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JPB Ahlberg

Ahlberg, Janet. THE JOLLY CHRISTMAS POSTMAN. A Jolly Postman delivers Christmas cards to several famous fairy-tale characters such as the Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella, and The Three Bears. Each card may be removed from its envelope page and read separately.c1991.


JPB Anno

Anno, Mitsumasa. ANNO'S PEEKABOO. By turning half pages, the reader is invited to play a game of peekaboo with a variety of animals and people.c1987.


JPB Anno

Anno, Mitsumasa. ANNO'S COUNTING HOUSE. One by one, ten children move from their old house into their new house with all their possessions. Die-cut windows reveal the interiors of the houses and the book can to front. C1982.


JPB Baker

Baker, Keith. THE MAGIC FAN. Despite the laughter of his fellow villagers, Yoshi uses his building skills to make a boat to catch the moon, a kite to reach the clouds, and a bridge that mimics the rainbow.c1989.


JPB Brett

Brett, Jan. GINGERBREAD BABY. A young boy and his mother bake a gingerbread baby that escapes

from their oven and leads a crowd on a chase similar to the one in the familiar tale about a not-so-clever gingerbread man. c1999.


JPB Carle

Carle, Eric. 10 little rubber ducks. When a storm strikes a cargo ship, ten rubber ducks are tossed overboard and swept off in ten different directions. Based on a factual incident. c2005.

JPB Carle


Carle, Eric. MY VERY FIRST BOOK OF NUMBERS. Counting numbers.c1974.


JPB Carle

Carle, Eric. PAPA, PLEASE GET THE MOON FOR ME. Monica's father fulfills her request for the moon by taking it down after it is small enough to carry, but it continues to change in size. Some pages fold out to display particularly large pictures.c1986.


JPB Carle

Carle, Eric. THE VERY BUSY SPIDER. The farm animals try to divert a busy little spider from spinning her web, but she persists and produces a thing of both beauty and usefulness. The pictures may be felt as well as seen. c1984.


JPB Carle

Carle, Eric. THE VERY LONELY FIREFLY. A lonely firefly goes out into the night searching for other fireflies.c1995.


J PB Carter

Carter, David A. HOW MANY BUGS IN A BOX?: A POP-UP COUNTING BOOK. Pop-up and movable features reveal to the reader how many bugs are in each of ten boxes. Pop-up and movable features reveal to the reader how many bugs are in each of ten boxes.c1998.


JPB Demi

Demi. DRAGONS AND FANTASTIC CREATURES. Presents, in rhymed text and illustrations (some of them on fold-out pages), a gallery of dragons and other mythical creatures. c1993.


JPB Gerstein

Gerstein, Mordicai. WILLIAM, WHERE ARE YOU? At bedtime William hides and his parents look for him inside and outside the house.c1985.


JPB Goodall

Goodall, John S. PADDY'S NEW HAT. The purchase of an elegant straw hat leads Paddy Pork into a series of wild adventures.c1980.


JPB Gorey

Gorey, Edward. THE DWINDLING PARTY. Pop-up illustrations and verses divulge how, one by one, six members of the MacFizzet family monstrously disappear during a visit to Hickyacket Hall, leaving behind only young Neville, who expects "it was all for the best."c1982.


JPB Harper

Harper, Dan. TELLING TIME WITH BIG MAMA CAT. A cat describes her activities at various times throughout the day from morning to night. Features a clock with movable hands.c1998.


JPB Hellard

Hellard, Susan. BILLY GOATS GRUFF. Three clever billy goats outwit a big, ugly troll that lives under the bridge they must cross on their way up the mountain.c1986.


JPB Hill

Hill, Eric. WHERE'S SPOT? A mother dog finds eight other animals hiding around the house before finding her lost puppy. Flaps conceal the animals.c1980.


JPB Hoban

Hoban, Tana. JUST LOOK. The reader views photographs of familiar objects, first through cut-out holes, then in their entirety. c1996.


JPB Hoban

Hoban, Tana. LOOK! LOOK! LOOK Photographs of familiar objects are first viewed through a cut-out hole, then in their entirety. c1988.


JPB Jonas

Jonas, Ann. ROUND TRIP. Black and white illustrations and text record the sights on a day trip to the city and back home again to the country. The trip to the city is read from front to back and the return trip, from back to front, upside down.c1983.


JPB Knight

Knight, Joan. JOURNEY TO JAPAN. Describes the daily life, customs, legends, and festivals in Japan. Features pop-up and movable illustrations. c1986.


JPB Miller

Miller, J. P. (John Parr). SNIFFY THE MOUSE: 8 FRAGRANCES TO SCRATCH AND SNIFF. A little field mouse tries to identify her favorite smell. Contains illustrations coated with eight different fragrances.c1980.


JPB Paris

Paris, Pat. THE FROG. Rhyming text and pop-up illustrations follow a frog's interaction with five other animals, through the book, onto the back cover, and back to the front cover again. c1989.


JPB Pease

Pease, Pamela. MACY'S ON PARADE!: A POP-UP BOOK FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES. In seven fun pop-up scenes, the magic and artistry of the parade is captured in vibrant and charming detail. Festive marching bands, imaginative clowns, high-flying balloons and fantastic floats all spring to life at the turn of a page." c2002.


JPB Reasoner

Reasoner, Charles. WHOSE MOMMY IS THIS? The reader slides open the pages to discover which baby animal belongs to which mother animal.c1994.


JPB Schaefer

Schaefer, Lola M. What's up, what's down? Apicture book journey that invites you to see the wold from amany different perspectives. c2002.


JPB Seeger

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro. The hidden alphabet. An alphabet book in which windows open to reveal the letters hidden within each picture. c2003.



Sis, Peter. FIRE TRUCK. Rhyming text and pop-up illustrations follow a frog's interaction with five other animals, through the book, onto the back cover, and back to the front cover again.c1998.


JPB Taback

Taback, Simms. THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A FLY. Presents the traditional version of a famous American folk poem first heard in the U.S. in the 1940's with illustrations on die-cut pages that reveal all that the old lady swallows. c1997.


JPB Wick

Wick, Walter. Can you see what I see? Dream machine: a picture adventure to search and solve. A child enters a dream machine and encounters hidden picture puzzles intended for the reader to solve. c2002.


JPB Wilson

Wilson-Max, Ken. BIG SILVER SPACE SHUTTLE. "With fun lift-up flaps and sturdy pull tabs, it's totally interactive. 1998, c1996.


JPB Zelinsky

Zelinsky, Paul O. THE WHEELS ON THE BUS. The wheels on the bus go round, the wipers go swish, the doors open and close, and the people go in and out in this movable book version of the classic song. c1990.

JPB Ziefert

Ziefert, Harriet. WHERE IS NICKY'S VALENTINE? Nicky the cat delivers valentines to several lucky recipients hidden under flaps. c1987.




YP 306.369 T462le

Thomas, Velma Maia. Lest we forget : the passage from Africa to slavery and Emancipation. A three-dimensional interactive book with photographs and documents from the Black Holocaust Exhibit. c1997.


J 398.2 J76gi

Jones, Carol. THE GINGERBREAD MAN. A freshly baked gingerbread man escapes when he is taken out of the oven and eludes a series of nursery rhyme characters who hope to eat him until meeting up with a clever fox. Includes recipe. c2002.


J 419 B774S

Bourke, Linda. SIGNS OF A FRIEND. A sign language picture book with a friendly message to be read as its pages are flipped. c1982.


J 520 H361gl

Hatchett, Clint. THE GLOW-IN-THE-DARK NIGHT SKY. Star maps of the constellations with accompanying pictures of the characters and creatures the ancients imagined in the star groups and a brief story on each. The constellations glow in the dark.c1998.


J 529.7 A615an

Anno, Mitsumasa. ANNO'S SUNDIAL. Explains how the earth's movements around the sun and the resulting movement of shadows have been used to tell time. Includes illustrations that pop up or fold out to demonstrate how sundials work. [1987]


YP 552 O44ro

Oldershaw, Cally. ROCKS AND MINERALS. "Unique 3-D color photography that you can really see"--Cover. Includes mirror viewer in pocket. c1999.


J 579 M626

Greenaway, Theresa. MICROLIFE. "Unique 3-D color photography that you can really see; includes mirror viewer" Text and realistic three-dimensional photography introduce young readers to the world of microscopic life. c1998.


J 582 P713

Akeroyd, John. PLANT. 3-D eyewitness. "Unique 3-D color photography that you can really see; includes mirror viewer Text and realistic three-dimensional photography introduce young readers to the varied world of plant life. c1998.


J 591.909 W876na

Wood, John Norris. NATURE HIDE & SEEK-JUNGLES. Folds and flaps hide thirty jungle animals introduced by the text. c1987.


J 595.7 I59

Greenaway, Theresa. INSECT. 3-D eyewitness. "Unique 3-D color photography that you can really see; includes mirror viewer. c1998.


J 597.9 R426

Burton, John A. REPTILE. 3-D eyewitness. "Unique 3-D color photography that you can really see; includes mirror viewer. c1998.


J 611 F659in

Ganeri, Anita. INSIDE THE BODY. Lift-the-flap book (DK Publishing, Inc.) c1996.


J 611 M648hu

Miller, Jonathan. THE HUMAN BODY. Three-dimensional, movable illustrations showing the workings of the human body designed by David Pelham. c1983.


J 612 S635ou

Smallman, Clare. OUTSIDE-IN: A LIFT-THE-FLAP BODY BOOK. Simple text and lift-the-flap illustrations explain the functions of the various parts of the body. c1986.


YP 612 W183hu

Walker, Richard. HUMAN BODY. Text and realistic three-dimensional photography introduce the

human body.c1999.


J 612.63 D262be

Davis, Jennifer. BEFORE YOU WERE BORN. A lift-the-flap book showing milestones in a baby's development during pregnancy and the mother's experiences as it grows. 1998, c1997.


YP 700 V237ki

Van der Meer, Ron. THE KIDS' ART PACK: A HANDS-ON EXPLORATION OF ART FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. Discusses various techniques used by artists to create the desired effects in sixty works of art and invites the reader to examine some of these techniques with the aid of color wheels, 3-D glasses, pop-ups, puzzles, and an activity book with instruction for simple art projects.c1997.


J 745.54 I72ho

Irvine, Joan. HOW TO MAKE POP-UPS. Paper work - Paper toy making.c1987.


J 745.54 I72ho 1992

Irvine, Joan. HOW TO MAKE SUPER POP-UPS. Provides instructions for making a variety of paper pop-ups, including animals, boats, robots, and enormous pop-ups for the stage. c1992.


J 932 D333hi

Delafosse, Claude. HIDDEN WORLD: EGYPTIAN TOMB. Discusses the burial practices of ancient Egypt and explores the tomb of a woman named Nenufar, describing the paintings and artifacts it contains. Includes a paper flashlight that can be used to reveal hidden images on the pages. c1999. 




P.R. 016.7 M764po

Montanaro, Ann R. (Ann Rothwell) POP-UP AND MOVABLE BOOKS: A BIBLIOGRAPHY. 1993-<2000 >


P.R. 372.7 S531am

Sharman, Lydia. THE AMAZING BOOK OF SHAPES. c1994.



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