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YP    919.8    F644al


Tells the gripping adventure story of Pam Flower's solo trip across the North American artic coast with her eight sled dogs.c2001.


YP    92    A222ho

Hovde, Jane.  JANE ADDAMS. This book tells the story of her life and achievement in her career and her role in such important events as the founding of Hull-House-one of the first social settlements in the United States. c1989.


YP   92    A355jo

Johnston, Norma.  LOUISA MAY: THE WORLD AND WORKS OF LOUISA MAY ALCOTT.  A biography of Louisa May Alcott that traces the influence of her family life on her works. c1991.


YP   92   A549fr



J    92    A548mc

McKissack, Pat.  MARIAN ANDERSON : A GREAT SINGER.  Tells the story of the African-American singer who struggled against prejudice to become one of the great opera performers of the century. c2001.


J    92    A548ry

Ryan, Pam Munoz.  WHEN MARIAN SANG: THE TRUE RECITAL OF MARIAN ANDERSON: THE VOICE OF A CENTURY.  An introduction t the life f Marian Anderson, extraordinary singer and civil rights activist, who was the first African American to perform at the metropolitan Opera, whose life and career encouraged social change. c2002.


YP    92    A584i

Angelou, Maya.  I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS.   Young Maya leads a precarious existence in racist, Depression-era Arkansas, where she is shuttled between her grandmother's and mother's house. She endures to share her realization in her valedictory address: "In order to lift your voice, you have to lift your head.",c1969


J    92    A628le

Levin, Pamela. SUSAN B. ANTHONY.  Susan B. Anthony was one of America's greatest crusaders for social justice. Her greatest victory came in 1920 when the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution finally gave American women the right to vote.c1993.


J      92    A657ha

Haskins, James, 1941-  CORAZON AQUINO: LEADER OF THE PHILIPPINES.  Traces the life of the woman who won election as the first woman president of the Philippines in 1986. c1988.


J    92    B164al

Baiul, Oksana,   OKSANA: MY OWN STORY.  Here is the incredible story of Oksana Baiul, a real life fairy-tale of how a young girl triumphed over tragedy to become the youngest Olympic figure skating champion since Sonji Henie in 1928. c1997.


YP   92    B632kl

Kline, Nancy.  ELIZABETH BLACKWELL: A DOCTOR'S TRIUMPH.  Describes the personal life and achievements of the woman credited with being the first woman physician in the United States. c1997.


J    92    B661ch

Christensen, Bonnie.  THE DARING NELLIE BLY: AMERICAN'S STAR REPORTER. Introduces the life of Nellie Bly who, as a 'stunt reporter' for the New York World newspaper in the late 1800s, championed women's rights and traveled around the world faster than anyone ever had. c2003.


YP    92    B661fr

Fredeen, Charles.  NELLIE BLY : DAREDEVIL REPORTER.  A biography of the woman who helped pioneer "stunt" reporting at the turn of the century.c2000.


YP    92    B712my

Myers, Walter Dean.  AT HER MAJESTY'S REQUEST: AN AFRICAN PRINCESS IN VICTORIAN ENGLAND.  Biography of the African princess saved from execution and taken to England where Queen Victoria oversaw her upbringing and where she lived for a time before marrying an African missionary. c1999.


YP    92    B812wh

Wheaton, Elizabeth.  MYRA BRADWELL, FIRST WOMAN LAWYER. Recounts the life of Myra Bradwell, the nineteenth-century activist, newspaper publisher, businesswoman, and lawyer. c1997.


YP    92   B922b   1992

Buck, Pearl S.  THE CHILD WHO NEVER GREW.  Newly updated, this classic in disability literature by the Nobel and Pulitzer prize-winning author broke a national taboo when it was originally published in 1950. An inspiring account of her struggle to help and understand her daughter with mental retardation was perhaps the first disclosure of its kind by a public figure. c1992.


J    92    B955ke

Roop, Peter.  KEEP THE LIGHTS BURNING, ABBIE.  In the winter of 1856, a storm delays the lighthouse keeper's return to an island off the coast of Maine, and his daughter Abbie must keep the lights burning by herself. c1985.


YP    92    B983wa

Wadsworth, Ginger.  SUSAN BUTCHER, SLED DOG RACER.  The 1990 champion of the Trail Sled Dog Race, traveled more than 1,000 mile across southern Alaska – braving sub-zero temperatures, treacherous mountain passes, and biting wounds. c1994.


YP    92    C141fa

Faber, Doris.  CALAMITY JANE: HER LIFE AND HER LEGEND.   Examines the life of the Wild West heroine who was transformed into a legendary figure in the public mind. c1992.


YP   92    C321j

Jezer, Marty.  RACHEL CARSON.  A biography of the marine biologist and author whose writings stressed the interrelation of all living things and the dependence of human welfare on natural processes. c1988.


YP    92    C321tr

Tremblay, E.A. RACHEL CARSON: AUTHOR/ECOLOGIST. A biography of the biologist who helped initiate the environmental movement. c2003.


YP     92    C539bu

Butts, Ellen.  MAY CHINN: THE BEST MEDICINE.  In the 1920s, May Chinn struggled against the odds to become one of the first African American doctors in the U.S. This book follows her life from childhood in New York City through 50 years as a researcher and doctor, allowing readers to appreciate her accomplishments in the world of science.  c1995.


J    92    C542b

Brownmiller, Susan.  SHIRLEY CHISHOLM; A BIOGRAPHY.  A biography of the New York politician who was the first black woman to be elected to the United States Congress. [1970]


YP    92    C559ma

Malone, Mary.  CONNIE CHUNG: BROADCAST JOURNALIST.   A detailed, informative, and readable chronicle of this resourceful, tenacious, and popular Chinese-American and her career in television news-casting. Little of her personal life is revealed, but the book explains her coverage of McGovern's presidential campaign and Watergate, as well as discussing the development of television news. c1992.


YP    92    C628br

Brooks, Polly Schoyer.  CLEOPATRA: GODDESS OF EGYPT, ENEMY OF ROME.  Although characterized by the Romans as a wicked, lustful manipulator, Cleopatra was an educated, powerful, and influential woman. Brooks occasionally seems to defend Cleopatra too much, but the book is nevertheless a well-researched and well-written biography that helps put the subject's life and times in perspective. c1995.


J    92    C628ho

Hoobler, Dorothy.  CLEOPATRA.  A biography of the Egyptian queen who gained and maintained power over her kingdom through her alliance with Julius Caesar and later Marc Anthony. c1988.


J    92    C692bo

Borden, Louise.  FLY HIGH!: THE STORY OF BESSIE COLEMAN.  Discusses the life of the determined African American woman who went all the way to France in order to earn her pilot's license in 1921. c2001.


YP     92    C692fi

Fisher, Lillian M.  BRAVE BESSIE: FLYING FREE.  A competent biography of Bessie Colman, who in 1921 became the first black female licensed pilot in the world. Born into poverty to a part-Cherokee father and a black mother, Colman overcame remarkable obstacles in her desire to become a pilot and a successful businesswoman.



YP    92    C692ha

Hart, Philip S.  UP IN THE AIR: THE STORY OF BESSIE COLEMAN.  Presents the story of Bessie Coleman, an American, who in 1920 traveled to France to become the first black woman to earn a pilot's license. c1996.


J    92    C891lu

Lucas, Eileen.  PRUDENCE CRANDALL: TEACHER FOR EQUAL RIGHTS.  Prudence believed that all children deserved an education. So she closed the school for white girls and opened one for black young ladies. The townspeople were furious. Prudence would have to fight to keep her school open. c2001.


YP    92    C975pa

Parker, Steve.  MARIE CURIE AND RADIUM.  Details the life and work of Marie Curie from early childhood to the discovery of radium and her two Nobel Prizes. c1995.


YP    92    D663lu

Lucas, Eileen.  ELIZABETH DOLE: A LEADER IN WASHINGTON. Children discover both the public and private personae of one of America's best-known women. The text, accompanied by mostly full-color photographs, gives readers up-to-date information on Dole's many accomplishments and defeats.  c1998.


J    92    D918mo

Morrison, Dorothy N.  LADIES WERE NOT EXPECTED: ABIGAIL SCOTT DUNIWAY AND WOMEN'S RIGHTS.  A biography of the leader of the women's suffrage movement in Oregon. c1977.


J   92    E12p

Pearce, Carol A.  AMELIA EARHART.  Traces the life of the pilot who, among other achievements, became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.  c1988.


J    92    E38k

Kaplan, Zoe Coralnik.  ELEANOR OF AQUITAINE.  A biography of the wife of Louis VII of France, who divorced him to marry Henry II of England, after which strife ensued between the two countries which lasted some 400 years. c1987.


J   92    E43bu

Bush, Catherine, editor.  ELIZABETH I. A biography of the Tudor Queen whose strong sense of responsibility to her subjects made her a much loved ruler during the forty-five years of her reign. c1988.


YP    92    E44au

Auerbach, Susan.  QUEEN ELIZABETH II.  Explores the life of the present British queen, discussing her royal upbringing, the job she inherited, her popularity, commitment to the Commonwealth, and highly publicized family. c1993.


YP    92    E43th

Thomas, Jane Resh.  BEHIND THE MASK: THE LIFE OF QUEEN ELIZABETH I. This biography describes the opulent but cruel childhood that shaped the woman Elizabeth became and details her triumphant reign, as well as the unrelenting forces that opposed her. Exploring the answers to some of history's most persistent and intriguing questions, Jane Resh Thomas has created a compelling account of Elizabeth's life that shatters the myths surrounding her and allows readers an unprecedented view of the queen as a human being. c1998.


YP    92    E571si

Siegel, Beatrice.  MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN: THE MAKING OF A CRUSADER.  Beginning with a discussion of Edelman's childhood influences and ending with a catalog of her accomplishments and goals, the biography examines her lifelong championship of children's causes. c 1995.


J    92    E92ly

Lyons, Mary E.  PAINTING DREAMS: MINNIE EVANS, VISIONARY ARTIST.  A biography of the North Carolina painter whose art had its origins in her religious visions and the African traditions of her slave ancestors. c1996.


J    92    F462mi

Miller, Robert H.  THE STORY OF STAGECOACH MARY FIELDS.  Packing a six-shooter in her belt and a cigar between her teeth, Mary Fields was the first African-American woman to carry the U.S. mail. Born a slave, she headed west to Montana in the late 1890s and later drove a postal stagecoach through the treacherous badlands. c1995.


YP    92    F828an    TE

Green, Phyllis A.  ANNE FRANK: THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL BY ANNE FRANK: TEACHER GUIDE. Suggests activities to be used in the classroom to accompany the reading of Anne Frank: the diary of a young girl. c1994.


J    92    G493ro

Roberts, Jack L.  RUTH BADER GINSBURG: SUPREME COURT JUSTICE.  The life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to become a Supreme Court Justice in U.S. history emphasizing Ginsburg's work to end discrimination against women under the law. c1994.


YP   92   G739as

Asirvatham, Sandy.  KATHARINE GRAHAM. The life of the woman who was publisher and later chairperson and CEO of the Washington Post Company, and who in 1997 received the Pulitzer Prize for biography. c2001.


J      92    G984ol

Olney, Ross Rober.  JANET GUTHRIE, FIRST WOMAN AT INDY.  A biography of the first woman ever to attempt to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. c1978.


J    92    H529l

Latham, Caroline.  KATHARINE HEPBURN.  An illustrated biography of the well-known actress of stage and screen. c1988.


YP    92    H598bi

Billings, Charlene W.  GRACE HOPPER: NAVY ADMIRAL AND COMPUTER PIONEER.  Traces the life of the scientist who, as well as having a distinguished career in the Navy, was a pioneer contributor to computer science and is known as the grandmother of the computer age. c1989.


YP    92    H598wh

Whitelaw, Nancy.  GRACE HOPPER: PROGRAMMING PIONEER.  Presents the life and career of the admiral who was also "the grandmother of the computer age." c1995.


J    92    H796mo

Morrow, Mary Frances.  SARAH WINNEMUCCA.  Recounts the life story of the influential Paiute woman who fought for justice and a better life for her people.  c1992.


YP    92    J15go

Gourse, Leslie.  MAHALIA JACKSON: QUEEN OF GOSPEL SONG.  Traces the rise of the famous gospel singer from her early youth in New Orleans to her Chicago-based musical career.  c1996.


YP    92    J62ho

Hodges, Margaret.  JOAN OF ARC: THE LILY MAID.  A biography of the fifteenth-century peasant girl who led a French army to victory against the English, witnessed the crowning of King Charles VII, and was later burned at the stake for witchcraft. c1999.


J    92    J62st

Stanley, Diane.  JOAN OF ARC.  A biography of the fifteenth-century peasant girl who led a French army to victory against the English and was burned at the stake for witchcraft. c1998.


YP    92    J659gr

Green, Michelle Y.  A STRONG RIGHT ARM: THE STORY OF MAMIE "PEANUT" JOHNSON.  Fueled by the passion for the game and bouyed by the inspiration of Jackie Robinson, Mamie Johnson is determined to be a professional baseball pitcher. c2002.


YP    92    J721jo

Josephson, Judith Pinkerton.  MOTHER JONES: FIERCE FIGHTER FOR WORKERS' RIGHTS.  A biography of Mary Harris Jones, the union organizer who worked tirelessly for the rights of workers. c1997.


YP    92    J721k

Kraft, Betsy Harvey.  MOTHER JONES: ONE WOMAN'S FIGHT FOR LABOR. "Pray for the dead but fight like hell for the living." was the rallying cry that made Mother Jones one of the most famous union organizers and rabble-rousers.  This highly engaging biography charts the life and work of one of the U.S.'s most important and captivating political figures. c1995.


YP    92    J78ru

Rutledge, Rachel.  MARION JONES: FAST AND FEARLESS.  She has been called "the next great sports superstar."  She's a world champion sprinter and an NCAA-champion basketball player.  At sixteen, she made the U.S. Olympic team, and Nike created a shoe for her. c2000.


YP    92    J82pa

Patrick-Wexler, Diane.  BARBARA JORDAN.  Examines the life and career of the black woman from Texas who became a prominent political figure. c1996.


J    92    J91ma

Martinez, Elizabeth Coonrod.  SORJUANA, A "TRAILBLAZING" THINKER.  A biography of the seventeenth-century Mexican nun who not only wrote poetry and plays and conducted botanical studies but was world famous for her knowledge of many subjects. c1994.


J    92    J91mo

Mora, Pat.  A LIBRARY FOR JUANA: THE WORLD OF SOR JUANA INES.  A biography of the seventeenth-century Mexican poet, learned in many subjects, who became a num later in life. c2000.


J    92    K13st

Stanley, Fay.  THE LAST PRINCESS: THE STORY OF PRINCESS KAIULANI OF HAWAII.  Recounts the story of Hawaii's last heir to the throne, who was denied her right to rule when the monarchy was abolished. c1991.


YP   92    K29da


Helen Keller has always been a shining example of courage in the face of unbelievable adversity. This lively biography goes beyond Helen¹s youth and learning process and includes many fascinating details of her later life, including her college years and involvement with politics. c2001


YP    92    K29fo

Ford, Carin T.  HELEN KELLER: LIGHTING THE WAY FOR THE BLIND AND DEAF.  Discusses the life and accomplishments of Helen Keller, who was left blind and deaf by illness at a young age, overcame these handicaps, and spent the rest of her life working to improve conditions for other handicapped people. c2001.


YP    92    K29la

Lawlor, Laurie.  HELEN KELLER: REBELLIOUS SPIRIT. This compelling biography, reveals a lesser-known Helen Keller – a high-spirited, opinionated, and defiant rebel. Describing her fun-loving nature, little known romance, her sometimes audacious pursuits, and her trials with her teacher, family, and the public, this book sheds new light on a woman many know only as a n icon.c2001.


YP     92    K41go

Goldstein, Margaret J.  JACKIE JOYNER-KERSEE: SUPERWOMAN.  Chronicles the life of the track and field star who has had medal-winning performances in three Olympics.  c1994.


YP    92    K52he

Henry, Sondra.  CORETTA SCOTT KING: KEEPER OF THE DREAM.  Traces the life and accomplishments of the civil rights leader and widow of Dr. Martin Luther King. c1992.


J    92    L274m

Meltzer, Milton.  DOROTHEA LANGE: LIFE THROUGH THE CAMERA.  A biography of Dorothea Lange, whose photographs of migrant workers and rural poverty helped bring about important social reforms. c1985.


YP    92    L716gr

Greenberg, Doreen.  A DRIVE TO WIN: THE STORY OF NANCY LIEBERMAN-CLINE. Nancy Lieberman-Cline's story of passion for sport and an intense drive to be the best.  At a time when it was unusual for a woman to choose to become a competitive athlete, Nancy broke thgouth the barriers to completely change the game of women's basketball.  c2000.


YP    92    L898wa

Wade, Mary Dodson.  ADA BYRON LOVELACE: THE LADY AND THE COMPUTER. Daughter of Lord Byron, the famous poet, Ada wrote the world's first computer program. c1994.


YP    92    L921

Lowry, Lois.  LOOKING BACK: A BOOK OF MEMORIES.  Using family photographs and quotes from her books, the author provides glimpses into her life. [200.]


J    92    L944am

Amstel, Marsha.  SYBIL LUDINGTON'S MIDNIGHT RIDE.  The story of Sybil Ludington's ride on horseback to rouse American soldiers to fight against the British who were attacking Danbury, Connecticut during the American Revolution. c2000.


J    92    M117bi

Billings, Charlene W.  CHRISTA MCAULIFFE.  Describes the "life before stardom" and selection of a New Hampshire teacher as the first private citizen to go into space, her training as an astronaut, and the shuttlecraft disaster that ended her life.  c1986.


J    92    M127tr

Tracy, Katheleen.  BARBARA McCLINTOCK: PIONEERING GENETICIST.  Presents the life and career of the geneticist who in 1983 was awarded the Nobel Prize for her study of maize cells. c2002.


J    92    M271m

Meltzer, Milton.  WINNIE MANDELA: THE SOUL OF SOUTH AFRICA.  With an emphasis on her early years, covers the life of the South African woman who married a prominent fighter for racial equality in South Africa and later became a leader in her own right. c1986.


J    92    M278ra

Rand, Jacki Thompson.  WILMA MANKILLER.  Describes the life of the first woman to be elected Principal Chief of the Oklahoma Cherokees. c1993.


J    92    M385co

Codye, Corinn.  VILMA MARTINEZ.  Examines the life of the lawyer who has won many landmark civil rights cases. c1991.


YP    92    M479r

Rice, Edward.  MARGARET MEAD: A PORTRAIT.  A biography of Margaret Mead as seen through her work. c1979.


YP    92    M515ba

Barron, Rachel.  LISE MEITNER: DISCOVERER OF NUCLEAR FISSION.  A biography of the Austrian scientist whose discoveries in nuclear physics played a major part in developing atomic energy. c2000.


J    92    M536br


In 1992, Rigoberta Menchu won the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to help Mayans and native people everywhere, but here fight for justice still continues today. c1996.


J    92    M693pr

Pringle, Laurence P.  JACKAL WOMAN: EXPLORING THE WORLD OF  JACKALS. A photographic account of the work of Patricia Moehlman, a wildlife biologist who specializes in the study of jackals. c1993.


YP    92    M751gr

Greenberg, Doreen L.  SWORD OF A CHAMPION: THE STORY OF SHARON MONPLAISIR.  This series is unprecedented in its concept of offering real stories of new heroes to young girls.c2000.


YP    92    M882ce

Century, Douglas.  TONI MORRISON.  Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993, Toni Morrison is among our most distinguished contemporary novelists. Morrison describes herself as a "black woman novelist," and all her novels deal with African American characters and communities. c1994.


YP    92    M882ha

Haskins, James.  TONI MORRISON: THE MAGIC OF WORDS.  This photo-essay is written at a much lower reading level and for a much younger audience than Morrison's novels. But Haskins writes without condescension, and he includes fascinating information in a clear, direct style with short sentences, lots of black-and-white photographs, and personal quotes from Morrison herself about her life and work. c2001.


J    92    M911a

Armstrong, William Howard.  BAREFOOT IN THE GRASS: THE STORY OF GRANDMA MOSES.  The life of the artist who began her prolific career at the age of seventy. [1970]


YP     92    N688go

Gorrell, Gena K  HEART AND SOUL : THE STORY OF FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE.  Drawing on photographs, historical sources, and Florence Nightingale's own abundant notes and letters, Gorrell brings to life one of history's greatest figures c2000.


J    92    O11da

Dadey, Debbie.  SHOOTING STAR: ANNIE OAKLEY, THE LEGEND.   An exaggerated account of the life and exploits of the sharp-shooting entertainer. c1997.


YP    92    O11ma

Macy, sue.  BULLS-EYE: A PHOTOBIOGRAPHY OF ANNIE OAKLEY.  A compelling story of Annie Oakley, both fact and myth, is presented through fascinating test, extraordinary historical photographys, and quoates from Annie herself. c2001.


YP     92 O11ma

Macy, Sue.  BULLS-EYE: A PHOTOBIOGRAPHY OF ANNIE OAKLEY.  A compelling story of Annie Oakley, both fact and myth, is presented through fascinating text, extraordinary historical photographs, and quotes from Annie herself. c2001.


YP    92    O41ni

Nicholson, Lois.  GEORGIA O'KEEFFE.  The importance of biography series deals with individuals who have made a unique contribution to history. c1995.


YP     92    O41sh

Shuman, R. Baird .  THE ARTS--GEORGIA O'KEEFFE.  Examines the life and work of the artist Georgia O'Keeffe, with an emphasis on the factors influencing her art. c1993.


J    92    P252ha

Parks, Rosa.  I AM ROSA PARKS.  The black woman whose acts of civil disobedience led to the 1956Supreme Court order to desegregate buses in Montgomery, Alabama, explains what she did and why. c1997.


YP    92    P252ha

Parks, Rosa.  ROSA PARKS: MY STORY.  With quiet dignity, this remarkably brave woman from Montgomery, Alabama, describes her upbringing, her early involvement with the NAACP, and the pivotal events of December 1955, when she was arrested for sitting at the front of the bus. Parks's life encompasses the civil-rights movements from the forties to the sixties.  c1992.


YP    92    P598fe

Ferris, Jeri.  NATIVE AMERICAN DOCTOR: THE STORY OF SUSAN LAFLESCHE PICOTTE.  A biography of the young Omaha Indian woman who became the first Native American woman to graduate from medical school. c1991.


J    92    P682gl

Gleiter, Jan.  MOLLY PITCHER.  The life of the woman who became a Revolutionary heroine when she carried water to the soldiers at the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. c1991.


J    92    P74a    c.3

D'Aulaire, Ingri.  POCAHONTAS.  A simple biography of the proud Indian princess who saved the life of John Smith, married an Englishman, and went to England where she met the Queen. c1946.


J    92    P74gl

Gleiter, Jan.  POCAHONTAS.  A biography of the Powhatan Indian woman who befriended the English settlers at Jamestown, Virginia, and helped maintain peace between her tribe and the colonists. c1991.


J    92    P74ra

Raatma, Lucia.  POCAHONTAS. Life story of Pocahontas.  c2002.


YP    92    R418me

Meachum, Virginia.  JANET RENO: UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL. This is a biography of the first woman attorney general of the United States. From her childhood near the Florida Everglades through her years at Harvard Law School, to the present, Reno's accomplishments are numerous. c1995.


YP    92    R781co    v.1, v.2

Cook, Blanche Wiesen.  ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: THE DEFINING YEARS. In this second volume of her outstanding biography, Cook continues her feminist celebration of Eleanor Roosevelt as the woman who was the conscience of both her husband and country in these seminal years. These are the years that vindicate Mrs. Roosevelt's activism (by 1938 she was more popular than FDR) but also mark the further deterioration of their marriage as she became increasingly isolated from the president and his inner circle.c1993.


J    92    R781co   1996

Cooney, Barbara.  ELEANOR: STORY AND PICTURES BY BARBARA COONEY.  Presents the childhood of Eleanor Roosevelt, who married a president of the United States and became known as a great humanitarian. c1996.


J     92    R781fr

Freedman, Russell.  ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: A LIFE OF DISCOVERY.  A photobiography of the first wife of a president to have a public life and career of her own. c1993.


YP    92    R781m

McAuley, Karen.  ELEANOR ROOSEVELT.  Follows the life of Eleanor Roosevelt, from her early life to her marriage, years in the White House, and beyond. c1986.


J    92    R823ha

Haskins, James.  DIANA ROSS: STAR SUPREME.  A biography emphasizing the early years of Diana Ross, who overcame poverty and discrimination to become a famous singer. c1985.


J    92    R917kr

Krull, Kathleen.  WILMA UNLIMITED: HOW WILMA RUDOLPH BECAME THE WORLD'S FASTEST WOMAN. A biography of the African-American woman who overcame crippling polio as a child to become the first woman to win three gold medals in track in a single Olympics. c1996.


YP    92    R917sc

Schraff, Anne E.  WILMA RUDOLPH: THE GREATEST WOMAN SPRINTER IN HISTORY.  Profiles Wilma Rudolph, who overcame childhood polio to become an Olympic medal-winning runner. c2004.


J    92    R994bu

Rylant, Cynthia.  BUT I'LL BE BACK AGAIN: AN ALBUM.  The author relates her experiences growing up in a small West virginia town. c1989.


J    92    S119er

Erdrich, Liselotte.  SACAGAWEA.  A biography of the Shoshone girl, Sacagawea, from age eleven when she was kidnapped by the Hitdatsa to the end of her journey with Lewis and Clark.  In addition, there is speculation about her later life. c2003.


J    92    S119gl

Gleiter, Jan.  SACAGAWEA.  Traces the life of the Shoshoni Indian girl who was stolen from her tribe at the age of twelve, sold to a French trapper, and served as a guide in the Lewis and Clark expedition. c1991.


J    92    S119sa

Sanford, William R.  SACAGAWEA: NATIVE AMERICAN HERO.  Profiles the life of the young Shoshoni woman Sacagawea, who served as an interpreter and guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition at the beginning of the nineteenth century. c1997.


YP    92    S143ol

Olney, Ross Robert.  LYN ST. JAMES: DRIVEN TO BE FIRST.  A biography of the race car driver who, in 1992, became the second woman ever to participate in the Indianapolis 500 and the first ever to be named Rookie of the Year in that race. c1997.


YP    92    S225ba

Bachrach, Deborah.  THE IMPORTANCE OF MARGARET SANGER.  A biography of the woman who sacrified her personal life and health to pioneer safe and legal birth control in the United States and abroad. c1993.


J    92    S392al

Allman, Barbara.  HER PIANO SANG: A STORY ABOUT CLARA SCHUMANN.  Tells the story of the German pianist and composer who made her professional debut at age nine and who devoted her life to music and to her husband. c1997.


YP     92    S425cu

Cummins, Julie.  TOMBOY OF THE AIR: DAREDEVIL PILOT BLANCHE STUART SCOTT. An engaging biography that celebrates an aviation pioneer whose spunky, courageous personality helped her successor's dreams take flight. c2001.


YP    92    S792cw

Cullen-DuPont, Kathryn.  ELIZABETH CADY STANTON AND WOMEN'S LIBERTY.  A biography of one of the first leaders of the women's rights movement, whose work led to the adoption of the nineteenth amendment that ensured women's right to vote. c1992.


YP    92     S792fr

Fritz, Jean.  YOU WANT WOMEN TO VOTE, LIZZIE STANTON? And though she didn't live long enough to see women get to vote, her name is forever associated with the fight for women sufferage. c1995.


J    92    S792gl

Gleiter, Jan.  ELIZABETH CADY STANTON.  A biography of one of the first leaders of the women's rights movement, whose work led to the adoption of the nineteenth amendment--women's right to vote. c1991


YP   92 S792si

Sigerman, Harriet.  ELIZABETH CADY STANTON: THE RIGHT IS OURS.  A biography of one of the first leaders of the women's rights movement, whose work led to women's right to vote. c2001.


YP    92    S822wh

Wheaton, Elizabeth.  MS: THE STORY OF GLORIA STEINEM.  A biography of the feminist writer and activist, founder of Ms. Magazine and the Ms. Foundation, and her impact on the women's movement. c2002.


J    92    S892f

Fritz, Jean. HARRIET BEECHER STOWE AND THE BEECHER PREACHERS. Harriet Beecher Stowe grew up in a family in which her seven brothers were expected to be successful preachers and the four girls were never to speak in public. But slavery made Harriet so angry she couldn't keep quiet. Although she used a pen rather than her voice to convince people of the evils of slavery, she became more famous than any of her brothers. She firmly believed that words could make change, and by writing Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe hastened the Civil War and changed the course of America history. c1994.


YP   92    S892g




YP   92    S892j

Jakoubek, Robert E.  HARRIET BEECHER STOWE.  A biography of the author famous for the antislavery novel,"Uncle Tom's Cabin," but who wrote other works presenting a clear picture of nineteenth-century New England. c1989.


J    92    T316c

Clucas, Joan Graff.  MOTHER TERESA.  A biography of the founder of the Missionary Sisters and Brothers of Charity, known for her work with the destitute and dying in Calcutta and other places and who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. c1988.


YP    92    T316ri

Rice, Tanya. MOTHER THERESA: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MOTHER TERESA.  A biography of the nun who founded the order known as "The Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity" to work with the sick and destitute in Calcutta and other places and who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. c1997.


YP    92    T874mc

McKissack, Pat.  SOJOURNER TRUTH: AIN'T I A WOMAN?  A biography of the former slave who became well-known as an abolitionist and advocate of women's rights. c1992.


YP    92    T885c

McClard, Megan.  HARRIET TUBMAN: SLAVERY AND THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.  A biography of the courageous woman who rose from slave beginnings to become a heroic figure in the Underground Railroad. c1991.


YP    92    T885s

Schraff, Anne E.  HARRIET TUBMAN: MOSES OF THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. Sorting myth from truth in this remarkable tale of courage and heroism, Anee Schraff breathes new life into the story of the most famous “conductor” on the Underground Railroad.c2001.


J    92    T885sc

Schroeder, Alan.  MINTY: A STORY OF YOUNG HARRIET TUBMAN.  Young Harriet Tubman, whose childhood name was Minty, dreams of escaping slavery on the Brodas plantation in the late 1820s. c1996.


J    92    T953pi

Busnar, Gene.  THE PICTURE LIFE OF TINA TURNER.  Discusses the life, career, and accomplishments of the veteran rock singer who has been performing since the late 1950s and is enjoying a revival in popularity.



J    92    V645sh

Shearman, Deirdre.  QUEEN VICTORIA.  A biography of the nineteenth-century queen who ruled Britain longer than any other monarch. c1986.


YP   92    W454fr

Freedman, Suzanne.  IDA B. WELLS-BARNETT AND THE ANTILYNCHING CRUSADE.  Traces the life of the journalist, focusing on her lifelong fight to stop lynching and to bring the nation's attention to the injustices suffered by blacks. c1994.


J    92    W557r

Richmond, M. A.  PHILLIS WHEATLEY.  Traces the life of the black American poet who was born in Africa, brought over to New England as a slave, and published her first poem while still a teenager. [1987], c1988.


J    92    W673an

Anderson, William.  PIONEER GIRL: THE STORY OF LAURA INGALLS WILDER.  Recounts the life story of the author of the "Little House" books, from her childhood in Wisconsin to her old age at Rocky Ridge Farm. c1998.


J    92    W673an

Anderson, William.  PRAIRIE GIRL: THE LIFE OF LAURA INGALLS WILDER.  A biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the "Little House" books, from her Wisconsin childhood until her death at the age of ninety. c2004.


YP   92    W673wa

Wadsworth, Ginger.  LAURA INGALLS WILDER: STORYTELLER OF THE PRAIRIE.  Tells the life story of the author of the "Little House" books from her childhood in Wisconsin to her death at Rocky Ridge Farm at the age of ninety. c1997.


J    92    W673wa

Wallner, Alexandra.  LAURA INGALLS WILDER.  A biography of the well-known author of "The Little House on the Prairie," describing the pioneer experiences that provided the basis for much of her writing. c1997.


J    92    W673wo

Woods, Mae.  LAURA INGALLS WILDER. Recounts the life story of the author of the "Little House" books, from her childhood in Wisconsin to her old age at Rocky Ridge Farm. c2000.


YP    92    W727st

Stewart, Mark.  VENUS & SERENA WILLIAMS : SISTERS IN ARMS. Describes the lives of the two African-American sisters who stunned the professional tennis world with their rapid rise to the top. c2000.


YP   92    W864

Brody, Miriam.  MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT: MOTHER OF WOMEN'S RIGHTS.  Describes the life of Mary Wollstonecraft, the first great English feminist, founder of a school in London, and author of the first great argument for the education of women. c2000.


J    92    W891kr

Krull, Kathleen.  A WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT: THE STORY OF VICTORIA WOODHULL.  Virginia Woodhull was the first woman to own a newspaper, the first woman to have a seat on the Stock Exchange, the first woman to speak before Congress and the first woman to run for President of the United States. c2004. 


YP    92    W953ma

Maurer, Richard.  THE WRIGHT SISTER: KATHARINE WRIGHT AND HER FAMOUS BROTHERS.  Presents a brief biography of the sister of Orville and Wilbur Wright. c2003.




YP    920    A628am

Anthony, Carl Sferrazza.  AMERICA'S MOST INFLUENTIAL FIRST LADIES.  Examines the contributions and accomplishments of eleven presidential wives: Dolley Madison, Mary Lincoln, Nellie Taft, Florence Harding, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, and Nancy Reagan. c1992.


YP    920    C899f

Crawford, Deborah.  FOUR WOMEN IN A VIOLENT TIME: ANNE HUTCHINSON (1591-1643) MARY DYER (1591?-1660) LADY DEBORAH MOODY (1600-1659) PENELOPE STOUT (1622-1732).Traces the lives of four women who struggled for civil rights and justice in seventeenth-century America.  [1970]


YP     920    C976wo

Currie, Stephen.  WOMEN INVENTORS. Primary and secondary source quotes enliven the text. Also includes comprehensive bibliographies for further research. c2001.


YP    920    D263bl

Davis, Michael D.  BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN IN OLYMPIC TRACK AND FIELD: A COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED REFERENCE. This comprehensive reference work details the accomplishments of over 90 African-American women in Olympic track and field. They overcame racism, sexism and often, abject poverty to compete and frequently to set world records and win Olympic medals. c1992.


YP    920    J46gr

Jeffrey, Laura S.  GREAT AMERICAN BUSINESSWOMEN.  Profiles the lives of ten women who became leaders in business and industry, including entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker, publisher Katharine Graham, presidential advisor Alice Rivlin, and financial analyst Elaine Garzarelli. c1996


J    920    J77b

Jones, Hettie. [1974] BIG STAR FALLIN' MAMA: FIVE WOMEN IN BLACK MUSIC. Portraits of five black women and the kind of music they sang during a period of social change. Includes Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Mahalia Jackson, Billie Holiday, and Aretha Franklin.  Hettie.  Big star fallin' mama; five women in Black music.c1974.


YP    920    R713gi

McCann, Michelle Roehm.  GIRLS WHO ROCKED THE WORLD 2: HEROINES FROM HARRIET TUBMAN TO MIA HAMM.  Profiles young women from around the world who accomplished great things while still teenagers, including Harriet Tubman, Florence Nightengale, and Mia Hamm, and presents writings from  modern American girls describing how they plan to "rock the world." c2000.


YP    920    S664

Mayo, Edith. Editor. THE SMITHSONIAN BOOK OF THE FIRST LADIES.  Part women's history, social history, and American history, this reference book is important reading not just for young women, but for anyone interested in the story of our country. c1996.


YP    920    S951bl

Sullivan, Otha Richard.  AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN SCIENTISTS AND INVENTORS. Part one: The Early Years. Ellen F. Eglin, Sara E. Goode, Miriam E. Benjamin--Part two: Into the New Century. Madame C.J. Walker, Annie Turnbo Malone, Roger Arliner Young Ph.D., Marjorie Steward Joyner Ph.D.--Part Three: Modern Times. Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner and Mildred Austin Smith, Bessie Blount Griffin, Jane Cook Wright M.D., Evelyn Boyd Granville Ph.D., Jewell Plummer Cobb Ph.D., Angela D. Ferguson M.D., Reatha Clark King Ph.D., Betty Wright Harris Ph.D., Patricia Bath M.D., Valerie Thomas, Shirley Ann Jackson Ph.D., Alexa Canady M.D., Sharon J. Barnes, Mae Jemison M.D., Ursula Burns, Aprille Joy Ericsson Jackson Ph.D., Danellia Gladden Green Ph.D., Chavonda J. Jacobs Young Ph.D. c2002.


YP    920    T443gi

Thimmesh, Catherine.  GIRLS THINK OF EVERYTHING: STORIES OF INGENIOUS INVENTIONS BY WOMEN.  Tells the story of how women throughout the ages have responded to situations confronting them in daily life by inventing such items as correction fluid, space helmets, and disposable diapers. c2000.


Y    920    V292wo

Vare, Ethlie Ann.  WOMEN INVENTORS & THEIR DISCOVERIES.  Surveys the lives and work of such innovative women as Grace Hopper, Fannie Farmer, C. J. Walker, and Stephanie Kwolek. c1993.


YP   920    V424wo

Veglahn, Nancy.  WOMEN SCIENTISTS.  Profiles the lives and achievements of ten American women scientists, including Annie Jump Cannon, Margaret Mead, and Rachel Carson. c1991.


YP     920    Y81co

Yount, Lisa.  CONTEMPORARY WOMEN SCIENTISTS. Author Yount has an engaging style which helps illuminate the personalities of her subjects, as well as describing their often complex research clearly and accurately. c1994.


YP    920.72    F213le

Fannon, Cecilia. Fannon.  LEADERS.  Capsule biographies of prominent women in such fields as politics, science, religion, business, and literature. c1991.


YP    920.72    H249wo

Hansen, Joyce.  WOMEN OF HOPE: AFRICAN AMERICANS WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE.  Features photographs and biographies of thirteen African-American women, including Maya Angelou, Ruby Dee, and Alice Walker. c1998.


YP     920.72    H299to

Harrington, Denis J.  TOP 10 WOMEN TENNIS PLAYERS.  All of the women tennis players in this book are superstars.  Each has left her mark on the game of tennis. Some are members of the Hall of Fame, others are world champions. This book features ten of the greatest women in the history of tennis. c1995.


YP    920.72    H572

HERSTORY: WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD. The 120 biographies collected here are intended to be representative of the many women whose lives have had an impact on the world. Women of all times, places, and professions are treated. c1995.


YP    920.72    K18gi

Karnes, Frances A.  GIRLS & YOUNG WOMEN INVENTING: TWENTY TRUE STORIES ABOUT INVENTORS PLUS HOW YOU CAN BE ONE YOURSELF.  Examines twenty young female inventors and their creations, from Jennifer Donabar and her electric lock to Jeanie Low and her kiddie stool. c1995.


YP    920.72    K26sc

Keenan, Sheila.  SCHOLASTIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WOMEN IN THE UNITED STATES. Brief illustrated articles profile significant women in American history, including Abigail Adams, Molly Pitcher, and Nellie Bly. c1996.


YP     920.72 L827fo

American Women's Expedition to Antarctica (1992-1993).  FOUR TO THE POLE!: THE AMERICAN WOMEN'S EXPEDITION TO ANTARTICA.  On January 14, 1993, four women made history by becoming the first women to reach the South Pole on foot.c2001.


YP    920.72    P655le

Pinkney, Andrea Davis.  LET IT SHINE: STORIES OF BLACK WOMEN FREEDOM FIGHTERS. Tells the stories of ten African-American women freedom fighters:  Sojourner Truth, Biddy Mason, Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Mary McLeod Bethune, Ella Josephine Baker, Dorothy Irene Height, Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisholm. c2000.


YP    920.72    S377wo

Schraff, Anne E. WOMEN OF PEACE: NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNERS. Since its inception in 1901, only nine women have been awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Peace.  Some of these women were ordinary people and some were political leaders, but each fought her own individual struggle in the pursuit of peace. c1994.


YP    940.3    Z46ex

Zeinert, Karen.  THOSE EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN OF WORLD WAR I. A we-written, well, researched examination of the many roles played by women during the Civil War, including well-integrated first-person accounts, excellent photographs, and full-page spotlights on notable women throughout.c2001.


YP    940.54    C716wh

Coleman, Penny.  WHERE THE ACTION WAS: WOMEN WAR CORRESPONDENTS IN WORLD WAR II.  With over 75 black and white photographs, Coleman presents a fascinating and authoritative text that celebrates these correspondents who covered the war against great odds and paved the way for women journalists of today. c2002.





P.R.   920.72    A864wo

Aten, Jerry.  WOMEN IN HISTORY WOMEN. Good Apple, 1986.





AID    920    G786

GREAT WOMEN LEADERS: POSTER SERIES.  [picture]  Knowledge Unlimited, c1993.

 15 posters + 1 teacher's guide. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Jane Addams, Shirley Chisholm, Lucretia Mott, Jeanette Rankin, Margaret Sanger, Sojouner Truth,  Mary Wollstonecraft, Bella Abzug, Susan B. Anthony, Mary McCleod Bethune, Betty Friedan, Francis Perkins, Eleanor Roosevel, Gloria Steinem.


AID    920    N899    Set    I

NOTABLE WOMEN PHOTO DISPLAY. [picture] set 1 National Women's History Project, 1994, c1988. 24 photos: b&w Bille Jean King--Chien-Shiung Wu--Clara Barton--Dolores Huerta--Eleanor Roosevelt--Ella Baker and Fannie Lou Hamer—Georgia O'Keeffe--Harriet Tubman--Jane Addams--Jovita Idar—Maria Tallchief--Marian Anderson--Mary Harris "Mother" Jones—Mary   McLeod Bethune--Queen Liliuokalani--Rachel Carson--Sarah Winnemucca--Shirley Chisholm--Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.


AID   920    N899    Set    II

NOTABLE WOMEN PHOTO DISPLAY. [picture] set 2: National Women's History Project, 1994, c1989.

24 photos : b&w Anne Hutchinson, Annie Wauneka, Beatrice Medicine, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Dorothea Lange, Emma Tenayuca,  Frances Perkins, Gwendolyn Brooks, Kyung-Wha Chung,  Lalu Nathoy (Polly Bemis), [ Lola Rodriguez de Tio., Loretta Velasquez, Lucretia Coffin Mot, Luisa Moreno,[Aten, Jerry.


AID    920.72 T971

20TH CENTURY AMERICAN WOMEN.  [picture]c1990. Presents brief biographies of fourteen American women, each of whom has distinguished herself in a particular form of endeavor.


AID    920.72 W872af


Bread and Roses Cultural Project, c1994. 12 posters.  Posters show prominent African American women who made a difference. Included is a study guide which gives more detailed biographical information on each women.

Maya Angelou, Ella J. Baker, Alexa Canady, Septima P. Clark, Ruby Dee, The Delany Sisters, Marian Wright Edelman, Fannie Lou Hamer, Mae C. Jemsion, Toni Morrison, Alice  Walker, Ida B. Wells-Barnett.


VCR    92    C343po

MARY CASSATT, IMPRESSIONIST FROM PHILADELPHIA. [videorecording] (30 min.) Home Vision, c1977.  Focuses on the life and work of Impressionist painer Mary Cassatt.


VCR    92    C555

AGATHA CHRISTIE, HOW DID SHE DO IT? [videorecording[ (55 min.) Home Vision, c1986.  This programs seeks clues to the elusive character of the writer, Agatha Christie, attempting to discover the secret of her appeal and the motivation behind her prodigious output.


VCR    92    E12am

AMELIA EARHART. [videorecording] (57 min.) PBS Video, c1993.  Chronicles the life of Amelia Earhart as a pioneer in aviation and the remarkable publciity machine that kept her constantly in the limelight.  This film does not focus especially on her mysterious death, but on her life.


VCR    92    L728

HAWAII'S LAST QUEEN. [videorecording] (60 min.) PBS Video, c1997.  "Hawaii's last queen tells the story of Lili'uokalani's life, her embattled reign as the queen of Hawaii, and the ultimate betrayal that led to the loss of her kingdom."


VCR    92    M127

BARBARA MCCLINTOCK: PIONEER OF MODERN GENETICS. [videorecording] (15 min.) Susburst Communications, c1990.  An interview with Barbara McClintock and an overview of her life and her research in genetic coding.


VCR    92    O41po

GEORGIA O'KEEFE [videorecording] (60 min.) Home Vision, c1977.  Explores the life and work of Georgia O'Keeffe.


VCR    92    P252

ROSA PARKS: THE PATH TO FREEDOM. [videorecording] (20 min.)  Filmakers Library [1996?]  This documentary contain an overview of the events that took place in Mongomery, AL, Mrs. Park's arrest, the bus boycott, and the segregation laws that were finally overturned.


VCR    92    P453

EVITA: THE WOMAN BEHIND THE MYTH. [videorecording] (50 min.) A&E Television Network, c1996.  To some, she was a hero; to others, she was a symbol of naked ambition.  To the world, she remains a legend.  In this remarkable program, rare photographs and films tell the story of Eva Duarte de Peron  from her humble birth to her tragic death from cancer at age 33.


VCR    92    W177

ALICE WALKER. [videorecording] (60 min.) Lannan Foundation, c1989.  Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award winning writer, reads poems and excerpts from her novels at the Los Angles theatre Center on Jan. (, 1989.  Journalist Evelyn White interviews Walker at her home in Mendocino County, CA on June 22, 1989.


VCR    920.72    W872

WOMEN WHO DARE: EXPLORING THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ADVENTURE. [videorecording] (17 min.) Independent Means, Inc. c1998.  Co-hosted by two young women, this presentation offers the basics of starting a business.  Plus, stories of three unique role models open the doors to possibilities.


VCR    020.72    W872la

WOMEN OF HOPE: LATINAS ABRIENDO CAMINO: 12 GROUND BREAKING LATINA WOMEN. [videorecording] (29 min.) Films for the Humanities, c1996.  Uses interviews, news and archival film, music and literature to show prominent Hispanic American women (Latinas) who made a difference.


VCR    923.1    F527

FIRST LADIES [videorecording] (60 min) Eastmasn Kodak, c1989.  Follow the fascinating story of how First Ladies from Martha Washington to Barbara Bush set the style for an entire country.


VCR    940.53    A613

ANNE FRANK REMEMBERED. [videorecording] (117 min.) Columbia TriStar Home Video, c1996.  The video features vintage newsreels, photographs and even a rare home movie to look behond the celebrated pages of Anne's diary.


VCR    940.53    M533

MEMORIES OF ANNE FRANK. [videorecording] (52 min.) Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1999.  In this program, filmed in the Frank's apartment and the building that housed the Opecta offices and the Franks' secret refuge, Miep Gies recounts her experiences: working for Otto Frank, bringing food to the fugitives, the expose of the hidden Jews and their protectors, the liberation of Amsterdam, Otto Frank's return from Auschwitz, and the publication of Anne's diary.  Archival photographs and film footage depict life in wartime Holland, while Miep's recollections and excerpts from Anne's diary reveal the details of life in hiding and provide new insights into Anne's personality.


VCR    941.085    Q3

QUEEN ELIZABETH II" 60 GLORIOUS YEARS QUEEN ELIZABETH II. [videorecording] (55 min.) MPI Home Video, c1986.  A Portrait made in 1986 when Queen Elizabeth II became 60 and had reigned for over 30 years.  A look at her life and the ceremonies which have marked special occasions, her travels in the course of her duties, and her relations with her children and their families.


VCR    796.0194    A489

AMAZING GRACE, BLACK WOMEN IN SPORT. [videorecording] (24 min.) Sporting Good Manufactures Assoc., c1993.  Featuring: Althea Gibson--Wilma Rudolph--Jackie Joyner-Kersee--Florence Griffith Joyner--Zina Garrison--Anita L. DeFrantz--Debi Thomas--Dominique Dawes--Windy Hilliard--Nikki Franke--Tina Solan-Green--Robin Roberts--Michelle Savdge Brown--Linda Greene--Alpha Alexander--Cassandra Jones. 





REF    304.4    S167en




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