA: INDIANS, ESKIMOS, RUSSIANS, AND THE REST.  A history of Alaska from the arrival of its native peoples to the building of the oil pipeline in the 1970's, with special emphasis on its Russian period.





J    B218in 

Banks, Lynne Reid.  THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD.  A nine-year-old boy receives a plastic Indian, a cupboard, and a little key for his birthday and finds himself involved in adventure when the Indian comes to life in the cupboard and befriends him.


YP  B887wi

Bruchac, Joseph.  THE WINTER PEOPLE.  As the French and Indian War rages in October of 1759, Saxso, a fourteen-year-old Abenaki boy pursues the English rangers who have attacked his village and taken his mother and sisters hostage. c2002.


J    B942ch            

Bunting, Eve.   CHEYENNE AGAIN.  In the late 1880's, a Cheyenne boy named Young Bull is taken to a boarding school to learn the white man's ways.


J    C226sh            

Cannon, A. E. (Ann Edwards)  THE SHADOW BROTHERS.  High school junior Marcus feels his entire world changing around him as Henry, the Navajo foster brother who has lived with him since the age of seven, starts to change his personality and wonder if he should return to his family's reservation in another state.


J    D716mo            

Dorris, Michael.  MORNING GIRL.  Morning Girl, who loves the day, and her younger brother Star Boy, who loves the night, take turns describing their life on an island in pre-Columbian America; in Morning Girl's last narrative, she witnesses the arrival of the first Europeans to her world.


J    D716se            

Dorris, Michael.  SEES BEHIND TREES. A Native American boy with a special gift to "see" beyond his poor eyesight journeys with an old warrior to a land of mystery and beauty.


YP    E66bi   

Erdrich, Louise. THE BIRCHBARK HOUSE.  Omakayas, a seven-year-old Native American girl of the Ojibwa tribe, lives through the joys of summer and the perils of winter on an island in Lake Superior in 1847. c1999.


YP    F513so            

Finley, Mary Peace.  SOARING EAGLE.  Julio, a thirteen-year-old boy in 1845, finds friendship and a clue to his identity while living with the Cheyenne tribe that rescued him on the Santa Fe Trail.


YP    H296lo 

Harrell, Beatrice Orcutt. LONGWALKER'S JOURNEY: A NOVEL OF THE CHOCTAW TRAIL OF TEARS. When the government removes their tribe from their sacred homeland in 1831, ten-year-old Minko and his father endure terrible hardships on their journey from Mississippi to Oklahoma, where Minko receives the name Longwalker. c1999.


J    H634I            

Highwater, Jamake.  I WEAR THE MORNING STAR.   Sitko, growing up in a hostile white world that tries to make him renounce his heritage as an American Indian, finds refuge in the pictures he paints.


J    H682be            

Hobbs, Will.  BEARSTONE.  A troubled Indian boy goes to live with an elderly rancher whose caring ways help the boy become a man.


J    H834ci            

Hotze, Sollace.  A CIRCLE UNBROKEN.  Captured by a roving band of Sioux Indians and brought up as the chief's daughter, Rachel is recaptured by her white family and finds it difficult to adjust, as she longs to return to the tribe.


J    H885da            

Hudson, Jan. DAWN RIDER.  Kit Fox's sixteenth year with her people, the Bloods, is filled with preparations for an important buffalo run, talk of her older sister's coming marriage, and skirmishes with their traditional enemy the Snakes.


J    H885sw             

Hudson, Jan,   SWEETGRASS.  Living on the western Canadian prairie in the nineteenth century, Sweetgrass, a fifteen-year-old Blackfoot Indian girl, saves her family from a smallpox epidemic and proves her maturity to her father.


J    H966di            

Hurmence, Belinda.  DIXIE IN THE BIG PASTURE. In 1908 thirteen-year-old Dixie's new life on the Oklahoma frontier is complicated by a war of nerves between her and John Three, a young Kiowa Indian who insists that his pony was sold to her without his permission.


YP    J27si    

James, J. Alison.  SING FOR A GENTLE RAIN.  A boy's search for an explanation to a persistent dream leads him to an Anasazi cliff village, 700 years ago, where a young Indian girl needs his help to ensure the survival of her people.


J    L665br 

Levin, Betty.  BROTHER MOOSE.  In the late 1800s, two orphan girls, aided by an Indian and his grandson, make a perilous trip to Maine to find a family.


YP    L767br 

Lipsyte, Robert. THE BRAVE.  Having left the Indian reservation for the streets of New York, seventeen-year-old boxer Sonny Bear tries to harness his inner rage by training with Alfred Brooks, who has left the sport to become a policeman.


YP   M634to

Mikaelsen, Ben.  TOUCHING SPIRIT BEAR.  After his anger erupts into violence, Cole, in order to avoid going to prison, agrees to participate in a sentencing alternative based on the Native American Circle Justice. He is sent to a remote Alaskan Island where an encounter with a huge Spirit Bear changes his life. c2001.


J    M732ci            

Momaday, N. Scott.  CIRCLE OF WONDER: A NATIVE AMERICAN CHRISTMAS STORY. A mute Indian child has an extraordinary experience one Christmas when, following a figure who seems to be his beloved dead grandfather, he becomes part of a circle in which he, animals, nature, and all the world join in a moment of peace and good will. c1999.


J    O23is    1990            

O'Dell, Scott.  ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS.  Left alone on a beautiful but isolated island off the coast of California, a young Indian girl spends eighteen years, not only merely surviving through her enormous courage and self-reliance, but also finding a measure of happiness in her solitary life.


J    O23st   

O'Dell, Scott. STREAMS TO THE RIVER, RIVER TO THE SEA : A NOVEL OF SACAGAWEA.  A young Indian woman, accompanied by her infant and cruel husband, experiences joy and heartbreak when she joins the Lewis and Clark Expedition seeking a way to the Pacific.


J    O23th  

O'Dell, Scott  THUNDER ROLLING IN THE MOUNTAINS.  In the late nineteenth century, a young Nez Perce girl relates how her people were driven off their land by the U.S. Army and forced to retreat north until their eventual surrender.


YP   P332mr

Paulsen, Gary.  MR. TUCKET.  In 1848, while on a wagon train headed for Oregon, fourteen-year-old Francis Tucket is kidnapped by Pawnee Indians and then falls in with a one-armed trapper who teaches him how to life in the wild. c1994.


J    R353re 

Banks, Lynne Reid,  THE RETURN OF THE INDIAN.  A year after he sends his Indian friend, Little Bear, back into the magic cupboard, Omri decides to bring him back only to find that he is close to death and in need of help. Sequel to "The Indian in the Cupboard."


YP    R578my            

Rinaldi, Ann.  MY HEART IS ON THE GROUND: THE DIARY OF NANNIE LITTLE ROSE, A SIOUX GIRL. In the diary account of her life at a government-run Pennsylvania boarding school in 1880, a twelve-year-old Sioux Indian girl reveals a great need to find a way to help her people. c1999.


J    R936do            

Rumbaut, Hendle.  DOVE DREAM.  In 1963, having come to live with her young aunt in the Kansas countryside while her parents sort out their problems, a thirteen-year-old Chickasaw Indian girl nicknamed Dovey ponders her past and her future.


YP  T463na  homasma, Kenneth.  NAYA NUKI, SHOSHONI GIRL WHO RAN.  After being taken prisoner by an enemy tribe, a Shoshoni girl escapes and makes a thousand-mile journey through the wilderness in search of her own people. c1991.


YP    W211in            

Wallin, Luke.  IN THE SHADOW OF THE WIND.  In 1832, two teenagers, he, a white settler, she, a Creek Indian, try to preserve their love for each other despite the outbreak of hostilities between the disillusioned Indians being starved off their land and the frightened but adamant white settlers.


J    W814bu            

Wisler, G. Clifton.  BUFFALO MOON.  To avoid being sent to school in New Orleans, a fourteen-year-old leaves his Texas ranch and stays with Comanche Indians for six months.


J  W815ra

Wisniewski, David. RAIN PLAYER.  To bring rain to his thirsty village, Pik challenges the rain god to a game of pok-a-tok.





P.R.    398.2    C126ke 1994            

Caduto, Michael J.  KEEPERS OF THE NIGHT: NATIVE AMERICAN STORIES AND NOCTURNAL ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN.  How the bat came to be (Anishinabe--Eastern woodland) -- Moth, the fire dancer (Paiute--Great Basin) -- Oot-Kwah-Tah, the seven star dancers (Onondaga--Eastern woodland) -- The creation


P.R.    810.9897    S964ro 

Susag, Dorothea M.  ROOTS AND BRANCHES : A RESOURCE OF NATIVE AMERICAN LITERATURE: THEMES, LESSONS, AND BIBLIOGRAPHIES. This book fills a long-existing gap by providing a comprehensive resource to teachers looking to incorporate Native American literatures into their classrooms.


P.R.    970.004    H669na            

Hirschfelder, Arlene B.  NATIVE AMERICANS TODAY: RESOURCES AND ACTIVITIES FOR EDUCATORS, GRADES 4-8. Through reproducible activities, biographies of real people, and accurate background information, this book helps you show students how Native Americans live today. c2000.


P.R.    970.004    T531    

Slapin, Beverly, editor.  THROUGH INDIAN EYES : THE NATIVE EXPERIENCE IN BOOKS FOR CHILDREN.  The bloody trail of Columbus Day / Beverly Slapin and Doris Seale  Let us put our minds together and see what life we will make for our children / D. Seale -- Why I'm not thankful for Thanksgiving.


P.R.    970.00497    H669am            

Hirschfelder, Arlene B.  AMERICAN INDIAN STEREOTYPES IN THE WORLD OF CHILDREN: A READER AND BIBLIOGRAPHY. This book presents evidence from a variety of sources – toys, pageants, misrepresented ‘history', advertisements-that demonstrate the pervasiveness of the [stereotyping] problem. c1999.


P.R.    970.00497    H845na            

Hoven, Leigh.  NATIVE AMERICANS. Grades 6-8. This thematic unit includes literature selections, planning guides, poetry, writing ideas, bulletin board ideas, curriculum connections, group projects to foster cooperative learning, homework suggestions,  culminating activities, research topics and a bibliography.  c1990.





AID    970.004    H673   

Eye Gate Media, 1966.  HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN [picture]  10 study prints including one sound cassette (10 min.) CONTENTS     Seminole hunter -- Seminole women -- Seminole home – Seminole chief - Osceola -- Artifacts, Southeastern Indians – Algonquin hunter --Iroquois women -- Iroquois longhouse – Iroquois chief - Hiawatha -- Artifacts, Northeastern Indians.


VCR    L511NE : GNP ; c1991.            

THE LEGEND OF THE INDIAN PAINTBRUSH. [videorecording],. (30 min.)  LeVar persues Native-American folklore as he visits Taos Pueblo.


VCR    P123            

PADDLE TO THE SEA.  [videorecording] (27 min., 57 sec) National Film Board of Canada, [1990]The odyssey of a toy Indian in a canoe who was carved by an Indian boy and sent down the waterways from Canada's northern forest above the Great Lakes the sea.


VCR    305.897    I11

PBS Video, c1989. I WILL FIGHT NO MORE FOREVER. [videorecording] (58 min) Distributed by Questar Video, c1990 (109 min.) Recommended by the (NEA) National Education Association.  Re-enactment of the story of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians and his 1700-mile 108-day fighting retreat from the pursuing U.S. Army.


VCR    92    S129so            

THE SONG OF SACAJAWEA [videorecording] Rabbit Ears c1993. (30 min.). Ages 5 and up. Tells the true story of a young American Indian woman who courageously guides the Lewis and Clark expedition across the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.


VCR    970.004    A541gi             

AN ANCIENT GIFT.  [videorecording] Title on container: The Navajo.Tellens, Inc., c1982.(16 min Scenes from everyday life show the interdependence of the Navajo people and their flocks. Shows entire families caring for the herds and includes glimpses of wool carding, spinning, dying, and weaving intercut with views of the rugged southwestern landscape.


VCR    970.004    C728            

COMANCHE. [videorecording] Video Productions, c1993. (30 min.).For grades 4-10. An accurate portrayal of the Comanche Indians including their history, culture and way of life today.  The video challenges many still-prevalent myths and stereotypes.  Examines the issue of the role of the U.S. government, debunks myths about Native Americans, explores their spiritual relationship with nature and discusses the role of women in their societies.


VCR    970.004    M835            

MORE THAN BOWS AND ARROWS. [videorecording] Camera One ; c1994. (52 min.) Deals with the role of the American Indian in shaping various aspects of American culture, ranging from food and housing to the democratic way of life.


VCR    970.004    N278            

NATIVE AMERICANS SERIES. [videorecording] Parade Video, c1994. 2 videocassettes (57 min.) Narrators, Robert Whitman (southwest), George American Horse (plains) 


VCR   973.0497   S759

SPIRIT OF THE DAWN. [videorecording] (29 min.) New Day Films, c1994.  This documentary traces the history of Indian education in the U.S. and the experience of the Crow Indians in Montana in particular.  It features the work of 6th grade teacher Mck Fedullo, who uses poetry as a tool for Crow Indian students to express their cultural heritage.  Includes archival footage.


VCR    976.6    I39            

INDIANS, OUTLAWS AND ANGIE DEBO.  [videorecording] PBS Video, c1989. (58 min.) A profile of historian Angie Debo. Focuses on her research in the 1930s uncovering a statewide conspiracy that deprived the Oklahoma Indians of their oil-rich lands and the efforts of officials and business interests to suppress her findings.


VCR M147            

MONUMENT VALLEY: NAVAJO HOMELAND.  [videorecording]  (30 min.)  The Corporation, 1991. Discover the majestic beauty of Monument Valley and the mystical bond between the Navajo and their ancient homeland.





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Malinowski, Sharon,  Sheets, Anna J., Schmittroth, Linda. Editors.  UXL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES.  v. 1. Northeast, Southeast -- v. 2. The Great Basin, Southwest -- v. 3. Arctic & Subarctic, Great Plains, Plateau -- v. 4. California, Pacific Northwest. c1999.


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Seeley, Virginia, editor.  NATIVE AMERICAN BIOGRAPHIES.  Native Americans in literature, drama, fine arts, performance, sciences, math, education and public service. Includes teaching guide. c1994.



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