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J    796    R939ru

Rhatigan, Joe.  Run, jump, hide, slide, splash: the 200 best outdoor games ever.  Provides directions, equipment lists, and variations for 150 outdoor games, some familiar and some new. c2004.





P.R.   370.115    H477te

Hellison, Donald R.  Teaching responsibility through physical activity.

PETE instructors and course adopters can use this book to help pre-service physical education and recreation leaders develop methods for promoting personal and social responsibility.  c2003.


P.R.    372.86    A439co

Allison, Pamela C.  CONSTRUCTING CHILDREN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXPERIENCES: UNDERSTANDING THE CONTENT FOR TEACHING. This book focuses on philosophy and content of physical education to support the development of beginning  physical education teachers.c2000.


P.R.    372.86    B155te

Bailey, Richard.  TEACHING PHYSICAL EDUCATION: A HANDBOOK FOR PRIMARY & SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS.  This book is full of expert, practical advice covering all of the traditional areas of teacher training, including a thorough considerations of the latest TTA requirements and the National Curriculum of Physical Education.c2001.


P.R.    372.86    B471rh

Bennett, John Price.  RHYTHMIC ACTIVITIES AND DANCE.  192 developmentally appropriate activities for fun and fitness.c1995.


P.R.    372.86    B959st

Burk, Maggie C.  STATION GAMES: FUN AND IMAGINATIVE PE LESSONS.  Games are categorized by subject area and grade level. c2002.


P.R.    372.86   C727te

Colvin, A. Vonnie.  TEACHING THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION: BUILDING BASIC MOVEMENT SKILLS. 43 worksheets and 21 troubleshooting charts for assessment, instructions for basic movement and manipulative skills; and scripted lessons plans to help teachers explain the activities to the children. c2000.


P.R.    372.86    G739ch    2001



P.R.     372.86    H893no

Hughes, J. D.  No standing around in my gym.  Lesson plans, games, and teaching tips for elementary physical education. c2003.


P.R.   372.86   H918ph

Human Kinetics (Organization)  PHYSICAL EDUCATION METHODS FOR CLASSROOM TEACHERS. 45 game ideas, 11 reproducible for classroom evaluation, 30 exercise illustrations, tips for including children of varying skill levels, clear explanations of movement concepts, and resource lists for equipment.c1999.


P.R.    372.86    K19in

Kasser, Susan L.  INCLUSIVE GAMES. Presents 50 games and hundreds of game variations. This book features a game finder grid to help you locate the right game for the right situation.  c1995.


P.R.    372.86  K29ph 1996

Kelly, Noeline Thompson.  PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR PRE-SCHOOL AND PRIMARY GRADES.  The book progresses from  from the simple  to the complex  with activities  that are useful both indoors and outdoors and that require little special equipment. c1997.


P.R.    372.86    K46

Spalding, Anne, editor. Kids on the ball: using Swiss balls in a complete fitness program. c1999.


P.R    372.86    L699mo

Lichtman, Brenda,   MORE INNOVATIVE GAMES.  41 new creative games to educate, stimulate and invigorate middle and high school students. c1999.


P.R.     372.86    M147bu

McGreevy-Nichols, Susan.  BUILDING MORE DANCES: BLUEPRINTS FOR PUTTING MOVEMENTS TOGETHER. Uses the same hands-on approach to the mechanics and the art of dance as the first book. c2001.


P.R.    372.86    P578    P-K 1997

Logsdon, Bette J. editor. PHYSICAL EDUCATION UNIT PLANS FOR PRESCHOOL-KINDERGARTEN. The 33 units in this book integrate movement concepts and skills into games, gymnastics, and dance experiences that children really enjoy. c1997.


P.R.   372.86    P578    Gr.3-4    1994

Logsdon, Bette J.  PHYSICAL EDUCATION UNIT PLANS FOR GRADES 3-4. Presents learning experienceses in games, Gymnastics and dance. c1997.


P.R.    372.86    S215ac

Sanders, Stephen W.  Active for life: developmentally appropriate movement programs for young children. Provides guidance on what high-quality movement programs should include.c2002.


P.R.    372.86    T458ph    2003

Thomas, Katherine T.  PHYSICAL EDUCATION METHODS FOR ELEMENTARY TEACHERS. Includes 70 reproducible lesson plans that students can learn from in class and continue to draw on as they begin their teaching careers. c2003.


P.R.    372.86   W542ph

Wetton, Pauline.  PHYSICAL EDUCATION IN THE EARLY YEARS.  Teaching and learning in the first three years of school. c1997.


P.R.     612     P191pe

Pangrazi, Robert P.  Pedometer power: 67 lessons for K-12. Shows how to use pedometers to teach, promote, and assess physical activity. c2003.


P.R.    613.7    C626mu

Clements, Rhonda L.  A multicultural approach to physical education: proven strategies for middle and high school. This book offers 70 games and activities from 24 cultures and easy-to-use assessment strategies. c2002.


P.R.    613.7    H434

Pate, Russell R.  Health and fitness through physical education. c1994.


P.R.    613.7    K59le

Kirkpatrick, Beth.  LESSONS FROM THE HEART: INDIVIDUALIZING PHYSICAL EDUCATION WITH HEART RATE MONITORS. Presents 38 practical lesson plans designed to stimulate student learning and motivation through the use of heart rate monitors. c1997.


P.R.    613.7    M132it

McCracken, Bane.  It's not just gym anymore: teaching secondary school students how to be active for life.  Part I provides the theoretical basis and practical strategies for developing the program.  Part II contains helpful tools that make the pogram easy to implement, including 170 sample lesson plans and 118 reproducible forms that teachers can photocopy for use in class or as examples for developing their own forms. c2001.


P.R.    613.7     M559fi     1999

Meredith, Marilu D.  Fitnessgram test administration manual. This is a versatile fitness testing tool, designed to conduct meaningful fitness testing and do it faster and easier. c1999.


P.R.    613.7    R236te

Ratliffe, Thomas. Teaching children fitness: becoming a master teacher. The AMTP Content Series is designed to help teachers gain experience and confidence in teaching the five curriculum areas integral to a complete program: movement concepts and motor skills, games, gymnastics, dance and fitness.c1994.


P.R.    613.7    S592c

Simmons, Anne,   Child's play: vigorous activities with a limited budget. This book shows teachers and other educational and day-care personnel how to provide children with vigorous activities despite a limited budget. c1982.


P.R.    613.7    Z21qu

Zakrajsek, Dorothy.  QUALITY LESSON PLANS FOR SECONDARY PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Provides the most comprehensive menu of lesson plans to spice up your secondary-level physical education curriculum. c2003.


P.R.    613.707    B155te

Bailey, Richard, editor. Teaching physical education 5-11. Provides a comprehensive guide to the teaching and learning of this subject. Mixing principles and practice, this book provides authoritative advice on a full range of the Physical Education Curriculum. c2000.


P.R.    613.707    K64co

Kleinman, Isobel.  COMPLETE PHYSICAL EDUCATION PLANS FOR GRADES 7-12.  366 lesson plans for 14 sports and activities, including student homework, handouts, 25 assessment rubrics, quizzes,

student portfolio checklists and tournament charts. c2001.


P.R.    796.01    S571

Daryl Siedentop, editor. Sport education: quality PE through positive sport experiences. Provides school-tested, ready-to-use plans for applying the model to specific sports and fitness activities, c1994.


P.R.    796.019    H926sp

Humphrey, James Henry.  Sports for children: a guide for adults. Gives the historical background of sports: explains child development and sports; explores the physical, emotional social and intellectual development of  children through sports; as will as basic sports skills for children. c1993.


P.R.    796.07    F855ph

Freeman, William Hardin.  Physical education and sport in a changing society. Brings the developing disciplines and interests in the broad field of physical education and sport up through the early 1990's. c1992.


P.R.    796.07     L477ph

Lee, Amelia M.  PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN: DAILY LESSON PLANS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL.  For each level you will find units of lesson plans on the following topics: organization, fitness, games and sports, rhythmic activities, gymnastics, health and classroom activities. c2000.


P.R.     796.07    M528pr

Melograno, Vincent.  PROFESSIONAL AND STUDENT PORTFOLIOS FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Presents practical, step-by-step procedures and tips for organizing portfolio systems for students and teachers.c1998.


P.R.    796.07    R582te    1993

Rink, Judith.  Teaching physical education for learning. The purpose of this book is to help pre-service teachers develop instructional skills necessary to teach physical education effectively. c1993.


P.R.    796.07    S345co

Schloder, Monika E.  Coaching athletes: a foundation for success. Coaching youth sports -- Understanding young athletes Teaching sports to young athletes -- Developing and maintaining healthy athletes -- Nutrition and safety -- Managing your program. c1998.


P.R.     796.07    S356ph   1997

Schmottlach, Neil.  PHYSICAL EDUCATION HANDBOOK.  Thoroughly revised and updated with the most current information in the field, this authoritative reference offers the most complete resource of physical education activities for physical educators. c1997.


P.R.     796.3    C649sp

Clumpner, Roy A.  SPORT PROGRESSIONS. Presents a sequential approach to teaching skills that are essential to eight sports.It is not a technique book, but it will help teachers and coaches teach sports skills  in the most effective and efficient way. c2003.


P.R.    796.44    M681te

Mitchell, Debby.  TEACHING FUNDAMENTAL GYMNASTICS SKILLS. A hands-on guide that provides a strong foundation in exploratory gymnastics skills as well as formal skills and helps you bridge the gap between the two approaches. c2002.


P.R.    796.44     P174te

Palmer, Heather C. Teaching rhythmic gymnastics: a developmentally appropriate approach. c2003.




Ref    011    E24h

F.A. Horkheimer, editor. Eductors' guide to free health, physical education and ecreation materials. c2003.




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