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JPB Anno

Anno, Mitsumasa. ANNO'S ANIMALS. The reader is invited to find a variety of animals hidden amidst woodland scenes. 1979, c1977.


JPB Anno

Anno, Mitsumasa. ANNO'S COUNTING HOUSE. One by one, ten children move from their old house into their new house with all their possessions. Die-cut windows reveal the interiors of the houses and the book can also be read from back to front. c 1982.


JPB Anno

Anno, Mitsumasa. ANNO'S FLEA MARKET. Depicts the treasures and trash of a flea market, one Saturday morning in the town square, as men, women, and children buy and sell everything imaginable. c1984.


JPB Anno

Anno, Mitsumasa. ANNO'S JOURNEY. Records in drawings the author's journey through northern Europe and his impressions of the land, the people at work and play, and their art, architecture, folklore, and fairy tales. 1978, c1977.


JPB Anno

Anno, Mitsumasa. ANNO'S PEEKABOO. By turning half pages, the reader is invited to play a game of peekaboo with a variety of animals and people. c1988, c1987


JPB Anno

Anno, Mitsumasa. Anno's U.S.A. MITSUMASA ANNO. In wordless panoramas a lone traveler approaches the New World from the West in the present day and journeys the width of the country backward through time, departing the east coast as the Santa Maria appears over the horizon. c1983.


JPB Ardizzone

Ardizzone, Edward. THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BED. A little boy gets up one day and finds everything goes wrong. [1970]

JPB Aruego

Aruego, Jose. LOOK WHAT I CAN DO. Two carabaos discover that being a copycat can lead to trouble. [1971]


JPB Aruego

Aruego, Jose. WE HIDE, YOU SEEK. The reader is invited to find animals hidden in their natural habitat. c1979.


JPB Baker

Baker, Jeannie. WINDOW. Chronicles the events and changes in a young boy's life and in his environment, from babyhood to grownup, through wordless scenes observed from the window of his room. c1991.


JPB Bakken

Bakken, Harold. THE SPECIAL STRING. A little boy has many adventures as he follows a seemingly endless piece of string and rolls it into a bigger and bigger ball. c1981.


JPB Bang

Bang, Molly. THE GREY LADY AND THE STRAWBERRY SNATCHER. In this story without words, an old woman is pursued by a strange man with a passion for strawberries. c1980.


JPB Briggs

Briggs, Raymond. THE SNOWMAN. When his snowman comes to life, a little boy invites him home and in return is taken on a flight high above the countryside. c1978.


JPB Carle

Carle, Eric. 1, 2, 3 TO THE ZOO. Each car on the train has one more zoo animal than the one before, from the first car with an elephant to the last with ten birds. [1982], c1968.


JPB Carle

Carle, Eric. DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND? A mouse searches everywhere for a friend. c1987.


JPB Carle

Carle, Eric. MY VERY FIRST BOOK OF NUMBERS. Fruits such as bananas, cherries, lemons, and pineapples are painted in color on the bottom half of these split pages. The top half bears a numeral and a corresponding number of black squares to match with the appropriate number of fruits. c1974.


JPB Carrick

Carrick, Donald. DRIP, DROP. Traces the journey of a raindrop through a leak in the roof. [1973]


JPB Carroll

Carroll, Ruth. THE DOLPHIN AND THE MERMAID. The dolphin, the mermaid, and their friends lead a peaceful underwater existence until they are threatened by thoughtless humans. [1974]


JPB Charlip

Charlip, Remy. THIRTEEN. Thirteen picture stories of a magic show, a sea disaster, and other dramas develop separately but simultaneously. [1975]


JPB Crews

Crews, Donald. TRUCK. Follows the journey of a truck from loading to unloading. c1980.


JPB Daughtry

Daughtry, Duanne. WHAT'S INSIDE? Presents pairs of photographs, the first of which shows the outside of an object and invites the reader to guess the contents before turning to the second photograph for the answer. c1984.


JPB Degen

Degen, Bruce. AUNT POSSUM AND THE PUMPKIN MAN. Aunt Possum receives an unexpected Halloween visit from the pumpkin man. c1977.


JPB Demi

Demi. FOLLOW THE LINE. This wordless story follows a line which changes character as it travels through different landscapes. c1981.


JPB DePaola

De Paola, Tomie. PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST. A little old lady's attempts to have pancakes for breakfast are hindered by a scarcity of supplies and the participation of her pets. c1978.


JPB DePaola

De Paola, Tomie. SING, PIERROT, SING: A PICTURE BOOK IN MIME. Simple Pierrot dreams of his saucy sweetheart Columbine in this original story featuring the traditional comic characters. c1983.


JPB DuPasquier

Dupasquier, Philippe. THE GREAT ESCAPE. In this story without words, an escaped prisoner leads the police on an exciting chase. c1988.


JPB Emberley

Emberley, Ed. ABC. ED EMBERLEY'S ABC. Animals engaged in a variety of activities introduce the letters of the alphabet. c1978.


JPB Freeman

Freeman, Don. FOREVER LAUGHTER. Nothing can make the gloomy King laugh until the jester brings him a mirror. [1970]


JPB Goodall

Goodall, John S. THE ADVENTURES OF PADDY PORK. A picture story in which a little pig slips away from his mother to joint the circus, only to learn he was better off at home. [1968]


JPB Goodall

Goodall, John S. THE BALLOONING ADVENTURES OF PADDY PORK. The further adventures of Paddy Pork as he sets out on a balloon journey that takes him to many strange places. [1969]


JPB Goodall

Goodall, John S. PADDY'S NEW HAT. The purchase of an elegant straw hat leads Paddy Pork into a series of wild adventures. c1980.


JPB Goodall

Goodall, John S. PADDY PORK'S HOLIDAY. A summer camping expedition turns into a series of unexpectedly dramatic adventures for young Paddy. c1976.


JPB Hoban

Hoban, Tana. BIG ONES, LITTLE ONES. Photos without text depict the mature and young of various animals, both domestic and wild. c1976.


JPB Hoban

Hoban, Tana. JUST LOOK. The reader views photographs of familiar objects, first through cut-out holes, then in their entirety. c1996.


JPB Hoban

Hoban, Tana. LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! Photographs of familiar objects are first viewed through a cut-out hole, then in their entirety. c1988.


JPB Hoban

Hoban, Tana. OF COLORS AND THINGS. Photographs of toys, food, and other common objects are grouped on each page according to color. c1989.


JPB Hoban

Hoban, Tana. SHADOWS AND REFLECTIONS. Photographs without text feature shadows and reflections of various objects, animals, and people. c1990.


JPB Hoban

Hoban, Tana. SHAPES, SHAPES, SHAPES. Photographs of familiar objects such as chair, barrettes, and manhole cover present a study of rounded and angular shapes. c1986.


JPB Hogrogian

Hogrogian, Nonny. APPLES. The apple peddler replenishes his cart from the trees that grow from the discarded cores of the apples he sells. [1972]


JPB Hutchins

Hutchins, Pat. 1 HUNTER. One hunter walks through the forest observed first by two elephants, then by three giraffes, etc. 1986, c1982.


JPB Hutchins

Hutchins, Pat. CHANGES, CHANGES. Two wooden dolls rearrange wooden building blocks to form various objects. [c1971]


JPB Karlin

Karlin, Bernie. MEOW! A cat's constant meow annoys a whole family until they learn the surprising reason for all the noise. c1991.


JPB Keats

Keats, Ezra Jack. CLEMENTINA'S CACTUS. Clementina discovers a delightful surprise deep inside the prickly skin of the cactus. [1982]


JPB Kent

Kent, Jack. THE EGG BOOK. An optimistic hen hatches a turtle, an alligator, and an ostrich before she discovers how to hatch a chick. [1975]


JPB Krahn

Krahn, Fernando. HOW SANTA CLAUS HAD A LONG AND DIFFICULT JOURNEY DELIVERING HIS PRESENTS. Pictures without words show Santa Claus trying to get airborne after the reindeer break away from their traces. [1970]


JPB Krahn

Krahn, Fernando. LITTLE LOVE STORY. Although inflating a valentine gift becomes a major project, it seems worthwhile when a fall from the balcony occurs. c1976.


JPB Krahn

Krahn, Fernando. THE SECRET IN THE DUNGEON. A curious child slips away from a tour group at an old castle and stumbles upon a sleeping dragon in a dungeon. c1983.


JPB Krahn

Krahn, Fernanco. WHO'S SEEN THE SCISSORS? The tailor's scissors suddenly take off on a rampage, snipping their way around town leaving a wake of mild destruction. [1975]


JPB Lewis

Lewis, Stephen. ZOO CITY. By matching the photograph of an inanimate city object on the upper half of a split page with the photograph of the animal it resembles on the lower half, the reader also completes the name of the animal involved. c1976.


JPB Lindblom

Lindblom, Steven. LET'S GIVE KITTY A BATH! Two children try to give Kitty a bath and a merry chase ensues when Kitty tries to hide from them. c1982.


JPB Martin

Martin, Rafe. WILL'S MAMMOTH. Though his parents explain there have been no mammoths for over 10,000 years, Will goes out in the snow one day, certain he will meet some. c1989.


JPB Mayer

Mayer, Mercer. AH-CHOO. Relates the consequences of an elephant's sneeze. c1976.


JPB Mayer

Mayer, Marianna. ALLEY OOP! One by one, ten animals form a pyramid--the first is a mouse and the last is an elephant. c1985.


JPB Mayer

Mayer, Mercer. A BOY, A DOG, A FROG, AND A FRIEND. A quiet fishing party is interrupted when something unexpected bites on the line. Mercer. A boy, a dog, a frog, and a friend. [1971]


JPB Mayer

Mayer, Mercer. A BOY, A DOG, AND A FROG. Tells in pictures a boy's unsuccessful attempts to catch a frog. [1967]

JPB Mayer

Mayer, Mercer. FROG, WHERE ARE YOU? A boy and his dog suffer through several adventures while searching for a pet frog that escaped during the night. [1969]


JPB Mayer

Mayer, Mercer. HICCUP. Mr. Hippopotamus' violent efforts to cure his lady friend's hiccups become increasingly irritating to her--then he gets an attack. c1976.


JPB Mayer

Mayer, Mercer TWO MORAL TALES. A bear dresses up in dilapidated clothing only to be laughed at and two birds quarrel over the ownership of a top hat in these two stories told in pictures.


JPB Mayer c.2

Mayer, Mercer. SLY FOX'S FOLLY. TWO MORE MORAL TALES. The pictorial adventures of two pigs who dress up for an evening out and a sly fox who attempts to trick two ladies. [1974]

JPB McCully


McCully, Emily Arnold. FOUR HUNGRY KITTENS. In this wordless story, four kittens share adventures while their mother is away hunting food. c2001.


JPB McCully

McCully, Emily Arnold. NEW BABY. The youngest mouse in a large family discovers excitement and frustration when a new baby arrives. c1988.



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