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JPB Barrett

Barrett, John M. OSCAR THE SELFISH OCTOPUS. Oscar regrets his selfish and self-centered ways when only two ocean creatures respond to his plea for help out of a tight situation. c1978.


JPB Blackstone

Blackstone, Stella. SECRET SEAHORSE. A sea horse leads the reader past coral reefs and underwater creatures to a sea horse family hidden in a cave. Includes notes on coral reefs and various marine animals. c2004.


JPB Carle

Carle, Eric. A HOUSE FOR HERMIT CRAB. A hermit crab who has outgrown his old shell moves into a new one, which he decorates and enhances with the various sea creatures he meets in his travels. c1987.


JPB Cohen

Cohen, Caron Lee. WHIFFLE SQUEEK. A seafaring cat named Whiffle Squeek has a narrow escape from a hungry monster of the briny deep. c1987.


JPB Donaldson

Donaldson, Julia. THE SNAIL AND THE WHALE. Wanting to sail beyond its rock, a tiny snail hitches a ride on a big humpback whale and then is able to help the whale when it gets stuck in the sand. c2004.


JPB Freymann

Freymann, Saxton. ONE LONELY SEAHORSE. One lonely sea horse learns that she has a lot of friends--friends she can really "count" on. c2000.


JPB Guiberson

Guiberson, Brenda Z. LOBSTER BOAT. Tommy spends the day on a lobster boat helping Uncle Russ tend the traps, set bait, pull up the traps, and sell their catch. c1993.


JPB Johnston

Johnston, Tony. WHALE SONG. Counting as they sing, whales use their mighty voices to pass onto one another the numbers from one to ten. c1987.


JPB Jonas

Jonas, Ann. SPLASH. A little girl's turtle, fish, frogs, dog, and cat jump in and out of a backyard pond, constantly changing the answer to the question "How many are in my pond?" c1995.


JPB Lakin

Lakin, Pat. DAD AND ME IN THE MORNING. A deaf boy and his father share a special time as they watch the sun rise at the beach. c1994.


JPB Mahy

Mahy, Margaret. THE GREAT WHITE MAN-EATING SHARK: A CAUTIONARY TALE. Greedy to have the cove where he swims all to himself, Norvin, who looks a bit like a shark, pretends to be one, scaring off the other swimmers and leaving him in happy aquatic solitude-- until he is discovered by an amorous female shark. c1990.


JPB McDonald

McDonald, Megan. IS THIS A HOUSE FOR HERMIT CRAB? When Hermit Crab outgrows his old house, he ventures out to find a new one. c1990.


JPB Ormondroyd

Ormondroyd, Edward. JOHNNY CASTLESEED. As Evan's father shows him how to make a wonderful sandcastle, they see the idea spread and grow in the minds of others on the beach, as if from scattered seeds. c1985.


JPB Pastuchiv

Pastuchiv, Olga. MINAS AND THE FISH. A young boy wishes to learn to swim so he can go fishing with his older brothers, but when a magic fish teaches him, his brothers no longer recognize him. c1997.


JPB Peet

Peet, Bill. CYRUS THE UNSINKABLE SEA SERPENT. Cyrus, a shy and friendly serpent, finally realizes his ambition by heroically helping some voyagers through a storm and foiling some dastardly pirates. c1975.


JPB Pfister

Pfister, Marcus. THE RAINBOW FISH. The most beautiful fish in the entire ocean discovers the real value of personal beauty and friendship. c1992.


JPB Raschka

Raschka, Christopher. ARLENE SARDINE. Follows the short life of Arlene, from brisling to canned sardine. c1998.


JPB Ward

Ward, Jennifer. SOMEWHERE IN THE OCEAN. A counting book in rhyme presents various marine animals and their children, from a mother manatee and her little calf one to a mother octopus and her little babies ten. Numerals are hidden in each illustration. c2000.





J 428.1 S186wh

Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth. WHO IS THIS AT THE BEACH?  Uses simple sentences, photographs, and a brief story to introduce six different words: from, it, on, our, this, who. . c2004.


J 508.14 B966se

Burnie, David. SEASHORE. 1997, c1994.


J 551.46 L649di

Raintree Publishers. LET'S DISCOVER THE SEA. A reference book dealing with the sea, its animal and mineral treasures, tides, currents, erosion, pollution, and myths and historical events associated with the sea. c1981.


J 551.46 S596ho

Simon, Seymour. HOW TO BE AN OCEAN SCIENTIST IN YOUR OWN HOME. A collection of experiments, using easily available relatively inexpensive materials, designed to reveal the various characteristics of the oceans and the plants and animals that live in them. c1988.


YP 551.46 V222ja

VanCleave, Janice Pratt. JANICE VANCLEAVE'S OCEANS FOR EVERY KID: EASY ACTIVITIES THAT MAKE LEARNING SCIENCE FUN. Includes information on techniques and technologies of oceanography, the topology of the ocean floor, movement of the sea, properties of sea water, and life in the sea. c1996.


J 553.62 P898sa

Prager, Ellen J. SAND. Describes the formation of sand from materials such as coral, rock, or crystals and shows how it can be moved through water, wind, ice, and other erosion agents. c2000.


J 578.769 B458ex

Bendick, Jeanne. EXPLORING AN OCEAN TIDE POOL. Describes the plants and animals of an ocean tide pool and their dependent interrelationships. c1992.


J 591.51 S254fi

Sattler, Helen Roney. FISH FACTS & BIRD BRAINS: ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE. Discusses the intelligence of a variety of animals and the observations and tests which have brought scientists to their conclusions. Includes tests for the reader to use with pets. c1984.


J 591.92 C689ma

Cole, Joanna. THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS ON THE OCEAN FLOOR. On another special field trip on the magic school bus, Ms. Frizzle's class learns about the ocean and the different creatures that live there. c1992.


YP 591.921 C321el

Carson, Rachel. THE EDGE OF THE SEA. This book is divided into three main sections: The Rocky Shore, The Rim of Sand and The Coral Coast. c1955.


J 592.435 B335w

Batten, Mary. THE WINKING, BLINKING SEA: ALL ABOUT BIOLUMINESCENCE. Explains bioluminescence in ocean life, giving examples of sea creatures that glow, such as ostracods, Bermuda fire worms, and flashlight fish. c2000.


J 593.5 G349je

George, Twig C. JELLIES: THE LIFE OF JELLYFISH. Describes the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of many species of jellyfish, through simple text and photographs. c2000.


YP 598.3 M167be

McMillan, Bruce. A BEACH FOR THE BIRDS.  Discusses the physical characteristics and habits of the endangered Least Terns and describes the Maine beach where they spend the summer and raise their young, alongside their human neighbors. c1993.


J 594 C688sh

Coldrey, Jennifer. SHELLS. DK Eyewitness Explorers. C1998.


J 594 L549sh

Lember, Barbara Hirsch. THE SHELL BOOK. Describes a wide variety of shells, including the lion's paw, giant Atlantic cockle, and Katherine's chiton. c1997.


J 594.56 C418oc

Cerullo, Mary M. THE OCTOPUS: PHANTOM OF THE SEA. Describes the physical characteristics, feeding and mating habits, and defense mechanisms of octopuses, and gives information about other cephalopods, including the squid, the cuttlefish, and the chambered nautilus. c1997.


J 597 A752sh

Arnold, Caroline. SHOCKERS OF THE SEA: AND OTHER ELECTRIC ANIMALS. Introduces fishes and sea animals with "electric sense" and explains how they produce, detect, and use electricity to survive. c1999.


J 597 S851fi

Stewart, Melissa. FISHES. Describes the basic behavior, physical traits, and life cycle of fishes. c2001.


J 597 T238re

Taylor, Barbara. THE REALLY SINISTER SAVAGE SHARK: AND OTHER CREATURES OF THE DEEP. Presents the characteristics of a selection of feared marine animals including shark, squid, octopus, stingray, and puffer fish. c1997.


J 597 W959fi

Wu, Norbert. FISH FACES. The author-photographer, a marine biologist, uses his own photographs to introduce readers to some of the more amusing characteristics of the creatures he's encountered on his dives. c1993.


YP 597.097 A916ud



YP 597.31 C418sh

Cerullo, Mary M. SHARKS: CHALLENGERS OF THE DEEP.  Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and varieties of sharks and dispels common myths about these unusual fish. c1993.


J 597.33 C418tr

Cerullo, Mary M. THE TRUTH ABOUT GREAT WHITE SHARKS. Take a trip to the ocean's depths to learn the truth about the great white shark. c2000.


J 597.67 L743se

Lindeen, Carol K. SEA HORSES.  Simple text and photographs present sea horses, their body parts, and their behavior. c2005.


J 597.7 S857i

Stille, Darlene R. I AM A FISH: THE LIFE OF A CLOWN FISH.  Describes the life of the clown fish. c2005.


J 598 B154bi

Bailey, Jill. BIRDS. Describes the physical characteristics, habitats, and behavior of birds and examines kinds of seashore birds, woodland birds, birds of prey, and others. 1997, c1992.


J 599.5 B421wh

Behrens, June. WHALES OF THE WORLD. Describes the behavior, habitats, and individual species of whales and dolphins, including the bottlenose dolphin, humpback whale, and right whale. c1987.


J 599.5 B458wh

Bender, Lionel. WHALES AND DOLPHINS. This book is about all the different types of whales – the baleen whales and the toothed whales, including porpoises and dolphins. The identification chart at the back of the book will show you their shapes and sizes and indicate the seas and oceans in which they live. c1988.


J 599.5 B496wh

Berger, Gilda. WHALES. Describes the biological makeup and behavior of some twenty whale species, including killer whales, blue whales, dolphins, and porpoises, and discusses their relationship to man and their threat of extinction. c1987.


J 599.5 B942se

Bunting, Eve. THE SEA WORLD BOOK OF WHALES. Describes the evolution, physical characteristics, habits, various species, and natural environment of the whale. c1987.

YP 599.5 C331wh

Carwardine, Mark. WHALES, DOLPHINS, AND PORPOISES. Explores the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and feeding habits of these underwater mammals. c1998.


YP 599.5 D566wh

Dietz, Tim. WHALES & MAN: ADVENTURES WITH THE GIANTS OF THE DEEP. This book examines the evolving relationship between whales and humans by telling the stories of those who meet whales at sea. c1987.


YP 599.5 E47b

Ellis, Richard. THE BOOK OF WHALES. In this informative text, thirty –three species are described in full and fascinating detail: their dimensions, habitats, habits, courting rituals, how they raise their young, their relationships with other sea creatures, and with man. c1980.


YP 599.5 H868or



J 599.5 K14wh

Kalman, Bobbie. WHAT IS A WHALE? Introduces the physiology, habitats, feeding, and behavior of different types of whales and discusses whale watching. c2000.


J 599.5 L366gr

Lauber, Patricia. GREAT WHALES, THE GENTLE GIANTS. Describes the characteristics and behavior of different kinds of whales and discusses why they are threatened by extinction. c1991.


J 599.5 M146a

McGowen, Tom. ALBUM OF WHALES. Introduces various types of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. c1980.


YP 599.5 M152de

Varawa, Joana McIntyre. THE DELICATE ART OF WHALE WATCHING. c1982.


J 599.5 M169ho

McNulty, Faith. HOW WHALES WALKED INTO THE SEA. Explains how the earth's biggest mammal evolved from a land animal into a sea animal. c1999.


J 599.5 S253wh

Sattler, Helen Roney. WHALES, THE NOMADS OF THE SEA. Discusses the physical characteristics, habits, natural environment, and relationship to human beings of whales and dolphins. Includes a glossary giving the popular and scientific name of each species and details of their size and appearance. c1987.


J 599.5 T476am

Thomson, Sarah L. AMAZING WHALES! Featuring breathtaking photographs from the Wildlife Conservation Society, Amazing Whales! Is the latest title in a new I Can Read Series about the fascinating animals that share our world. c2005.


J 599.5 W552

The Cousteau Society. WHALES. Examines the physical characteristics, behavior, and migration pattern of the humpback whale. c1993.


J 599.51 S667cr

Smyth, Karen C. CRYSTAL: THE STORY OF A REAL BABY WHALE. Researchers follow real whales to find out how they live, where they migrate and how and what they eat. c1986.


J 599.51 S897ro

Strange, Florence Pernsteiner. ROCK-A-BYE WHALE: A STORY OF THE BIRTH OF A HUMPBACK WHALE. Describes the birth and early experiences of a humpback whale. c1977.


J 599.53 P295do

Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw. DOLPHINS AND PORPOISES. A general introduction to dolphins and porpoises, highlighting such areas as individual species, life cycles, anatomy, feeding habits, sonar system, and social organization. c1987.


J 599.55 M267

The Cousteau Society. MANATEES. Examines the physical characteristics, behavior, and feeding habits of the manatee. c1993.


J 599.55 S587ma

Silverstein, Alvin. THE MANATEE. Full of information on the habits and behavior of these gentle mammals this book describes the methods being used to save the manatee from extinction. c1995.


J 636.08 R323do

Reed, Don C. THE DOLPHINS AND ME. The author, a former diver, describes his experiences with and observations of the dolphins whose underwater world he shared for more than thirteen years at California's Marine World/Africa USA. c1989.


J 636.08 S646do

Smith, Elizabeth Simpson. A DOLPHIN GOES TO SCHOOL: THE STORY OF SQUIRT, A TRAINED DOLPHIN. Describes how dolphins are trained to perform tricks through the experiences of Squirt, a bottlenose dolphin whose successful training led to appearances in marine shows all across the country. c1986.





J B212ku

Bania, Michael. KUMAK'S FISH: A TALL TALE FROM THE FAR NORTH.  On a beautiful Arctic morning when Kumak and his family go ice fishing, Kumak hooks what seems like an enormous fish, and the entire village gets involved. c2004.


J L566r

L'Engle, Madeleine. A RING OF ENDLESS LIGHT. During the summer her grandfather is dying of leukemia and death seems all around, 15-year-old Vicky finds comfort with the pod of dolphins with whom she has been doing research. c1980.


J P545yo

Philbrick, W. R. THE YOUNG MAN AND THE SEA.  After his mother's death, twelve-year-old Skiff Beaman decides that it is up to him to earn money to take care of himself and his father, so he undertakes a dangerous trip alone out on the ocean off the coast of Maine to try to catch a huge bluefin tuna. c2004.


YP R465st

Reynolds, Susan Lynn. STRANDIA. Punished for fleeing her duties as a member of Strandia's

privileged class, Sand is rescued by her dolphin friend Meridan and learns of a disaster threatening her homeland. c1991.


YP S167lo

Salisbury, Graham. LORD OF THE DEEP. Working for his stepfather on a charter fishing boat in Hawaii teaches thirteen-year-old Mikey about fishing, and about taking risks, making sacrifices, and facing some of life's difficult choices. c2001.

J W191se


Wallace, Karen. A DAY AT SEAGULL BEACH. A seagull flies over the sea looking for something before returning to its nest. c1999.  





P.R. 372.357 M153wh

McKay, Bev. WHALE ALERT: AN INTEGRATED ACTIVITY UNIT. Provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of whales. c1992.


P.R. 372.357 S838oc

Sterling, Mary Ellen. OCEANS. Reproducible pages designed to teach children about oceans through a language arts approach. c1990.


P.R. 372.357 S897on

Strang, Craig. ON SANDY SHORES: TEACHER'S GUIDE. Great Explorations in Math and Science. GEMS. Marine science activities for grades 2-4. c1996.


P.R. 372.6 M132se

McCracken, Marlene J. THE SEA & OTHER WATER. Activity programs in education. (Primary) c1988.





DVD 372.868 H632

THE HIDDEN TREASURE. [videorecording] (ca. 30 min.) Big Kids Productions, c2004. Your child will dive into a color-filled underwater world with "Miss Joan" and her young dancers as she leads them on a musical treasure hunt from the classroom to the bottom of the ocean. Dancers and puppets make up the charming cast of sea creatures who guide the children to the treasure chest.


TAPE P529ra

Pfister, Marcus. THE RAINBOW FISH. [sound recording] (11 min.). North-South, [1999]


VCR 363.73 I82

ISLAND AT THE EDGE. [videorecording] (26 min) Presents the story behind the annual killing of thousands of dolphins by local fishermen at Iki Island, Japan. Fishermen claim that the dolphins are responsible for smaller catches of fish, but the film suggests that industrial pollution is the real cause. c1979.


VCR 574.5 S439

SEASHORE. [videorecording] (35 min) Seashore dives into the explosive front line between land and sea. From crashing waves and blasting winds to placid tide pool, discover what makes our coastlines so alluring to the masses of wildlife and humans who gather there. DK Vision, c1996.


VCR 578.769 A489

AMAZING CREATURES OF THE TIDEPOOLS. [videorecording] (ca. 101 min.) Barbara Lawrence Productions, + Grades 3-8. Examines the tidepools along the rocky coasts of Oregon andCalifornia. This video contains unique and rare footage aboard a floating marine laboratory where students will see first hand what it's like to be on a plankton collection trip. c1999.


VCR 591.77 S439

AMAZING SEASHORE ANIMALS. [videorecording] (ca. 30 min.) DK Vision, c1997. Henry the Lizard discovers that the seashore hides hundreds of amazing surprises, from the stinging tentacles of the jellyfish to the dive-bombing seagull.


VCR 599.5 W552do

Films Inc. WHALES, DOLPHINS AND MEN. [videorecording] (50 min.) BBC-TV. Explores the extraordinary intelligence and behavior of whales and dolphins. Also examines the whaling industry and presents a case for the preservation of whales. [198- ]


VCR 599.53 I35

IN THE KINGDOM OF THE DOLPHINS. [videorecording] (50 min) Journalist Hardy Jones and marine biologist Julia Whitty spent seven summers filming dolphins in the Caribbean, learning to identify and determine the age of dolphins, exploring their sophisticated social relationships and intelligence, and observing the many ways dolphins use sound to perceive and negotiate their environment. c1982.


VCR 599.53 S725so

A SOUND OF DOLPHINS. [videorecording] (60 min.) Jacques Cousteau and the crew of the Calypso try to unravel the mysteries surrounding one of the worlds's most intelligent creatures, the dolphin. c1986.


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