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Picture of artist palette


JPB    Agee

Agee, Jon.  THE INCREDIBLE PAINTING OF FELIX CLOUSSEAU.  An unknown artist becomes an overnight sensation when his painting comes to life. c1988. Artists


JPB    Angelou

Angelou, Maya.  MY PAINTED HOUSE, MY FRIENDLY CHICKEN, AND ME.  A south African girl describes her pet chicken, painting special designs on her house, dressing up for school, and her mischievous brother. c1994.  Art, Ndebele


JPB    Cazet

Cazet, Denys.  FROSTED GLASS.  Gregory the dog's vivid imagination gets him in trouble at school, leading him to draw cities and spaceships when he should be doing something else, but his artistic ability does not go unrecognized. c1987. Drawing


JPB    Cohen

Cohen, Miriam.  NO GOOD IN ART.  A first-grader is convinced he can't draw, but when encouraged, demonstrates he can. c1986, c1980.


JPB    De Mejo

De Mejo, Oscar.  OSCAR DE MEJO'S ABC.  Paintings illustrate scenes from Americana for each letter of the alphabet. c1992.


JPB    DePaola

De Paola, Tomie.  THE ART LESSON.  Having learned to be creative in drawing pictures at home, young Tommy is dismayed when he goes to school and finds the art lesson there much more regimented. c1989. Artists


JPB    Dionetti

Dionetti, Michelle.  THALIA BROWN AND THE BLUE BUG.  Feeling neglected by her family, Thalia Brown finds someone else to help her get ready for the Art Fair. c1979.


JPB    Geisert

Geisert, Arthur.  THE ETCHER'S STUDIO.  As a young boy helps prepare etchings for sale at his grandfather's studio, he imagines himself as part of some of the pictures. Includes a description of how etchings are made.  c1997. Etching


JPB    Glass

Glass, Andrew.  JACKSON MAKES HIS MOVE: STORY AND PICTURES.  An artist searches for new subjects which would fill his paintings with excitement and make them come alive. c1982.  Artists


JPB    Leaf

Leaf, Margaret.  THE EYES OF THE DRAGON.  An artist agrees to paint a dragon on the wall of a Chinese village, but the mayor's insistence that he paint eyes on the dragon has amazing results. c1987.  Artists


JPB    Mendoza

Mendoza, George.  HENRI MOUSE.  Henri Mouse goes to Paris to become an artist, but causes much confusion when everything he paints disappears and is magically transferred onto his canvas. c1985. Artists


JPB    Moss

Moss, Marissa.  REGINA'S BIG MISTAKE.  When told to draw a jungle in art class, Regina experiences feelings of failure and creative insecurity, but manages to create a beautiful picture that's all her own. c1990. Artists


JPB    Peet

Peet, Bill.  ENCORE FOR ELEANOR.  Eleanor the elephant, a retired circus star, finds a new career as the resident artist in the city zoo. c1981. Artists


JPB    Rylant

Rylant, Cynthia.  ALL I SEE.  A child paints with an artist friend who sees and paints only

whales. c1988. Artists, Painting


JPB    Sheehan

Sheehan, Patty.  GWENDOLYN'S GIFTS.  Bored with her royal role, Queen Gwendolyn finds fulfillment through developing and combining her own abilities into a creative and nontraditional lifestyle. c1989. Artists





J    362.19    B365


McCloskey's “Ducklings”," Marcia Brown's "Cinderella," Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are," William Steig's "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble," Chris Van Allsburg's "Jumanji," and David Wiesner's "Tuesday." c1994.  Children's art.


J    567.9    K39di

Kerley, Barbar.  THE DINOSAURS OF WATERHOUSE HAWKINS.  The true story of Victorian artist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, . who built life-sized models of dinosaurs in the hope of educating the world about what these awe-inspiring ancient animals and what they were like. c2001.


YP    700    I73sh

Isaacson, Philip M.  A SHORT WALK AROUND THE PYRAMIDS AND THROUGH THE WORLD OF ART.  Introduces tangible and abstract components of art, and the many forms art can take including sculpture, pottery, painting, photographs, and even furniture and cities. c1993. Art


YP    700    V237ki

Van der Meer, Ron.  THE KIDS' ART PACK: A HANDS-ON EXPLORATION OF ART FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.  Discusses various techniques used by artists to create the desired effects in sixty works of art and invites the reader to examine some of these techniques with the aid of color wheels, 3-D glasses, pop-ups, puzzles, and an activity book with instruction for simple art projects. c1997. Art -- Study and teaching (Elementary)


YP    700.952    H198in

Hamanaka, Sheila.  IN SEARCH OF THE SPIRIT: THE LIVING NATIONAL TREASURES OF JAPAN. Describes the creations of some of Japan's Living National Treasures, artists who are involved in various Japanese arts, including Yuzen dyeing, bamboo basket weaving, Bunraku puppetmaking, swordmaking, Noh theater, and neriage ceramics. c1999. Arts, Japanese


YP   708   C536

Frizzell, Deborah.  CHILDREN'S GUIDE: NEW BRITAIN MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART. "18 reproductions with explanations and questions, and things to think about." c19--. New Britain Museum of American Art.


YP    708.1    T484ni

Thomson, Peggy.  THE NINE-TON CAT BEHIND THE SCENES AT AN ART MUSEUM. A behind-the-scenes look at the National Gallery of Art including its private spaces, workshops, offices, and labs where visitors rarely enter. c1997. National Gallery of Art (U.S.)


J    731.42    S742cl

Speechley, Greta.  CLAY MODELING. Step-by-step series gives you easy-to-follow instructions to make a colorful clay flowerpot, fish tile, tiger on a swing, treasure box and more.

 c2000. Modeling


J    741.2    E53ed

Emberley, Ed.  FINGERPRINT DRAWING BOOK. The instructions in this book are meant to show a few ways to turn fingerprints into an owl or a cat or a dog, et. c2000. Fingerprints in art.


YP    741.64    M322ca

Marcus, Leonard S., A CALDECOTT CELEBRATION : SIX ARTISTS AND THEIR PATHS TO THE CALDECOTT MEDAL. Profiles six Caldecott award winning books and their authors, including Robert McCloskey's "Make Way for Ducklings, "Marcia Brown's "Cinderella," Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are," William Steig's "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble," Chris Van Allsburg's "Jumanji," and David Wiesner's "Tuesday." c1998. Illustrated children's books - United States


YP    741.9    W765

Caduto, Michael J.  WINDOW TO OUR WORLD: AN INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION OF KIDS' ART.  Contains 76 selections from over 350 pieces of art submitted by kids from Bangladesh, Kenya, Czechoslovakia, Oman, Chile, the USA, Burkina Faso and many other countries. c1992.  Children's art


J    745.5    R824le

Ross, Kathy.  KATHY ROSS CRAFTS LETTER SOUNDS.  The shape of each letter becomes the basis of a craft.c2002.


J    745.5    R824ls

Ross, Kathy.  KATHY ROSS CRAFTS LETTER SHAPES. This book is designed to supplement the teaching of writing the basic letter shapes. c2002.


YP    745.5    S149mu

St. Pierre, Stephanie.  THE MUPPETS BIG BOOK OF CRAFTS.  Includes instructions for creating all kinds of craft projects, including rugs, placemats, costumes, masks, jewelry, models, puppets, and more.  c1999. Handicraft


J    745.5    S726ra

Souter, Gillian.  RAINY DAY CRAFTS. RAINY DAY FUN.  Provides directions for creating a variety of items, including kirigami flowers, picture frames, greeting cards, decorated boxes, and stenciled tee shirts. c2002.


J    745.542    B174pa

Balchin, Judy.  PAPIER MACHE. Read Step-by-Step Papier Mache and learn how to make an African pencil pot, an Egyptian cat, a Gothic mirror, a Roman box and more! c2000. Papier-mache


J    745.592    B928si

Buetter, Barbara MacDonald.  SIMPLE PUPPETS FROM EVERYDAY MATERIALS.  Provides directions for making all kinds of puppets out of easily obtainable materials, including socks, paper rolls, boxes, spools, and even vegetables. c1996. Puppet making


J    745.7    S477be

Senisi, Ellen B.  BERRY SMUDGES AND LEAF PRINTS: FINDING AND MAKING COLORS FROM NATURE.  There are more than a dozen projects to make, all colored wish plants and fruits that you can find in yards, parks, gardens, or the produce section of your grocery store. c2001. Nature craft


J    746    S126ma

Sadler, Judy Ann.  MAKING FLEECE CRAFTS. Provides instructions, patterns, stitches and ideas for a variety of projects. c2000. Textile crafts


J    750.11    M625so

Micklethwait, Lucy.  SPOT A DOG. Introduces thirteen famous paintings by asking the reader to find the dog in each one. c1995.  Painting-Appreciation,  Dogs in art


YP   750   C971j

Cumming, Robert. JUST IMAGINE: IDEAS IN PAINTING.  Shows what elements to look for in paintings to understand the artist's meaning: symbolism, the intellectual/emotional content, and the use of pattern, color and texture. c1982.  Painting,  Art appreciation


YP    750    G39

Gettings, Fred.  THE MEANING AND WONDER OF ART. This book deals with the practical side of art, with basic laws of painting and sculpture, explaining the reasons why an artist creates in the way he does. The book also deals as simply as possible with the more theoretical side of art with such things as the mathematics behind a cathedral and the laws of composition in painting.c1963. Art


J    750    L131st

Lacey, Sue.  ANIMALS.  Examines different techniques and styles that can be used when drawing animals, including watercolor, sketching, photomontage, printing, and clay modeling, using examples from great artists and suggestions for creating your own works. c1999. Drawing - Technique, Animals in art.


J    750.18    R523sh

Richardson, Joy.  SHOWING DISTANCE IN ART.  Explores how artists create the feeling of distance in their paintings. c2000.  Painting - Appreciation


J    758.9    C487f

Chase, Alice Elizabeth.  FAMOUS PAINTINGS; AN INTRODUCTION TO ART. Discusses 54 full-color reproductions of famous paintings and also 130 black and white reproductions assembled especially for the beginning student in art appreciation. [1962] Painting, Art


J    759.06 R123no

Raczka, Bob.  NO ONE SAW: ORDINARY THINGS THROUGH THE EYES OF AN ARTIST.  With simple rhyming text and beautifully reproduced paintings, this book explores modern art. c2002.


YP    759.13    G798ch

Chuck Close.  CHUCK CLOSE, UP CLOSE.  A biography of the revisionist artist who achieved prominence in the late 1960s for enormous, photographically realistic, black and white portraits of himself and his friends. c2000. Portrait painters - United States - Biography.


YP    759.4    W464mo

Welton, Jude.  MONET. The essential visual guide to his life and art, and to the influences that shaped his work. Dorling Kindersley. c1992.


YP    811.608    H435

Greenberg, Jan, editor.  HEART TO HEART: NEW POEMS INSPIRED BY TWENTIETH-CENTURY AMERICAN ART. A compilation of poems by Americans writing about American art in the twentieth century, Jane Yolen, and X.J. Kennedy. c2001. Art, Modern - 20th century - Poetry.


J    782.42    C343

Compiled by Shona Mckellar. A CHILD'S BOOK OF LULLABIES. Lullabies with paintings by Mary Cassatt. c1997. Lullabies.


J    808.81    T146tt

TALKING TO THE SUN: AN ILLUSTRATED ANTHOLOGY OF POEMS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. Poems from various time periods and many countries are organized by theme and illustrated with reproductions of art works from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. c1985. Art


J    821    B534ro

Berry, ROUGH SKETCH BEGINNING. A descriptive poem about an artist's thoughts and visions as he prepares a sketch for a painting. c1996. Painting


J    92    B751ve

Venezia,  BOTTICELLI. Examines the life and work of the Italian painter of the early

Renaissance, describing and giving examples of his art. c1993. Art appreciation


YP    92    C433g

Greenfeld, Howard.  MARC CHAGALL.  Examines the life and work of the painter whose Russian Jewish background did not prevent him from making an international search for his own ways of expression. 1990. Artists,  Painting,  Russian


J    92    E92ly

Lyons, Mary E.  PAINTING DREAMS.  A biography of the North Carolina painter whose art had its origins in her religious visions and the African traditions of her slave ancestors. c1996.African American painters - North Carolina - Biography


J    92    G24ve

Venezia, Mike.  FRANCISCO GOYA. Examines the life and work of the Spanish artist, describing and giving examples of his art. c1993. Painting – Appreciation.


YP    92    G798gr

Greenberg, Jan.  VINCENT VAN GOGH: PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST. c2001. Painters -- Netherlands -- Biography


YP     92 H721ra


This is a fascinating story of the artist, Hokusai and how he rose from poverty, taught himself to draw, and became the promising pupil of a great master, and then defied tradition to become one of the most important and influential artists in the world. Art, Japanese.c2001.


J    92    J71ev

Everett, Gwen.  LI'L SIS AND UNCLE WILLIE : A STORY BASED ON THE LIFE AND PAINTINGS OF WILLIAM H. JOHNSON. Surveys the life of African-American artist William H. Johnson as his young niece might have told it. The artist's paintings provide the illustrations. c1991. African American artists – Biography.


J     92     L581pr

Provensen, Alice.  LEONARDO DA VINCI : THE ARTIST, INVENTOR, SCIENTIST IN THREE-DIMENSIONAL, MOVABLE PICTURES. In this stunning book Caldecott Award-winning artists Alice and Martin Provensen beautifully evoke fifteenth century Florence, as the fascinating activities on each page delight and instruct readers of every age. c1984.

Leonardo da Vinci


J   92    L581st

Stanley, Diane. LEONARDO DA VINCI.  A biography of the Italian Renaissance artist and inventor who,  at about age thirty, began writing his famous notebooks which contain the outpourings of his amazing mind. c1989. Painting - Appreciation,  Artists


J   92   L581ve

Venezia, Mike. DA VINCI. Traces the life of the Renaissance artist and analyses some of his paintings. c1988. Painters - France - Biography


YP    92    O41sh

Shuman, R. Baird.  THE ARTS-GEORGIA O'KEEFFE.  Examines the life and work of the artist Georgia O'Keeffe, with an emphasis on the factors influencing her art. c1993.  Artists - United States - Biography


J    92    P586ve

Venezia, Mike. PICASSO. Briefly examines the life and work of the renowned twentieth-century artist, describing and giving examples from his various periods or styles. c1988. Painters - France - Biography


YP    92    R385s

Schwartz, Gary.  REMBRANDT.  Surveys the life and work of the well-known seventeenth-century Dutch artist and discusses the reasons for the rise and fall of artists' reputations. c1992. Artists - Netherlands - Biography


J    92    R621wi

Winter, Jonah.  DIEGO.  Discusses the childhood of Diego Rivera and how it influenced his art. c1991. Painters -- Mexico -- Biography


YP    92    W979m

Meryman, Richard.  ANDREW WYETH.  Examines the life and work of the popular American artist. c1991. Painters - United States - Biography


J    970.49   B358W

Baylor, Byrd.  WHEN CLAY SINGS.  The daily life and customs of prehistoric southwest Indian tribes are retraced from the designs on the remains of their pottery. [1972] New - Pottery






J    A354sy

Alcock, Vivien.  THE SYLVIA GAME.  During a trip to the seaside with her ne'er-do-well artist father, twelve-year-old Emily makes friends with a gypsy's son and the young heir to a stately home, who are struck by her resemblance to mysterious, long-dead Sylvia, a girl in a painting by Renoir.  [1984] c1982. Artists


J    A596ca

Anholt, Laurence. CAMILLE AND THE SUNFLOWERS: A STORY ABOUT VINCENT VAN GOGH.  Despite the derision of their neighbors, a young French boy and his family befriend the lonely painter who comes to their town and begin to admire his unusual paintings. c1994. Artists


J    C672mi

Coerr, Eleanor.  MIEKO AND THE FIFTH TREASURE.  Staying with her grandparents after the atomic bomb has been dropped on Nagasaki, ten-year-old Mieko feels that the happiness in her heart has departed forever and she will no longer be able to produce a beautiful drawing for the contest at school. c1993. Artists


J    D378ar

Demi.  THE ARTIST AND THE ARCHITECT.  In ancient China a jealous artist plots to eliminate the favorite architect of the emperor. c1991. Artists, China


YP    G472br

Giles, Gail.  BREATH OF THE DRAGON.  Malila draws pictures to accompany her grandmother's stories about Thai festivals, traditions, and customs. c1997. Artists


YP    H749fo

Holmes, Barbara Ware.  FOLLOWING FAKE MAN.  During his summer in Maine, twelve-year-old Homer, together with his new friend Roger, is determined to find the truth about himself, his long-dead father, and a mysterious costumed man. c2001. Artists


YP    L921ga

Lowry, Lois.  GATHERING BLUE.  Lame and suddenly orphaned, Kira is mysteriously removed from her squalid village to live in the palatial Council Edifice, where she is expected to use her gifts as a weaver to do the bidding of the all-powerful Guardians. c2000. Artists


J    M469ka

Mayhew, James.  KATIE AND THE SUNFLOWERS.  While visiting the art museum, Katie has an adventure stepping in and out of five paintings by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Cezanne. Includes information about Post-impressionism and the particular paintings and artists in the story. c2001.


YP    P735my

Plummer, Louise.  MY NAME IS SUS5AN SMITH, THE 5 IS SILENT.  After years spent idolizing and championing her long-absent and much-reviled Uncle Willy, seventeen-year-old Susan, a promising artist, meets him by chance in Boston where she is spending the summer and determines, against all advice, to prove her irrevocable love and devotion. c1991. Artists


J    P332mo

Paulsen, Gary.  THE MONUMENT.  Thirteen-year-old Rocky, self-conscious about the braces on her leg, has her life changed by the remarkable artist who comes to her small Kansas town to design a war memorial. c1991. Artists


J    W233ha

Walter, Mildred Pitts.  HAVE A HAPPY- : A NOVEL.  Upset because his birthday falls on Christmas and will therefore be eclipsed as usual, and worried that there is less money because his father is out of work, eleven-year-old Chris takes solace in the carvings he is preparing for Kwanzaa, the Afro-American celebration of their cultural heritage. c1989. Artists


YP    W875du

Duggleby, John. ARTIST IN OVERALLS The Life of Grant Wood.   Follows the life of the Iowa farm boy who struggled to realize his talents and who painted in Paris but returned home to focus on the land and people he knew best.c1995. Painters--United States--Biography





P.R.    069.15    W687de

Wilkinson, Sue,  DEVELOPING CROSS CURRICULAR LEARNING IN MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES.  This book guides teachers in planning innovative local visits to achieve this and shows how the stimulus of these visits permeates teaching right across the curriculum.  c2001. Art museums--Educational aspects.


P.R.    371.3356    E21a

Edeen, Susan.  ARTISTS.   Provides reproducible outline portraits of 15 artists, who lived

between 1452 and 1989, and brief biographical information about each individual. c1988.

Artists - Biography.


P.R.     371.9    S659po

Smith, Sally L.  THE POWER OF THE ARTS: CREATIVE STRATEGIES FOR TEACHING EXCEPTIONAL LEARNERS.  Educatorss, art teachers and therapists, learning disabled specialists, recreation leaders, and parents will discover how to infuse academic material and life skills into art activities. c2001.


P.R.    372.5    A254

Moore, Ed. AESTHETICS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. This collection of essays addresses the topic of aesthetic instruction for children. c1995. National Art Education Association.


P.R.    372.5    B655te

Bloomfield, Anne. TEACHING INTEGRATED ARTS IN THE PRIMARY SCHOOL: DANCE, DRAMA, MUSIC, AND THE VISUAL ARTS. The arts are presented as the vital ‘4th R', integrated modes of learning alongside Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, where children can absorb and express, ideas, feelings and attitudes. c2000. Arts - Study and teaching (Elementary)


P.R.    372.5    C626co

Clement, Robert.  COORDINATING ART ACROSS THE PRIMARY SCHOOL. Designed for primary teachers who have a responsibility for coordinating art within their primary school. 1998. Art - Study and teaching (Primary)


P.R.    372.5    D263ar

Davis, Robin Works.  ART AND CHILDREN: USING LITERATURE TO EXPAND CREATIVITY. This teaching aid provides thematic, unit-based activities that use art and literature to develop skills such as interpretation. c1996.  Art - Study and teaching (Early childhood)


P.R.    372.5    F154cr



P.R.    372.5    F841ar

Fraschetti, Peter A.  ART: THE LANGUAGE OF ALL CHILDREN.  The purpose of this book is to provide the future elementary school teacher with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to engage young children in creative art activities from preschool through the fifth grade. c2000. Art - Study and teaching (Elementary)


P.R.    372.5    H967ch    2001

Hurwitz, Al.  CHILDREN AND THEIR ART : METHODS FOR THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  Covers:  Foundations of art education, Talented children, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, ceramics, and other three-dimensional art forms, Printmaking, New media, Design, -- Art criticism : from classroom to museum – Art history, Aesthetics, Methods for teaching art, The social dimension, Classroom organization and display of student work, Assessing student progress and program effectiveness. c2001. Art -- Study and teaching (Elementary)


P.R.    372.5    I34

Kear, Mary. Callaway, Gloria. Editors. IMPROVING TEACHING AND LEARNING IN THE ARTS. Provides guidance on how to inspire pupils with the skills for learning in the arts and covers the contribution of arts to children's learning.  c2000. Arts - Study and teaching (Elementary)


P.R.    372.5    M135de


Included are extensive resource lists for further integrated arts teaching in the classroom. c2002.


P.R.    372.5    M152a

McIlvain, Dorothy S.  ART FOR PRIMARY GRADES.  Personality traits commonly found in the 5, 6, 7, and 8 year old child as well as physical development are described, for it affects the choice of the art processes and is a factor in determining a child's interest span. [1961]  Art - Study and teaching.


P.R.    372.5    M625ch

Micklethwait, Lucy.  A CHILD'S BOOK OF PLAY IN ART: GREAT PICTURES, GREAT FUN.  Activities, concepts, objects, and animals are illustrated in over 50 superb reproductions of works of art from around the world. c1996. Art - Study and teaching (Primary) 


P.R.     372.5    O583t

Warren, Jean, compiled by.  1--2--3 ART: OPEN-ENDED ART FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. Over 200 art activities for young children that are easy and inexpensive.  c1985. Art - Study and teaching.


P.R.    372.5    P935ar

Press, Judy.  ARTSTARTS FOR LITTLE HANDS!: FUN & DISCOVERIES FOR 3- TO 7-YEAROLDS.  Presents a variety of art projects and related activities grouped around such themes as the family, animals, nature, transportation, color, and more. c2000. Art - Study and teaching (Elementary)


P.R.    372.5    S119ar

Saccardi, Marianne. ART IN STORY: TEACHING ART HISTORY TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN. With over 40 ready-made lessons, it provides background information on artists, styles, periods, and geographic areas, and uses story, hands-on art activities, journal writing, drama, and visuals to encourage elementary school children to look at and think about art. c1997.  Art - History - Study and teaching (Elementary)


P.R    372.5    S337ar

Schirrmacher, Robert.  ART AND CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT FOR YOUNG CHILDREN.  This book offers you a practical guide with a child-centered approach for students who are preparing to work with children through the third grade. c1998. Art - Study and teaching (Early childhood)


P.R.    372.5    S655e

Smith, Nancy R.  EXPERIENCE AND ART: TEACHING CHILDREN TO PAINT. Emphasizes the teacher's active role in fostering a developing understanding of painting in children from ages 1 ½ to 11. c1983.  Painting - Study and teaching (Elementary)


P.R.    372.5    S949co

Sullivan, Dianna J.  CONTAINER ART PROJECTS.  This book contains easy art projects made from common household containers. c1987. Children's art


P.R.    372.5    S949mi

Sullivan, Dianna J.  MILK CARTON ART PROJECTS. This book contains easy art projects made from half-pint, pint, quart and half-gallon size milk carton. c1987. Children's art


P.R.    372.5    S949pa

Sullivan, Dianna J. PAPER BAG ART PROJECTS. This book contains easy art projects made from paper bags such as stuffed bag characters, “talking” puppets, baskets and a Valentine's Day card holder.  c1987. Children's art


P.R.    372.5044    P735c

Plummer, Gordon S.  CHILDREN'S ART JUDGMENT: A CURRICULUM FOR ELEMENTARY ART APPRECIATION. The intent of this book is to encourage and develop the essential skills and resources for providing judgement, criticism, and appreciation in elementary school classrooms.  [1974] Art - Study and teaching (Elementary), Art appreciation


P.R.    372.53    S641cl



P.R.    700.7    D173



P.R.    700.7    S657ex

Smith, Ralph Alexander.  EXCELLENCE IN ART EDUCATION: IDEAS AND INITIATIVES.   c1986.  Art - Study and teaching,  Art appreciation


P.R.    700.71    B975pe

Burz, Helen L.  PERFORMANCE-BASED CURRICULUM FOR MUSIC AND THE VISUAL ARTS: FROM KNOWING TO SHOWING. Numerous real-life examples of performance-based fine arts are illustrated along with performance benchmarks for grades 3,5,8, and 12. c1999. Arts -- Study and teaching.


P.R.    701.17    L289ae

Lankford,Louise E.  AESTHETICS: Issues and Inquiry. The purpose of the Point of View Series is to focus on and promote art programs that include a comprehensive approach to art learning, including interpretation of and viewpoints on the components of the NAEA Goals for quality art education.c1992. Art criticism, Art - Study and teaching


P.R.    702.8   L195O    c.2

Laliberte, Norman.  100 WAYS TO HAVE FUN WITH AN ALLIGATOR & 100 OTHER INVOLVING ART PROJECTS..  This book is playful. It is an invitation to a party.  Imaginative and  beguiling, it is also deceptive, not one of its pages preaches about art; yet none teaches anything else.  [1969] Art - Study and teaching


P.R.    707    B369as

Beattie, Donna Kay.  ASSESSMENT IN ART EDUCATION.  Series provides core curriculum skills, art products and processes, scoring rubric, performance strategies, test blueprint, and list of possible biases. c1997. Art - Examinations


P.R.    707    M143a

McFee, June King.  ART, CULTURE, AND ENVIRONMENT: A CATALYST FOR TEACHING. The parts of the text have been selected to give an overall view of the essential qualities of art education, including Organizing and Designing, Creating Art, Art and Environmental Design, Exploring the Cultural Meaning of Art, Theory and Research, and Teaching and Assessment.  c1980.  Art -- Study and teaching


P.R.    707.1    B655mu

Bloom, Dwila.  MULTICULTURAL ART ACTIVITIES KIT: READY-TO-USE LESSONS AND PROJECTS WITH 194 DRAWINGS, PHOTOS, AND COLOR PRINTS.  50 lessons with complete background information and hands on projects to introduce students to the art forms and customs of more than 35 cultures around the world.c1994.  Art - Study and teaching


P.R.    707.1    P337ar

Pavey, Don.  ART-BASED GAMES.  This book describes the beginnings of a new approach to art education- an approach based on the use of games in art. 1980, c1979.  Games in art education


P.R.    707.12    D963ar

Durkin, Deborah Lange.  ART TEACHER'S SUCCESS KIT. This is designed to provide you with an organizational format for lesson ideas as well as a foundation of basic concepts for the middle and high school art student. Sample lessons have been included to demonstrate the uses of problem solving and self-discovery in exploring various art media. c1982. Art - Study and Teaching


P.R.    707.12    M527

Henry, Carole, Editor.  MIDDLE SCHOOL ART: ISSUES OF CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION. Emphasis throughout the volume has been placed on the communication of  instructional content and the recognition of the needs and interests of middle school students. c1996 Art - Study and teaching (Elementary)  (Secondary)


P.R.    707.7    L287wo

Lanier, Vincent.  THE WORLD OF ART EDUCATION: ACCORDING TO LANIER. c1991  Art - Study and teaching


P.R.    709.6    C454di

Chanda,  DISCOVERING AFRICAN ART. c1997. Sculpture, African


P.R.    741.2    B872ho

Brooke, Sandy.  HOOKED ON DRAWING: ILLUSTRATED LESSONS AND EXERCISES FOR GRADES 4 AND UP. You'll find a hands-on curriculum of 61 sequentially-organized art lessons and exercises for students of all ability levels c1996.  Drawing - Study and teaching


P.R.    709.22    L273wo



P.R.    750.11    R523lo

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Picasso. Art appreciation.


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CATHEDRAL.  [videorecording] (58 min) Dorset Video, c1985.Follows the planning and construction of a magnificent Gothic cathedral in the imaginary French town of Beaulieu during the thirteenth century, in order to understand why and how the great cathedrals of Europe were built. Alternates between modern footage and animation.  Architecture, Gothic


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ANDREW WYETH: THE HELGA PICTURES.  [videorecording]  (36 min.) Explores the meaning and the mystery of Wyeth's work and the Helga pictures. c1987.


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ANSEL ADAMS, PHOTOGRAPHER.  [videorecording]  (60 min) Pacific Arts Video, 1986.  A portrait of Ansel Adams, one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, that captures the spirit and artistry of the man as he talks about his life and demonstrates the techniques which have made his work legendary.


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MARY CASSATT, IMPRESSIONIST FROM PHILADELPHIA.   [videorecording] 30 min)  Home Vision, c1977. Focuses on the life and work of Impressionist painter Mary  Cassatt.

Painters - United States - Biography


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GEORGIA O'KEEFFE.  [videorecording] (60 min) Home Vision [distributor], c1977. Explores the life and work of Georgia O'Keeffe. Painters - United States - Biography


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NORMAN ROCKWELL'S WORLD… AN AMERICAN DREAM.  [videorecording] (30 min) / Massachusetts : Home Vision, c1972.  A study of Norman Rockwell as man and artist. Shows how he documented American life over six decades in the pictures of the children, families, and friends from his world.


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THE ARCHITECTURE OF FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT.  [videorecording] (75 min.)

Home Vision [distributor], Includes extensive views of his works, photographed from a human

perspective to create the sense of a personal tour" c1983.





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programs in all schools throughout the U.S." c1994. Art - Study and teaching - Standards


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