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JPB    Browne

Browne, Anthony.  Willy the wimp.  A young chimpanzee, tired of being bullied by the suburban gorilla gang, decides to build up his muscles so he won't be a wimp anymore. c1984. Bodybuilding


JPB    Browne

Browne, Anthony.  Willy the wizard.  Willy the chimpanzee loves to play soccer, but he is never picked for a team until a stranger gives him some shoes that he is certain are magic. c1995. Soccer


JPB    Bunting

Bunting, Eve.  Trouble on the T-ball team.  Linda feels left out as the only one on her first-grade T-ball team who hasn't lost a tooth. c1997. T-ball


JPB    Calhoun

Calhoun, Mary.  Cross-country cat.  When he becomes lost in the mountains, a cat with the unusual ability of walking on two legs finds his way home on cross-country skis. 1986, c1979.  Cross-country skiing


JPB    Carlson

Carlson, Nancy LLouanne Pig in making the team.  Though she plans to try out for cheerleading, Louanne Pig helps her friend Arnie try out for football, with surprising results. c1985. Football


JPB    Carrick

Carrick, Carol.  The climb.  Brendan is scared when he and his older cousin begin to climb the mountain, but on the way down, it's Nora who becomes frightened. c1980.  Mountaineering


JPB    Cole

Cole, BabetteThree cheers for Errol!  Errol the city rat uses his brain as well as his athletic ability when he competes in the Inter-school Ratathalon. 1989, c1988. Running


JPB   Coy

Coy, John.  STRONG TO THE HOOP.  Ten-year-old James tries to hold his own and prove himself on the basketball court when the older boys finally ask him to join them in a game. c1999.Basketball


JPB    Eagle

Eagle, Michael.  The marathon rabbit: story and pictures. A rabbit wants to run with the people in a marathon race around the city. c1985. Running


JPB    Fearnley

Fearnley, Jan.  A perfect day for it.  Bear announces that it's "a perfect day for it" and his friends follow him up the mountain, each imagining what special treat they might share there, but all come to agree that Bear's "it"is just right. c2002. Sledding


JPB    London

London, Jonathan.   WHITE WATER.  A boy learns to read the river when he goes white water rafting with his dad. c2001.  White water canoeing


JPB    Long

Long, Earlene.  Gone fishing.  A father and son go fishing with a big fishing rod for daddy and a little one for the child. c1984. Fishing


JPB    McKissack

McKissack, Pat.  A million fish - more or less.  A boy learns that the truth is often stretched on the Bayou Clapateaux, and gets the chance to tell his own version of a bayou tale when he goes fishing. c1992. Fishing


JPB    Pastuchiv

Pastuchiv, Olga.  Minas and the fish.  A young boy wishes to learn to swim so he can go fishing with his older brothers, but when a magic fish teaches him, his brothers no longer recognize him. c1997. Swimming


JPB    Rex

Rex, Michael.  DUNK SKUNK.  Sport action rhyme with the names of animals who love to play, such as Goal Mole, Dunk Skunk, and Hurdle Turtle. c2005.


JPB    Say

Say, Allen.  The bicycle man.  The amazing tricks two American soldiers do on a borrowed bicycle are a fitting finale for the school sports day festivities in a small village in occupied Japan. c1982. Bicycles


JPB    Say

Say, Allen.  A river dream.  While sick in bed, a young boy opens a box from his uncle and embarks on a fantastical fishing trip. c1988. Fishing


JPB    Say

Say, Allen.  Stranger in the mirror.  When a young Asian-American boy who spends all of his time skateboarding wakes up one morning with the face of an old man, he has trouble convincing people that he is still himself. c1995.  Skateboarding


JPB    Shannon

Shannon, David.  Duck on a bike.  A duck decides to ride a bike and soon influences all the other animals on the farm to ride bikes too. c2002. Bicycles and bicycling


JPB    Waber

Waber, Bernard.  Gina.  When Gina moves to a new apartment building, she discovers that

there are plenty of boys but no girls her own age to play with. c1995. Baseball


JPB    Wahl

Wahl, Jan.  Rabbits on roller skates!   Rhymed text and illustrations follow the progress of a group of rabbits on roller skates. c1986. Roller-skating


JPB    Weston

Weston, Martha.  Tuck in the pool.  Tuck, a little pig taking swimming lessons, overcomes his fear of the water with the help of his lucky rubber spider. c1995. Swimming





J    507.8    T631ex

Tocci, Salvatore.  Experiments with sports.  Explores the science behind sports through simple experiments using everyday objects. c2003. Sports - Experiments


YP    796    B274sp

Barrett, Norman S.  Sports facts.  An introduction to the history, techniques, strategy, rules, and champion exponents of various team and individual sports, including track and field, football, golf, swimming, skiing, and cycling. c1996. Sports - Encyclopedias


J    796    S764

Ontario Science Centre.  Sportworks: more than 50 fun games and activities that explore the science of sports.  Describes a variety of games and activities with which to explore the science of sports, in such areas as body types, muscles, and water sports. c1989. Sports sciences


YP    796.0194    M177wi

Macy, Sue.  Winning ways: a photohistory of American women in sports.  Through profiles of over one hundred photos, this book celebrates the record of American women of every race and creed who have been great professional athletes. c1996.  Women athletes


YP    796.0194    S571I

Siegel, Alice.  It's a girl's game too. This book is packed with interesting facts. It tells how to get started in eighteen different sports from basketball to roller-skating racing. c1980. Sports for women.


YP    796.0194    S822sp

Steiner, Andy.  A sporting chance: sports and gender. Explores the relationship between athletics and gender.c1995. Women athletes


YP    796.082    N532

Berry, Flynn, Editor  New moon. Sports: what sports can do for you and what you can do with sports.  Examines the role of sports in girls' lives, including the history of women in sports, famous women athletes, great sports for girls, and ways to get involved in athletics. c1999. Sports for women.


J    796.2    C445do

Chambers, Veronica.  Double dutch: a celebration of jump rope, rhyme, and sisterhood. This book is filled with her own personal memories of girlhood and jumping rope, along with poems, interviews, songs, history, quotes rhymes and photographs.

c2002. Rope skipping


J    796.2    H894le

Hughes, Sarah.  Let's jump rope. This is an easy to read book with photographs and a glossary.  c2000. Rope skipping


J    796.2    K14ju

Kalbfleisch, Susan. Jump!: the new jump rope book.  An introduction to jumping rope with instructions for easy and advanced tricks. 1987, c1985. Rope skipping


YP    796.323    M647wi

Miller, Faye Young.  Winning basketball for girls.  An introduction, in text and illustrations, to the techniques and strategies of girl's basketball. c1992. Basketball


YP   796.325    C951vo

Crossingham, John. VOLLEYBALL IN ACTION. Introduces the techniques, equipment, rules, and safety requirements of volleyball. c2000. Volleyball


J     796.332   H582t

Herzog, Brad.  T IS FOR TOUCHDOWN: A FOOTBALL ALPHABET.  The sounds of the autumn include the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot and the thump of the kick off starting the first home football game. c2004  Football.


YP    796.334    L977so

Luxbacher, Joe.  SOCCER: steps to success. c1991. Soccer


YP    796.334    W896im

Woods, Paula.  IMPROVE YOUR SOCCER SKILLS.  Fully illustrated step-by-step explanations take a soccer player through the whole range of techniques and tactical tricks required for a first rate performance. c1987. Soccer


YP    796.44    J12yo

Jackman, Joan.  The young gymnast. c1995. Gymnastics


J    796.48    M628an

Middleton, Haydn.  Ancient Olympic games.  Describes the origins, sports, other events, and end of the ancient Olympic games. c2000. Olympic games (Ancient)


J    796.91    K92ve

Krementz, Jill.  A very young skater.  A 10-year-old relates her experiences as a skater. 1986, c1979. Skating


YP    808.83    S764

Durant, Alan chosen by.SPORTS STORIES.  A collection of sports stories by such authors as Enid Bagnold, P. G. Wodehouse, Ring Lardner, and Tessa Duder. c2000. Sports stories.


J    811.52    T396ca

Thayer, Ernest Lawrence.  Casey at the bat.  The popular narrative poem about a celebrated baseball player who strikes out at the crucial moment of a game. c1995.Baseball


J    811.54    G812fo

Greenfield, Eloise.  FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME: MICHAEL JORDAN AND ME.  Two children discover the importance of determination and find inspiration in the life of Michael Jordan. c1997. Basketball


J    811.54    J33ba

Janeczko, Paul B.  THAT SWEET DIAMOND: BASEBALL POEMS.  A collection of poems, including "Before the Game," "Catcher Sings the Blues," "How to Spit," and "Double Play," capture the experiences of the game of baseball. c1998. Baseball


YP    813.083    U47

Gallo, Donald R. Editor. Ultimate sports: short stories by outstanding writers for young adults.  A collection of sixteen short stories about teenage athletes written by well-known authors in the field, including award-winning novelists Robert Lipsyte and Chris Crutcher.  c1995. Sports stories, American.


YP    92    J659gr

Green, Michelle Y.  A strong right arm: the story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson.  Fueled by the passion for the game and buoyed by the inspiration of Jackie Robinson, Mamie Johnson is determined to be a professional baseball pitcher. c2002. Baseball


YP    92    L716gr

Greenberg, Doreen.  A DRIVE TO WIN: THE STORY OF NANCY LIEBERMAN-CLINE. This series is unprecedented in its concept of offering real stories of new heroes to young girls.  c2000. Women basketball players - United States - Biography.


J    92    O11da

Dadey, Debbie.  Shooting star: Annie Oakley, the legend.  An exaggerated account of the life and exploits of the sharp-shooting entertainer. c1997. Sharp-shooting





YP    A456pe

Alphin, Elaine Marie.  THE PERFECT SHOT.  Brian uses basketball to block out memories of his girlfriend and her family who were gunned down a year ago, but the upcoming murder trial and a high school history assignment force him to face the past and decdie how far he should go to see justice served. c2005  Basketball


J    B271ch

Barre, Shelley A.  Chive.  Nine-year-old Chive, homeless because his parents have lost their

farm and are looking for work in the city, strikes up an unusual friendship with eleven-year-old Terry and competes with him in a skateboard competition. c1993. Skateboarding


J    B873th

Brooks, Bruce.  THROWING SMOKE.  When his teammates on the Breadhurst Newts baseball team continue their losing ways, Whiz uses an unusual printing press to create several star players in hopes of winning a game. c2000. Baseball


J    C556st

Christopher, Matt.  STRANGER IN RIGHT FIELD.  Who is the new player on the Peach Street Mudders, and how can Alfie Maples help him improve his game?c1997. Baseball


YP    C957wh

Crutcher, Chris.  WHALE TALK.  Intellectually and athletically gifted, TJ, a multiracial, adopted teenager, shuns organized sports and the gung-ho athletes at his high school until he agrees to form a swimming team and recruits some of the school's less popular students. c2001. Swimming


YP    D483pa

Deuker, Carl.  PAINTING THE BLACK.  When star athlete Josh Daniels moves in across the street, Remy Ward doesn't realize how much his life will change during his senior year at Seat­tle's Crown Hill High.c1997. Baseball


YP    D485ni

Deuker, Carl.  NIGHT HOOPS. While trying to prove that he is good enough to on his high school's varsity basketball team, Nick must also deal with his parents' divorce and erratic behavior of a troubled classmate who lives across the street. c2000. Basketball


YP    D845al

Duder, Tessa.  Alessandra.  As a member of the New Zealand swimming team, fifteen-year-old Alex gets her first taste of independence as she faces the challenges of competition in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. c1992. Swimming


YP    D845la

Duder, Tessa.  In lane three, Alex Archer.  Fifteen-year-old Alex struggles to overcome personal trauma and hardship as she competes with her arch rival for a place on the New Zealand swimming team participating in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. 1989, c1987. Swimming


YP     D996qu

Dygard, Thomas J.  Quarterback walk-on.  When the fourth-string quarterback for a Texas college team suddenly finds himself next Saturday's starter, he has a plan for winning. c1982. Football


YP    F299la

Feinstein, John.  LAST SHOT: A FINAL FOUR MYSTERY.  After winning a basketball reporting contest, eighth graders Stevie and Susan Carol are sent to cover the Final Four tournament, where they discover that a talented player is being blackmailed into throwing the final game. c2005. Basketball


YP    J52ou

Jenkins, A. M.  Out of order.  Sophomore Colt Trammel loves baseball and his girlfriend Grace, but he hates the rest of high school and maintains a tough facade to hide his feelings of inferiority. c2003. Baseball


YP     K63di

Klass, David.  A different season.  High school baseball star Jim Roark is delighted to meet Jennifer Douglas, the second basewoman on the girls' softball team, until she becomes the first female player on his all-male team. c1988.  Baseball Stories


J    L345tu

Lasky, Kathryn.  TUMBLE BUNNIES.  Feeling inept in the team sports scheduled for his school's Gymboree, Clyde the rabbit develops hi own event, a freestyling tumbling routine with a dazzling move called the "twirly burly." c2005. Gymnastics


YP    L479ne

Lee, Marie G.  Necessary roughness.  Sixteen-year-old Korean American Chan moves from Los Angeles to a small town in Minnesota, where he must cope not only with racism on the football team but also with the tensions in his relationship with his strict father. c1996. Football


YP    L965tr

Lupica, Mike.  Travel team.  After he is cut from his travel basketball team--the very same team that his father once led to national prominence--twelve-year-old Danny Walker forms his own team of cast-offs that might have a shot at victory. Mike Lupica's first novel for

young readers! c2004. Basketball


J    N529ka

Nevius, Carol.  KARATE HOUR.  Rhyming text portrays the exuberance of an hour of karate class.  Includes nonfiction information at the end. c2004. Karate


YP    O75pe

Orr, Wendy.  Peeling the onion.  Following an automobile accident in which her neck is broken, a teenage karate champion begins a long and painful recovery with the help of her family. c1997. Karate


YP    R641bo

Ritter, John H.  THE BOY WHO SAVED BASEBALL.  The fate of a small California town rests on the outcome of one baseball game, and Tom Gallagher hopes to lead his team to victory with the secrets of the now disgraced player, Dante Del Gato. c2003. Baseball


J    S416se

Scieszka, Jon.  See you later, gladiator.  Joe, Fred, and Sam demonstrate some of their favorite professional wrestling moves, including the "Time Warp Trio Blind Ninja Smackdown," when they're transported to ancient Rome and forced to fight as gladiators in the Colosseum. c2000. Wrestling


J    S757th

Spinelli, Jerry.  There's a girl in my hammerlock: a novel.  Thirteen-year-old Maisie joins her school's formerly all-male wrestling team and tries to last through the season, despite opposition from other students, her best friend, and her own teammates. c1991. Wrestling


J    T369ca

Thayer, Ernest Lawrence.  Casey at the bat.  A narrative poem about a celebrated baseball player who strikes out at the crucial moment of a game. c1988. Baseball





P.R.    613.7    V637in

Vickers, Joan N.  Instructional design for teaching physical activities: a knowledge structures approach. This text uses a unique “knowledge Structures” model – the KS Model – developed specifically for those who teach complex physical skills. c1990.


P.R.    796.01    S571

Daryl Siedentop, editor. Sport education: quality PE through positive sport experiences. Provides school-tested, ready-to-use plans for applying the model to specific sports and fitness activities, c1994.


P.R.    796.07    F855ph

Freeman, William Hardin.  Physical education and sport in a changing society. Brings the developing disciplines and interests in the broad field of physical education and sport up through the early 1990's. c1992.


P.R.    796.07    G565te

Glover, Donald R.  Team building through physical challenges. The 22 Outward-bound tasks in this book require students to work together to achieve a common goal. Along the way, they learn to value teamwork, practice leadership skills, improve listening skills, and appreciate individual differences.  c1992.


P.R.    796.07    L477ph

Lee, Amelia M.  Physical education for children: daily lesson plans for middle school. This book provides developmentally appropriate lessons plans for every day of the school year plus information how to organize classes to best implement the lessons.c2000.


P.R.    796.07    M528pr

Melograno, Vincent.  Professional and student portfolios for physical education. Presents practical, step-by-step procedures and tips for organizing portfolio systems for your students and for yourself. c1998.


P.R.    796.1    B154us

Bailey, Guy.  The ultimate sport lead-up game book. Over 170 fun & Easy-to-use games to help you teach children beginning sport skills.c2001. Sports for children.


P.R.    796.323    K91ba

Krause, Jerry.  BASKETBALL SKILLS & DRILLS.  Distills over 30 years of basketball coaching (all age and skill levels and both genders) into concepts that are both easy to understand, master and apply. c1991.  Basketball -- Coaching.


P.R.    796.332    F634yo

Flores, Tom.  Youth league football: coaching and playing. Presents coaches with a variety of drills and exercises that guarantee skill improvement. c1993. Youth league football -- Coaching.


P.R.    796.334    C329so

Caruso, Andrew.  Soccer coaching, development, and tactics. Introduction to the principles of coaching. Also a bibliography of recommended books, journals and tapes. c1989. Soccer for children - Coaching.


P.R.    796.334    O82yo

O'Shea, Gerard P.  Youth soccer: the amateur coach. A step-by-step guide for coaching kids ages 5-14. Including equipment, offense & defense drills, managing & coaching the team, ball skills, sportsmanship & motivation. c1986. Soccer for children.


P.R.     796.334    R573si

Riley, John.  Soccer cards: simple competitive practices for coaches and players at all levels.  34 charts: double sided in color, bound in a loose-leaf binder.c1985. Soccer - Training


P.R.    796.334    S322yo

Schellscheidt, Manny.  Youth league soccer skills: mastering the ball.

Covers : About  Soccer; Coaching Philosophy; Warm-Up; Passing;  Dribbling ; Heading; Shooting; Goalkeeping; Small-Sided Games and Wrap-Up.c1989.  Soccer for children -Training.


P.R.    796.334    Y83    1981

Beim, George.Editor  Youth league soccer. c1981. Soccer for Children -Coaching


P.R.    810.9    C953mo

Crowe, Chris.  More than a game: sports literature for young adults.

A comprehensive overview of adolescent sports literature, its history, and contemporary trends in the field. c2004. Sports in literature





VCR    796     S764

Sports: high performance. [videorecording] (26 min.) Discovery Health, c2001. Whether it's T-ball, gymnastics, kick boxing, or soccer, kids fell pressure to be in sports. Explore the benefits of sports: physical activity, confidence, and the team-building experience. Also learn about risks involved in taking sports to extremes.c2001. "Secondary 6-12."


VCR    796.0194    A489

Amazing grace Black women in sport. [videorecording] (24 min., 23 sec.)

Sporting Goods Manufacturers Assoc.,c1993.  Featuring: Althea Gibson -- Wilma Rudolph -- Jackie Joyner-Kersee-- Florence Griffith Joyner -- Zina Garrison -- Anita L. DeFrantz -- Debi Thomas -- Dominique Dawes -- Wendy Hilliard --Nikki Franke -- Tina Sloan-Green -- Robin Roberts – Michelle Savadge Brown -- Linda Greene -- Alpha Alexander – Cassandra Jones.



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