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Picture of valentine


JPB    Anglund

Anglund, Joan Walsh.  A FRIEND IS SOMEONE WHO LIKES YOU.  [1958]


JPB    Anglund

Anglund, Joan Walsh. WHAT COLOR IS LOVE? [1966]


JPB    Balian

Balian, Lorna.  A SWEETHEART FOR VALENTINE.  When a large baby in a large basket is left on the steps of the St. Valentine village hall, the villagers decide that she will belong to all of them and they name her Valentine.  c1979.


JPB   Bond

Bond, Felicia.  FOUR VALENTINES IN A RAINSTORM. On the day it rains hearts, Cornelia Augusta makes Valentine cards for four of her friends. c1983.


JPB    Bunting

Bunting, Eve.  THE VALENTINE BEARS.  Mrs. Bear plans a surprise Valentine's Day celebration for Mr. Bear despite their usual hibernating habits at that time of year. c1983.


JPB    Carlson

Carlson, Nancy L.  LOUANNE PIG IN THE MYSTERIOUS VALENTINE.  When she receives a valentine from a secret admirer, Louanne Pig tries to find out who sent it. c1985.


JPB    Carrick

Carrick, Carol.  VALENTINE.  While waiting for her mother to come home from work on Valentine's Day, Heather helps her grandmother rescue a newborn lamb and bake a special cookie. c1995.


JPB    Cohen

Cohen, Miriam.  "BEE MY VALENTINE!"  The pupils of a first grade class prepare for their St.Valentine's Day party. c1978.


JPB    Cuyler

Cuyler, Margery.  FRECKLES & WILLIE.  Freckles the dog is Willie's best friend until a little girl who doesn't like dogs moves in across the street. c1986.


JPB    Devlin

Devlin, Wende.  CRANBERRY VALENTINE.  Maggie, her grandmother, and the sewing circle make Cranberryport a brighter place for Mr. Whiskers when they send him secret valentines. c1986.


JPB    Gibbons

Gibbons, Gail. VALENTINE'S DAY.  c1986.


JPB    Hill

Hill, Eric.  PUPPY LOVE.  Brief text and illustrations depict the unconditional love that only a puppy can give. c1982.


JPB    Joosse

Joosse, Barbara M.  MAMA, DO YOU LOVE ME?  A child living in the Arctic learns that a mother's love is unconditional. c1991.


JPB    Kalman

Kalman, Maira.  OOH-LA-LA (MAX IN LOVE).  As he experiences Paris, the city of love, Max the millionaire poet dog knows he is missing something. c1991.


JPB    Kelley

Kelley, True.  A VALENTINE FOR FUZZBOOM.  Lima Bean, a lovesick young rabbit, gets up the nerve to send her idol, Fuzzboom, a valentine. c1981.


JPB    Krauss

Krauss, Ruth.  BIG AND LITTLE.  Brief text and illustrations describe some of the little things that big things love. c1987.


JPB    Minarik

Minarik, Else Holmelund.  LITTLE BEAR'S VALENTINE.  Little Bear looks forward to giving his mother a valentine and to figuring out thow the secret admirer is who sent him one. c2003.


JPB    Modell

Modell, Frank.  ONE ZILLION VALENTINES.  When Marvin shows Milton how to make valentines, they decide to make one for each person in their neighborhood. c1981.


JPB    Raschka

Raschka, Christopher.  LIKE LIKES LIKE.  Two cats fall in love in a rose garden.



JPB    Shannon

Shannon, George.  HEART TO HEART.  Upset that he has forgotten a valentine for his friend Mole, Squirrel starts to make a fancy card but discovers a better gift. C1995.


JPB     Sharmat

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.  THE BEST VALENTINE IN THE WORLD.  Although Ferdinand has worked on his valentine for Florette since November, he's sure that she's forgotten him on Valentine's Day. C1982.


JPB    Thompson

Thompson, Lauren.  MOUSE'S FIRST VALENTINE.  Mouse watches his sister making a valentine and wonders what it is. C2002.


JPB    Watson

Watson, Wendy.  A VALENTINE FOR YOU.  Love songs and rhymes are accompanied by illustrations of a family's celebration of Valentine's Day. C1991.


JPB    Whitehead

Whitehead, Patricia.  BEST VALENTINE BOOK.  While Big Benny feels blue at not receiving any valentines, the reader is introduced to the letters of the alphabet. c1985.


JPB    Ziefert

Ziefert, Harriet.  WHERE IS NICKY'S VALENTINE?  Nicky the cat delivers valentines to several lucky recipients hidden under flaps. C1987.





YP   158.1   P324gl

Paul, Anthea, GIRLOSOPHY 2: THE LOVE SURVIVAL KIT. This is an essential handbook on love, relationships and spiritual growth. c2001.


J    394.2    B935s

Bulla, Clyde Robert.  ST. VALENTINE'S DAY. Illus. by Valenti Angelo. Relates briefly the history of St. Valentine's Day, originally celebrated by the Romans thousands of years ago. [1965]


J    394.2    H474c

Guilfoile, Elizabeth.  VALENTINE'S DAY.  A history of the traditions which accompany Valentine's Day. Describes the origin and evolution of valentine customs and celebrations as well as the meaning of valentine symbols. [1965]


J    394.2683    D419t

De Paola, Tomie.  THINGS TO MAKE AND DO FOR VALENTINE'S DAY. A collection of crafts, projects, recipes, jokes, and games on a St. Valentine's Day theme. c1976.


J    394.2683   K427va

Kessel, Joyce K.  VALENTINE'S DAY.  Explains the origins of Valentine's Day and describes the traditions with which this special day is celebrated. c1981.


J     394.2682    S213V

Sandak, Cass R.  VALENTINE'S DAY. Presents the history and customs of Valentine's Day. c1980.


J    394.2683    B284h

Barth, Edna.  HEARTS, CUPIDS, AND RED ROSES; THE STORY OF THE VALENTINE SYMBOLS.  The history of Valentine's Day and the little-known stories behind its symbols. [1974]


J    745.5941    G565li

Glovach, Linda. THE LITTLE WITCH'S VALENTINE BOOK. Explains the origins of Valentine's Day and presents instructions for projects, recipes, and a Valentine's Day party. c1984.


J    812.54    T372v

Thayer, Marjorie.  THE VALENTINE BOX: A PLAY.  The new girl in class, sure that she won't receive any valentines, arranges things so she will to her great embarrassment.



J    821.08    H794g

Hopkins, Lee Bennett, sel. Good morning to you, VALENTINE: POEMS.  An anthology of twenty-three Valentine poems. c1976.







YP    A237r

Adler, C. S.  ROADSIDE VALENTINE.  Seventeen-year-old Jamie struggles for love, independence, and the beginnings of maturity during his senior year of high school.



J      C386mv

Cazet, Denys.  MINNIE AD MOO: WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?  Minnie and Moo dress up like two Cupids and deliver Valentine's Day poems to everyone on the farm. c2003.


YP     C626to

Clements, Bruce. TOM LOVES ANNA LOVES TOM. Almost from the first moment he sees Anna, Tom knows that he loves her, and although she is cautious at first, they quickly develop a very special relationship. c1990.


J    C678tw

Cohen, Barbara.  213 VALENTINES. Wade has trouble adjusting when he is transferred to a special fourth grade class for the gifted and talented, so he plans to send himself 213 valentines signed by celebrities. c1991.


J    H425s

Hays, Wilma Pitchford.  THE STORY OF VALENTINE. St. Valentine's Day is celebrated in honor of one of the first Romans to believe in a God of love. [1956]


J    M345va

Markham, Marion M.  THE VALENTINE'S DAY MYSTERY.  On Valentine's Day twin detectives Kate and Mickey investigate a case involving a vanished garnet pin and a maestro of classical music. c1992.


J      R781my

Roos, Stephen.  MY SECRET ADMIRER.  When she receives a valentine signed "your secret admirer," Claire tries a variety of schemes to discover his identity. c1984.


YP    R994co

Rylant, Cynthia.  A COUPLE OF KOOKS AND OTHER STORIES ABOUT LOVE.  A collection of eight short stories in which a variety of special characters experience the transfiguring power of love. c1990.


YP     Y49to

Yezerski, Thomas.  TOGETHER IN PINECONE PATCH.  A girl from Ireland and a boy from Poland overcome the prejudices held by the residents of the small American town to which they have emigrated. c1998.




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