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JPB    Anglund c.3

Anglund, Joan Walsh.  SPRING IS A NEW BEGINNING. [1963]


JPB    Azarian

Azarian, Mary.  A GARDENER'S ALPHABET.  An alphabet book featuring words associated with gardening, including bulbs, compost, digging, insects, and weeds. c2000.


JPB    Bornstein

Bornstein, Ruth.  RABBIT'S GOOD NEWS.  Rabbit leaves her warm dark burrow and discovers that spring has  come. c1995.


JPB    Carr

Carr, Jan.  SPLISH, SPLASH, SPRING.  Illustrations and rhyming text describe some of the delights of spring. c2001.


JPB    Coplans

Coplans, Peta.  DOTTIE.  Dottie the dog persists in her love of gardening, even though her parents think it is improper behavior for a canine. c1994.


JPB    De Coteau

De Coteau Orie, Sandra.  DID YOU HEAR WIND SING YOUR NAME?: AN ONEIDA SONG OF SPRING.  Pictures and words pay homage to the Oneida Indians' view of the cycle of spring. c1995.


JPB    Delton

Delton, Judy.  THREE FRIENDS FIND SPRING.  After trying unsuccessfully to bring spring to Duck, Squirrel and Rabbit decide to help him enjoy winter instead. c1977.


JPB    Doyle

Doyle, Malachy.  JODY'S BEANS.  From spring to fall with the help of her grandfather, Jody learns to plant, care for, harvest, prepare, and eat some runner beans. c1999.


JPB    Dragonwagon

Dragonwagon, Crescent.  STRAWBERRY DRESS ESCAPE.  A little girl slips out of her boring, dusty classroom and enjoys the delights of a spring afternoon in the country. [1975]


JPB    Ehlert

Ehlert, Lois.  PLANTING A RAINBOW.  A mother and child plant a rainbow of flowers in the family garden. c1988.


JPB    Fleischman

Fleischman, Paul.  WESLANDIA.  Wesley's garden produces a crop of huge, strange plants which provide him with clothing, shelter, food, and drink, thus helping him create his own civilization and changing his life. c1999.


JPB    Fleming

Fleming, Denise.  IN THE SMALL, SMALL POND.  Illustrations and rhyming text describe the activities of animals living in and near a small pond as spring progresses to autumn. c1993.


JPB    Hubbell

Hubbell, Patricia.  HURRAY FOR SPRING!  Rhyming text celebrates the joys of spring for a young boy. c2005.


JPB    Hunter

Hunter, Anne.  POSSUM AND THE PEEPER.  When Possum is awakened on the first day of spring by a loud noise that won't stop, he and all the other animals, who have also had their winters' sleep disturbed, set out to discover who is making all the racket. c1998.


JPB    Hurd

Hurd, Thacher.  BLACKBERRY RAMBLE.  When spring comes to Farmer Clem's farm, Baby Mouse loves to go exploring. c1989.


JPB    Koscielniak

Koscielniak, Bruce.  GEOFFREY GROUNDHOG PREDICTS THE WEATHER.  When Geoffrey Groundhog pops out of his hole to predict the weather, he is blinded by television cameras and lights and is unable to see if he has a shadow.  No one in town knows how to proceed, so Geoffrey needs help fast. c1995.


JPB    Kroll

Kroll, Virginia L.  NAOMI KNOWS IT'S SPRINGTIME.  Tells how a vibrant young girl experiences all that spring has to offer.  c1993.


JPB    Lindbergh

Lindbergh, Reeve.  NORTH COUNTRY SPRING.  Rhyming verse and illustrations describe the arrival of spring in the north. Includes section with facts about animal behavior. c1997.


JPB    Lyon

Lyon, George Ella.  COME A TIDE.  A girl provides a lighthearted account of the spring floods at her rural home.  c1990.


JPB    Moncure

Moncure, Jane Belk.  SPRING IS HERE!  Describes in verse the sights, smells, sounds, and activities of spring. [1975]


JPB    Pitcher

Pitcher, Caroline.  ARE YOU SPRING?  After being told that she cannot leave her winter den until spring arrives, Una the bear cub goes out early, meets various animals, gets in trouble, and eventually finds out what spring is. Caroline. c2000


JPB    Ray

Ray, Mary Lyn.  MUD.  As winter melts into spring, the frozen earth turns into magnificent mud. c1996.


JPB    Schnur

Schnur, Steven.  SPRING: AN ALPHABET ACROSTIC.  Describes spring, with its animals, green smells, and renewed outside activities. When read vertically, the first letters of the lines of text spell related words arranged alphabetically, from "April" to "zenith." c1999.


JPB    Siddals

Siddals, Mary McKenna.  TELL ME A SEASON.  Nature displays different colors to announce the seasons of the year and the time of day. c1997.


JPB    Stewart

Stewart, Sarah.  THE GARDENER.  A series of letters relating what happens when, after her father loses his job, Lydia Grace goes to live with her Uncle Jim in the city but takes her love for gardening with her. c1997.


JPB    Wallace

Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth.  PAPERWHITE.  Lucy and Miss Mamie while away the long hours of winter in various ways while waiting for a paperwhite bulb to grow and bring them spring. c2000.


JPB    Wallace

Walllace, Nancy Elizabeth.  SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS!  Buddy Bear learns about different kinds of seeds and their uses when he opens a package sent by his grandfather. c2004.


JPB    Wells

Wells, Rosemary.  MAX'S CHOCOLATE CHICKEN.  Max and his sister Ruby go on an egg hunt and vie with each other for the prize--a chocolate chicken. c1989.


JPB    Willis

Willis, Jeanne.  TADPOLE'S PROMISE.  When a caterpillar meets her perfect love, a tadpole, she begs him never to change, but their relationship is doomed. c2005.


JPB    Zolotow

Zolotow, Charlotte. THE BUNNY WHO FOUND EASTER.  A lonely rabbit searches for others of his kind from summer through winter until spring arrives and he finds one special bunny. c1998.





J    394.262    J12sp

Jackson, Ellen B.  THE SPRING EQUINOX : CELEBRATING THE GREENING OF THE EARTH.   Tells the many fascinating details of springtime rites past and present. c2002.


J    398.2    K49bi

Kimmel, Eric A.  THE BIRDS' GIFT: A UKRAINIAN EASTER STORY.  Villagers take in a flock of golden birds nearly frozen by an early snow and are rewarded with beautifully decorated eggs the next spring. c1999.


J    398.2    W862ma

Wolkstein, Diane.  THE MAGIC WINGS: A TALE FROM CHINA.  A strange event occurs across the land when a little Chinese goose girl sprinkles her shoulders with water and begins to enjoy all the beautiful flowers of spring. c1983.


J    398.21    W163pe

Waldherr, Kris.  PERSEPHONE AND THE POMEGRANATE: A MYTH FROM GREECE.  Demeter refuses to allow spring to appear until she has been reunited with her daughter Persephone, who has been abducted to the Underworld by Pluto. c1993.


J    508    M111w

Maass, Robert.  WHEN SPRING COMES.  c1994.


J    508    S237sp

Santrey, Louis.  SPRING.  Text and photos portray the signs of spring--buds, birds, weather, animal births--as nature throbs with life. c1983.


J    574.543   M346ex

Markle, Sandra.  EXPLORING SPRING: A SEASON OF SCIENCE ACTIVITIES, PUZZLES, AND GAMES.  A collection of springtime activities which include stories, observations of nature, handicraft, games, and puzzles. c1990.


J    582.0463   S468f

selsam, Millicent Ellis.  A FIRST LOOK AT FLOWERS.  An introduction to the distinguishing characteristics of flowers. c1977.


J    582.13   C363fl

Catherall, Ed.  FLOWERING PLANTS. c1982.


J    582.13   R523fl

Richardson, Joy.  FLOWERS.  Focuses on flowering plants, the nature of flowers, and the different types. c1993.


J    591.52    M623at

Michels, Tilde.  AT THE FROG POND.  Describes the animal life at a secluded pond during spring and summer days. c1989.


J    595.78   H466fr

Heiligman, Deborah.  FROM CATERPILLAR TO BUTTERFLY.  The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is depicted with all the wonder of those seeing the transformation for the first time. c1996.


J    635   W682gr

Wilkes, Angela S.  GROWING THINGS. c1984.


J    635.02   P324k

Paul, Aileen.  KIDS OUTDOOR GARDENING.  A guide to growing flowers and vegetables outdoors. c1978.


J    635.9   B966fl

Bernie, David.  FLOWERS.  Describes the physical characteristics and the life cycles of flowers and examines kinds of garden flowers, woodland flowers, desert flowers, and others. c1993.


J    635.9   C878f

Cox, Rosamund Kidman.  FLOWERS. c1980.


J    745.5    R824cr

Ross, Kathy.  CRAFTS TO MAKE IN THE SPRING.  Presents twenty-nine easy-to-make craft projects with springtime themes, including cotton swab pussy willows, a robin redbreast door hanging, and an Easter bunny egg holder.


J    790.1922    G565l

Glovach, Linda.  THE LITTLE WITCH'S SPRING HOLIDAY BOOK.  Presents instructions for a variety of springtime activities, games, foods, and handicrafts. c1983.


J    811.54    C284    1998

Carlstrom, Nancy White.  MIDNIGHT DANCE OF THE SNOWSHOE HARE: POEMS OF ALASKA.  Poems about Alaska's beautiful but brief spring, summer and fall seasons, which provide a short respite from the cold, dark winter. c1998.


J    811.54    W547it

Weygant, Noemi.  IT'S SPRING.  A collection of poems, illustrated with color photographs, about the coming of spring and its effects upon the plants and animals of the woodland. [1968, c1969]





J    J66wi

Johnson, Crockett.  WILL SPRING BE EARLY OR WILL SPRING BE LATE?  So anxious is the groundhog to predict an early spring that he is grossly misled by an artificial flower. [1990]





P.R.   372.35   B331ha



P.R.    372.35    H791se

Hope, Cathy.  SEASONS, THEMES THROUGH THE YEAR.  Each section contains activities and ideas for language, art, craft, mathematics, social studies and music as well as detailed lists of poetry, stories, interest reading material and other sources. c1982.


P.R.   372.35   S675pl

Snyder, Julie.  PLANTS AND FLOWERS. c1993.


P.R.    372.5    B268in

Barr, Marilynn G.  INTERNATIONAL SPRING AND SUMMER FESTIVALS: PROJECTS AND PATTERNS FOR HOLIDAY GIFTS. Greetings, ornaments, decorations and classroom displays. c1995.


P.R.    372.5    G174da

Galloway, Judy.  DAILY PLANS FOR ACTIVE PRESCHOOLERS. 80 ready-to-use daily activity plans for children ages 3-5 Spring - All about me - Fall - Food and fun - Happy holidays - Flair for fashion - Bears - Old Favorites (Fairy Tales) - Things that go together - Songs and rhymes. c1990.


P.R.    372.5    H781cs

Hook, Dianne J.  CLIP ART FOR SPRING AND SUMMER: EASTER, ST. PATRICK'S DAY, 4TH OF JULY, MOTHER'S DAY, FATHER'S DAY.  This book includes patterns, forms, and art to be used in bulletin board displays, newsletters, calendars, hall passes, memos, name tags, or anything that will be copied or that has room for additional art. The clip art in this book specifically covers spring and summer themes. c1992.


P.R.    372.55    B347ce

Zinkgraf, June.  CELEBRATIONS: WITH MORE SPRING SURPRISES, WINTER WONDERS, AND FALL FANTASIES.  Creative activities and seat work. Handicrafts. c1985.


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