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JPB    Brown

Brown, Marc TolonARTHUR'S THANKSGIVING.  Arthur finds his role as director of the Thanksgiving play a difficult one, especially since no one will agree to play the turkey. c1983.


JPB    Bunting

Bunting, Eve.  HOW MANY DAYS TO AMERICA?: A THANKSGIVING STORY.  Refugees from a Caribbean island embark on a dangerous boat trip to America where they have a special reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. c1988.


JPB    Devlin

Devlin, WendeCRANBERRY THANKSGIVING.  Grandmother almost loses her secret recipe for cranberry bread to one of the guests she and Maggie invite for Thanksgiving dinner. Includes the secret recipe. c1990.


JPB    Spinelli

Spinelli, Eileen.  The perfect Thanksgiving.  Two families--one that is perfect and one that is far from it--celebrate Thanksgiving in their own loving ways. c2003.


JPB    Spinnelli

Spinelli, Eileen.  THANKSGIVING AT THE TAPPLETONS.  Though calamity stalks every step of the preparations for the Tappletons' Thanksgiving dinner, they realize that there is more to Thanksgiving than turkey and trimmings. c1982.


JPB    Williams

Williams, Barbara.  CHESTER CHIPMUNK'S THANKSGIVING.  Chester Chipmunk can't seem to find anybody to share his Thanksgiving dinner. c1978.





J    394.2    G348fi

George, Jean Craighead.  THE FIRST THANKSGIVING.  Describes how the colonists aboard the Mayflower founded New Plymouth and celebrated their first harvest with a feast of thanksgiving. c1993.


J    394.26    T367

THANKSGIVING: STORIES AND POEMS.  A collection of stories, poems, and songs about Thanksgiving Day, by such authors as Aileen Fisher, Jack Prelutsky, Eve Merriam, and Yoshiko Uchida. c1994.


J    394.264    H666th

Hintz, Martin.  THANKSGIVING: WHY WE CELEBRATE IT THE WAY WE DO.  Discusses the origins of Thanksgiving and how we celebrate the holiday. c1996.


J    394.264    R778le

Roop, Connie.  Let's celebrate Thanksgiving.  Includes questions and answers about the history of Thanksgiving, along with jokes and riddles, a craft activity, and a brief look at other harvest celebrations around the world today. c1999.


J    394.264    R778le

Roop, Connie.  LET'S CELEBRATE THANKSGIVINGIncludes questions and answers about the history of Thanksgiving, along with jokes and riddles, a craft activity, and a brief look at other harvest celebrations around the world today. c1999.


J    394.2649    B291st

Bartlett, Robert Merrill.  THE STORY OF THANKSGIVING.  Relates the history and customs of Thanksgiving, from the harvest festivals of the ancient world and the first Thanksgiving in colonial America to today's celebrations.  c2000.


J    394.2649    G729si

Grace, Catherine O'Neill.  1621: A NEW LOOK AT THANKSGIVING. In the fall of 1621, English colonists and Wampanoag people feasted together for three days. This is a new look at the real history behind the event that inspired the myth of The first Thanksgiving. c2001.


J    394.2649    W329gi

Waters, Kate.  GIVING THANKS: THE 1621 HARVEST FEAST. Photographed in full color at Plimoth Plantation, this fascinating reenactment will let readers experience a time when early English colonists settled on the rich and fertile land of the Wampanoag people. c2001.


J   394.268    G441t

Gibbons, Gail.  THANKSGIVING DAY.  Presents information about the first Thanksgiving and the way that holiday is celebrated today. c1983.


J    394.26823    S213t

Sandak, Cass R.  THANKSGIVING.  Discusses the history and meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday, how it was celebrated in the past, and how we observe it today.  c1980.


J    394.2683    B284t

Barth, Edna.  TURKEYS, PILGRIMS, AND INDIAN CORN: THE STORY OF THE THANKSGIVING SYMBOLS.  Traces the history of this American harvest celebration and the development of its symbols and legends. , [1975]


J    394.2683    K427sq

Kessel, Joyce K.  SQUANTO AND THE FIRST THANKSGIVING.  Describes how the Indian Squanto, an English-speaking Christian and former slave, whose village had been wiped out by smallpox, taught the Pilgrims the skills they needed to survive the harsh Massachusetts winter. c1983.


J    394.2683    P413th

Penner, Lucille Recht.  THE THANKSGIVING BOOK.  c1985.


J    598.61    M466W

May, Julian.  WILD TURKEYS.  Discusses the history, habits, and characteristics of wild turkeys and the breeding of domestic turkeys. [1973]


J    598.61    S824h

Stemple, David.  HIGH RIDGE GOBBLER: A STORY OF THE AMERICAN WILD TURKEY.  Follows the activities of an eastern wild turkey from infancy to  adulthood. c1979.


J    745.5    R824be

Ross, Kathy.  YEAR OF CRAFTS FOR KIDS. THE BEST HOLIDAY CRAFTS EVER!  Provides instructions for more than seventy-five craft projects for Valentine's Day, Easter, Earth Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. c1997.


J    745.5941    C372t

Cauley, Lorinda Bryan.  THINGS TO MAKE AND DO FOR THANKSGIVING.  Includes a history of Thanksgiving, crafts, recipes, jokes, riddles, and games relating to this holiday. c1977.


J    745.5941    G565l

Glovach, Linda.  THE LITTLE WITCH'S THANKSGIVING BOOK.  Handicrafts, a puppet play, and recipes related to the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. c1976.


J     811.0093    M571

Hopkins, Lee Bennett.  MERRILY COMES OUR HARVEST IN: POEMS FOR THANKSGIVING. Contains 20 poems with Thanksgiving themes. c1978.


YP    812.08    H732

Kamerman, Sylvia E. Editor.  HOLIDAY PLAYS ROUND THE YEAR.  Twenty-five one-act, royalty-free plays designed for holidays throughout the year including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Columbus Day, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Book Week, and others. c1983.


J    812.55    B421fe

Behrens, June.  Feast of Thanksgiving, the first American holiday: a play. Recreates the first Thanksgiving as it might have been, featuring Squanto and a Pilgrim family. [1974]


J    974.4    P728ma

Plimoth Plantation, Inc.  Mayflower 1620: a new look at a pilgrim voyage.  Contains a photographed reenactment of the voyage and landing of the Mayflower with text covering the perspectives of both the Native Americans and the English.  [2003]


J    974.4    W329sa

Waters, Kate.  SARAH MORTON'S DAY: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PILGRIM GIRL.  Text and photographs of Plimouth Plantation follow a pilgrim girl through a typical day as she milks the goats, cooks and serves meals, learns her letters, and adjusts to her new stepfather. c1989.


J    974.4    W329sam

Waters, Kate.  SAMUEL EATON'S DAY: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PILGRIM BOY.  Text and photographs follow a six-year-old Pilgrim boy through a busy day during the spring harvest in 1627: doing chores, getting to know his Wampanoag Indian neighbors, and spending time with his family. c1993.


J    974.4    W593pl

Whitehurst, Susan.  A PLYMOUTH PARTNERSHIP: PILGRIMS AND NATIVE AMERICANS.  CONTENTS     A new land and new people -- A close watch -- "Welcome, Englishmen" -- A partnership begins -- A peace treaty --Squanto, a special friend -- Lessons with Squanto -- A lost boy and a bellyache -- A feast of friendship -- A treaty ends, a nation begins -- Web sites. c2002.


YP    974.482    E68da

Erickson, Paul.  DAILY LIFE IN THE PILGRIM COLONY, 1636.  Packed with authentic details and full-color photographs, this pictorial account includes information about the Pilgrims' religion, their relationship with the Indians, and the first joyous Thanksgiving and other celebrations.c2001.





J     A237tu

Adler, C. S.  TUNA FISH THANKSGIVING.  Thirteen-year-old Gilda's parents are getting a divorce, and she seems to be the only one interested in keeping the family together and looking out for her younger brother and sister. c1992.


J    K93oh

Kroll, Steven. OH, WHAT A THANKSGIVING ! David, a boy who thinks modern Thanksgivings are boring, imagines being at Plymouth Colony and celebrating the first Thanksgiving c1988.


J   {356[o

Peacock, Carol Antoinette.  PILGRIM CAT.  A young pilgrim girl and the cat she discovers on the Mayflower voyage begin their life together in the Plymouth settlement. c2004.


J    R682th

Rock, Gail.  THE THANKSGIVING TREASURE.  Addie's Thanksgiving gesture toward a crochety old man enriches both their lives. c1974.


J     R813th 

Rosen, Michael. A THANKSGIVING WISH.  When Amanda's grandmother dies and the extended family tries to recreate her famous Thanksgiving meal, friends and neighbors pitch in to help carry on Bubbe's traditions. c1999.


J   S787th

Stanley, Diane.  THANKSGIVING ON PLYMOUTH PLANTATION.  Twins Liz and Lenny, along with their time-traveling grandmother, visit Plymouth Plantation to see how the Pilgrims lived and to celebrate a big feast with the Pilgrims and Native Americans. c2004.


J    W329on

Waters, Kate.  ON THE MAYFLOWER: VOYAGE OF THE SHIP'S APPRENTICE & A PASSENGER GIRL.  A twelve-year-old apprentice and a seven-year-old passenger experience the first voyage of the Mayflower. c1996.





P.R.    394.2    H314ce



P.R.    970.004    T531

THROUGH INDIAN EYES: THE NATIVE EXPERIENCE IN BOOKS FOR CHILDREN. D. Seale - Why I'm not thankful for Thanksgiving  Michael A. Dorris  -Notes from an Indian c1992.


P.R.    973    L827li

Loewen, James W.  LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME: EVERYTHING YOUR AMERICAN HISTORY TEXTBOOK GOT WRONG.  Includes Indians of North America in textbooks,  Thanksgiving Day in textbooks. [1996]





AID    970.00497 N864

NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS. [realia] New Britain, CT   [collected by Elihu Burritt Library -Curriculum Lab]1. White envelope of narrators' photos (7).-- 2. Indians Who Meet the Pilgrims (teacher's guide).-- 3. Brown folder with Hahwunnechek/Farewill Indian Museum materials (2 museum cards & 11 exhibit cards).-- 4. Orange folder with Kesos/All Seasons materials (19 cards).-- 5. Green folder with Sequan/Spring materials (4 white cards & 11 green cards).-- 6. Blue folder with Papone/Winter materials (10 cards).-- 7. Light orange


TAPE    B879ar

Brown, Marc Tolon ARTHUR'S THANKSGIVING.  [sound recording] (18 min.) Random House/Miller-Brody, c1983. Arthur is chosen to direct the school's Thanksgiving play, but his trouble begins when no one wants to be the turkey.


TAPE    811.54    P924it

Prelutsky, Jack.  IT'S THANKSGIVING.  [sound recording] Twelve poems about Thanksgiving. c1987.


TAPE   973.2 S625

Cameron, Rita G.  SIXTY-SIX DAYS ON BOARD THE MAYFLOWER.  [sound recording] For grades 4-7.Performance objectives: the student will increase his vocabulary of ship terms, obtain a knowledge of living conditions on board The Mayflower, learn why the colonists settled in Massachusetts, and become familiar with the basic agreements in the Mayflower Compact. [1970?]


VCR    S773

SQUANTO AND THE FIRST THANKSGIVING.  [videorecording] (30 min.) Rabbit Ears, c1993. Graham Greene narrates this true story of Squanto, a Native American sold into slavery in Spain, and later returns to teach the Pilgrims how to survive in a harsh new land.


VCR    973.2    M468

THE MAYFLOWER PILGRIMS.  [videorecording] (43 min.)  Janson Associates, [c1995] An animated history of the Pilgrims.


VCR    973.22    G586

THE GODLY COMMUNITY.  [videorecording] (20 min) BBC / Films Incorporated, c1982. Modern-day players reenact the life of the  1627 Plimouth Plantation for tourists in Plymouth, Mass. The village is historically accurate, and visitors can watch the "Pilgrims" live out their daily schedules, thus gaining an understanding of life during that period.



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