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JPB    Charlip

Charlip, Remy. HANDTALK BIRTHDAY: A NUMBER & STORYBOOK. Words and sign language depict friends helping a deaf woman celebrate her birthday.c1974, 1986.

JPB    Rankin

Rankin, Laura.  THE HANDMADE ALPHABET. Presents the hand shape for each letter of the American manual alphabet accompanied by an object whose name begins with that letter.c1991.

JPB    Lakin

Lakin, Pat. DAD AND ME IN THE MORNING. A deaf boy and his father share a special time as they watch the sun rise at the beach. c1994.

JPB    Wahl

Wahl, Jan.  JAMIE'S TIGER.  After he is ill with German measles, Jamie learns to cope with

his loss of  hearing. c1978.


YP    001.56    W259w

Ward,Jill. NATURAL SIGN LANGUAGE THESAURUS OF USEFUL SIGNS AND SYNONYMS.  This book will enable an individual to find a variety of words which have the same meaning and which are signed the same way.c1978.

J    362.42    P478c

Peter,  Diana.  CLAIRE AND EMMA. A true story of two bright and pretty little girls who were born deaf. They wear hearing aids and they both are taking lessons to help them speak well. c1976.

J    371.912    W853a

Wolf, Bernard.  ANNA'S SILENT WORLD.  Describes special training and equipment used to help a deaf youngster talk, read, and write. c1977.

J    398.21    B736li

Bornstein, Harry.  LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: TOLD IN SIGNED ENGLISH. The well‑known fairy tale about a little girl who meets a wolf posing as her grandmother, accompanied by diagrams showing how to form the Signed English signs for each word of the text. c1990.

J    419    B774h

Bourke, Linda.  HANDMADE ABC: A MANUAL ALPHABET.  The manual alphabet is introduced through illustrations of each signed letter and of items beginning with that letter. c1981.

J    419    B774s

Bourke, Linda.  SIGNS OF A FRIEND.  A sign language picture book with a friendly message to be read as its pages are flipped. c1982.

J    419    F162si

Fain, Kathleen.  HANDSIGNS: A SIGN LANGUAGE ALPHABET.  Presents an animal for each letter of the alphabet, accompanied by the corresponding sign for that letter in American Sign Language. c1993.

J   419    G811s W562si

Greene, Laura.  SIGN LANGUAGE, A FIRST BOOK.  Discusses the development of sign language and describes how it is used in conjunction with finger spelling, speech reading, and other forms of communication to help individuals with impaired hearing. c1981.

J    419    K89yo

Kramer, Jackie.  YOU CAN LEARN SIGN LANGUAGE! More than 300 useful words in pictures, organized by topic.c1999.

J    419    S256cl

Saulnier, Karen Luczak.  THE CLOCK BOOK: IN SIGNED ENGLISH. "Prepared under the supervision of the staff of the Gallaudet Signed English Project: Lillian B. Hamilton, Harry Bornstein, director." 1985, c1975

J   419    S951s

Sullivan, Mary Beth.  A SHOW OF HANDS: SAY IT WITH SIGN LANGUAGE.  An introduction to the sign language used by many deaf and hearing impaired people. c1980.

J    419    W562mo

Wheeler, Cindy. MORE SIMPLE SIGNS. Teaches twenty-nine signs from American Sign Language with illustrations and useful hints for remembering them. c1998.

J    419    W562si

Wheeler, Cindy. SIMPLE SIGNS. Demonstrates through illustrations and brief text twenty‑nine American Sign Language signs for words such as hello, cry, dog, and love. c1995.

YP    599.88    P317e

Patterson, Francine.   THE EDUCATION OF KOKO.  The world's most renowned gorilla is drawing on a vocabulary of more than 600 words, conversing through a computer terminal, signing with her Mate-to-be, Michael, and speculating on death. c1981.

J    599.884    M623s

Michel, Anna.  THE STORY OF NIM.  Relates the story of Nim, a chimpanzee who is being taught to use sign language to "talk" as part of a program to study language acquisition by animals. c1980.

J    617.89    L776b

Litchfield,  Ada Bassett.  A BUTTON IN HER EAR.  A little girl relates how her hearing deficiency is detected and corrected with the use of a hearing aid. c1976.

J    92    G165bo

Bowen,  Andy Russell.  A WORLD OF KNOWING- A STORY ABOUT THOMAS HOPKINS GALLAUDET. A biography of the founder of the first school for the deaf in the United States who, among other accomplishments, evolved a new sign language and wrote children's books. c1995. 

J    92    G165n

Neimaik, Anne E.  A DEAF CHILD LISTENED: THOMAS GALLAUDET, PIONEET IN AMERICAN EDUCATION A biography of a man whose pioneering efforts in educating deaf

children in the early part of the nineteenth century are still being felt today. c1983.


J    C793d

Corcoran, Barbara.  A DANCE TO STILL MUSIC. Deafened by an illness, fourteen-year-old Margaret refuses to accept her condition and runs away in fear that her mother's remarriage may mean she'll be sent to a boarding school for the deaf.c1974.

J    M787m

Montgomery, Elizabeth. THE MYSTERY OF THE NEW BOY NEXT DOOR. Neighborhood children think the new boy is mean until he leads them on a mysterious puzzle-solving hunt. c1978.

J    R595a

Riskind, Mary.  APPLE IS MY SIGN.  A 10-year-old boy returns to his parents' apple farm for the holidays after his first term at a school for the deaf in Philadelphia.  c1981.

J    S561gi

Shreve, Susan Richards.  THE GIFT OF THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T HEAR. Two friends, one of whom is deaf, help each other when tryouts are held for a seventh-grade production of "Annie." c1991.


P.R.    419    K58p

Kirchner, Suzie Linton. PLAY IT BY SIGN: GAMES IN SIGN LANGUAGE. c1974.

P.R.    419    M766co


P.R.    419    S578si

Shroyer,  Edgar H. SIGNS OF THE TIMES. c1982.

P.R.    419.07    F628si



AID    372.61    M936d

Mowery, Charlane.  DEVELOPMENTAL LANGUAGE LESSONS.  Cards contain lessons enabling instructor to teach basic grammatical structures to children in a conversational setting, allowing for spontaneous interaction between child and teacher, and thus keeping imitative language to a minimum. Designed primarily for language-delayed children, but can also be used with hearing impaired, learning disabled, and mentally retarded children.  c1977.

VCR    419    A512cu

Sign Media, Inc., c1981 AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE:A TEACHER'S RESOURCE TEXT ON CURRICULUM, METHODS & EVALUATION [videorecording] (60 min.) Gives guidelines on teaching American sign language and structured activities for classroom without the use of spoken English.

VCR    419    A512gr

Sign Media, Inc., c1981. AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE:A TEACHER'S RESOURCE TEXT ON GRAMMAR AND CULTURE [videorecording] (60 min.)  Focuses on the use of three basic types of sentences, four verb inflections, locative relationships and pronouns, etc. by using sign language.

VCR    419    A512st    V.1

Sign Media, Inc. c1980. AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE: A STUDENT TEXT Units 1-9 [videorecording] (60 min.)  Practice tape demonstrating grammar and structure of sign language.

VCR    419    A512st    V.2

Sign Media, Inc. c1980. AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE: A STUDENT TEXT Units 10-18 [videorecording] .(60 min.) Part of the multi‑media series designed for the teacher and student of American Sign Language (ASL). The videotape illustrates the dialogues for the student text it accompanies, and also provides ASL stories, poems and dramatic prose for classroom use.

VCR     419    A512ta

Sign Media, Inc. c1990.   AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE: Tales From the Green Books.  [videorecording] (56 min., 20 sec.) Compilation of stories and narrative descriptions used in the series: American Sign Language.

VCR    419    L785

Crown Video, c1985. SAY IT BY SIGNING. [videorecording] (60 min.) A video guide to the basics of sign language.

VCR    419    S578ig

Hearing-Impaired Products Co., c1989. SIGNING EXACT ENGLISH: BASIC SIGN LANGUAGE COURSE. [videorecording] (120 min.)



REF    371.912    C357ed

Associations for Education of the Deaf.  CATALOG OF EDUCATIONAL CAPTIONED FILMS FOR THE DEAF. c1980.

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