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JPB    Agee
Agee, Jon.  IF SNOW FALLS: A STORY FOR DECEMBER.  One December night, a child dreams of an old man who makes a secret thing in his workshop that he later brings to the child's house through the falling snow. c1982. 

JPB    Bassett
Bassett, Lisa.  BEANY AND SCAMP.  Just as Beany Bear is ready for his long winter's nap, friend Scamp Squirrel asks his help in searching for his misplaced winter nut supply. 1988.

JPB    Bauer
Bauer, Caroline Feller. MIDNIGHT SNOWMAN.  In a town where it hardly ever snows, one neighborhood's parents and children take advantage of a late night snow by building a snowman before the snow turns to rain. c1987.

JPB   Brett

Brett, Jan.  THE MITTEN: A UKRAINIAN FOLKTALE.  Several animals sleep snugly in Nicki's lost mitten until the bear sneezes. c1989.


JPB Bunting

Bunting, Eve.  WINTER'S COMING. As the seasons change, there are fatter caterpillars, thicker corn husks, and brighter fall leaves predicting a hard, cold winter. c1977.


JPB Chaconas

Chaconas, Dorris. J  ON A WINTRY MORNING.  A father takes his infant daughter for a sleigh ride on a winter's morning. c2000.

JPB   Craft
Craft, Ruth. THE WINTER BEAR. Recounts in rhyme the adventures of three children out on a winter walk. 1975 [c1974]

JPB   Delton
Delton, Judy.  MY MOM HATES ME IN JANUARY.  A little boy finds it is the winter blues and not his behavior that makes his mother impatient in January. c1977.

JPB   Delton
Delton, Judy.  THREE FRIENDS FIND SPRING. After trying unsuccessfully to bring spring to Duck, Squirrel and Rabbit decide to help him enjoy winter instead. c1977.

JPB   Dionetti
Dionetti, Michelle. THE DAY ELI WENT LOOKING FOR BEAR. On a cold winter day Eli and his dog go into the woods to catch a bear. c1980.

JPB   Duncan
Duncan, Jane. HERSELF AND JANET REACHFAR. During a sudden snowstorm, Janet ventures out onto a forbidden hill to rescue a lost sheep only to wind up needing help herself.[1975]

JPB   George
George, Jean Craighead.  DEAR REBECCA, WINTER IS HERE.  A grandmother explains to her granddaughter how the arrival of winter brings changes in nature and the earth's creatures, and how the return of spring and summer will bring more changes. c1993.

JPB  Hader
Hader, Berta. THE BIG SNOW.  Despite their elaborate preparations for the winter, the animals and birds are delighted by a surprise banquet after a big snow. 1948. Caldecott Medal, 1949.

 JPB  Hoff
Hoff, Syd.  WHEN WILL IT SNOW?  Now that it is winter, Billy frequently asks his mother when the snow will arrive. [1971]

JPB Hughes

Hughes, Shirley. OUT AND ABOUT.  Rhyming text depicts the pleasures of the outdoors in all kinds of weather, through the four seasons.  c1995.

JPB  Joosse
Joosse, Barbara M.  SNOW DAY!  When school is cancelled because of snow, Robby and his family enjoy the day together. c1995.

 JPB  Keats
Keats, Ezra Jack. THE SNOWY DAY.  The adventures of a little boy in the city on a very snowy day. [1962]

JPB  Kessler
Kessler, Ethel.  SLUSH, SLUSH! A youngster explores some things that can be done in snow--sledding, throwing snowballs, building snowmen, and more. [1973]

 JPB  Krauss
Krauss, Ruth.  THE HAPPY DAY.   In the middle of winter, different forest animals awake and run sniffing through the trees to discover a single flower growing in the snow. [1949]

JPB Kroll

Kroll, Virgina L.  THE SEASONS AND SOMEONE.  A young Eskimo girl witnesses the changing seasons in Alaska. c1994.

 JPB  Kurelek
Kurelek, William. A PRAIRIE BOY'S WINTER.  Text and twenty color paintings depict the rigors and simple pleasures of winter on the prairies during the stark 1930's. c1973.

JPB    Mack
Mack, Gail. YESTERDAY'S SNOWMAN. A young girl recollects the day she played in the snow at nightfall with her mother and brother. c1979.

JPB    McCutcheon
McCutcheon, Marc. GRANDFATHER'S CHRISTMAS CAMP. When Grandfather's three-legged dog Mr. Biggins disappears on Christmas Eve, Lizzie and Grandfather go up the mountain to find him and have an unusual adventure. c1995.

 JPB    McKie 
McKie, Roy. SNOW. Two children enjoy sledding, skiing, making tracks, building a snowman, and other activities in the snow. [1962]

 JPB    Martin
Martin, Rafe.  WILL'S MAMMOTH.  Though his parents explain there have been no mammoths for over 10,000 years, Will goes out in the snow one day, certain he will meet some. c1989.

JPB    Mendez
Mendez, Phil.  THE BLACK SNOWMAN.  Through the powers of a magical kente, a black snowman comes to life and helps young Jacob discover the beauty of his black heritage as well as his own self-worth. c1989

JPB Moncure

Moncure, Jane Belk.  WINTER IS HERE!  Describes in verse the sights, sounds and activities of winter. [1975]

JPB    Moore 
Moore, Elaine.  GRANDMA'S PROMISE.  Kim spends the week after Christmas with her grandmother and enjoys every minute--sleeping by the wood stove, ice skating onthe pond, and feeding the birds. c1988.

JPB Moutrain
Moutran, Julia Spencer.  THE STORY OF PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL, "THE FEARLESS FORECASTER". After helping his family prepare their burrow for the winter and joining them in a long nap beneath the cold Pennsylvania snow, Punxsutawney Phil emerges on Groundhog Day to predict the weather. c1987

JPB    Munsch 
Munsch, Robert N. THOMAS' SNOWSUIT. His mother, teacher, and principal have a hard time trying to convince Thomas to wear his snowsuit. 1987, c1985.

JPB Murphy

Murphy, Stuart. J.  MISSING MITTENS.  As a farmer tries to find the correct number of mittens for his various farmyard animals, the reader is introduced to odd and even numbers. c2001.

JPB    Neitzel
Neitzel, Shirley.  THE JACKET I WEAR IN THE SNOW.  A young girl names all the clothes that she must wear to play in the snow. c1989.

JPB    O'Malley

O'Malley, Kevin.  STRAIGHT TO THE POLE.   A boy who is struggling through snow to ge to school is about to give up but then hears some good news from his friends. c2003.


JPB    Partridge

Partridge, Elizabeth.  MOON GLOWING.  A squirrel, a bat, a beaver and a bear prepare for winter. c2002.

JPB    Rice
Rice, Eve. OH, LEWIS.  Lewis has a lot of trouble with his winter clothing. [1974]

JPB    Rylant
Rylant, Cynthia.  HENRY AND MUDGE IN THE SPARKLE DAYS: THE FIFTH BOOK OF THEIR ADVENTURES.  In the winter Henry and his big dog Mudge play in the snow, share a family Christmas dinner, and gather around a crackling winter fireplace. c1988.

 JPB    Sasaki
Sasaki, Isao.  SNOW.  Trains come and go at a small train station on a snowy day.

JPB    Schick 
Schick, Eleanor. CITY IN THE WINTER. When a blizzard closes school for the day, Jimmy finds many things to do in his city apartment. [1970]

JPB    Selsam  
Selsam, Millicent Ellis. KEEP LOOKING! As the reader turns the page, a new animal is added to an illustration of a country home in the winter. c1989.

JPB    Shulevitz
Shulevitz, Uri.  SNOW.   As snowflakes slowly come down, one by one, people in the city ignore them, and only a boy and his dog think that the snowfall will amount to anything.

JPB Siddals

Siddals, Mary McKenna.  TELL ME A SEASON.  Nature displays different colors to announce the seasons of the year and the time of day. c1997.

JPB    Steig
Steig, William. BRAVE IRENE. Plucky Irene, a dressmaker's daughter, braves a fierce snowstorm to deliver a new gown to the duchess in time for the ball. 1986.

 JPB    Stoeke
Stoeke, Janet Morgan.  A HAT FOR MINERVA LOUISE.  Minerva Louise, a snow-loving chicken, mistakes a pair of mittens for two hats to keep both ends warm. c1994.

JPB    Stojic

Stojic, Manya.  SNOW.  A young child enjoys an outing in the snow on a cold, wintry day. c1982.

 JPB    Todd
Todd, Kathleen. SNOW. A young child enjoys an outing in the snow on a cold, wintry day.  c1982.

 JPB    Tresselt
Tresselt, Alvin R.  WHITE SNOW, BRIGHT SNOW. When it begins to look, feel, and smell like snow, everyone prepares for a winter blizzard.

 JPB    Vincent
Vincent, Gabrielle. ERNEST AND CELESTINE. Ernest, a bear, and Celestine, a mouse, lose Celestine's stuffed bird in the snow. 1986, c1982.

 JPB    Ward
Ward, Andrew. BABY BEAR AND THE LONG SLEEP. Baby Bear has difficulty settling down for the long winter sleep. c1980.

JPB Wallace

Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth.  PAPERWHITE.  Lucy and Miss Mamie while away the long hours of winter in various ways while waiting for a paperwhite bulb to grow and bring them spring. c2000.

 JPB    Watson
Watson, Wendy. HAS WINTER COME? Although the children don't recognize the faint smell of winter in the air, a woodchuck family begins preparing for long snowy nights. c1978.

 JPB    Zolotow
Zolotow, Charlotte. HOLD MY HAND. Two little girls take a walk on a cold snowy day. [1972]


Juvenile & Young PEOPLE Fiction

YP P332br

Paulsen, Gary.  BRIAN'S WINTER.  Instead of being rescued from a plane crash, as in the author's book, Hatchet, this story portrays what would have happened to Brian had he been forced to winter in the wilderness with only his survival pack and hatchet. c1996.




 J     508   M111wh
Maass, Robert.  WHEN WINTER COMES. Simple text and photographs introduce winter and its various activities. c1993.

 J     508   S237wi
Santrey, Louis.  WINTER. Describes the changes that take place in the natural world during the period of the year when days are shortest and temperatures lowest. c1983.

 J     551.57   B694sn
Bolwell, L. H.  IT'S SNOWING.  SERIES What's the weather like? 1985.

 J     551.57   B821sn 
Branley, Franklyn Mansfield.  SNOW IS FALLING.  Describes the characteristics of snow, its usefulness to plants and animals, and the hazards it can cause. c1986.

 J    574.543   M346e
Markle, Sandra.  EXPLORING WINTER.  A collection of winter-time activities which include stories and facts about animals, explores, and survival, instructions for building a snow shelter and making instruments to measure the weather, as well as games, riddles, and puzzles. 1984.

J     581.543  C689p
Cole, Joanna. PLANTS IN WINTER. A simple explanation of what happens to various plants in winter. [1973]

 J     595.7   S468wh
Selsam, Millicent Ellis. WHERE DO THEY GO?: INSECTS IN WINTER.  Explains how some insects fly south for the winter and others spend the cold months under ground, under water, in unused buildings, or as eggs or pupae. c1982.

 J     664.132   W341s
Watson, Nancy Dingman. SUGAR ON SNOW.  Peter, Cammie, and Cait make maple syrup in the spring, just in time for Cammie's birthday party. [1964]

J    736.98    R323ea

Reed, Brenda Lee.  EASY-TO-MAKE DECORATIVE PAPER SNOWFLAKES. Forty-five elegant designs are printed with four, six, and eight part designs for snowflakes, incorporating many fesitve motifs---bells, diamonds, stars, tulips and more. c1987.

 J     745.5   R824cw
Ross, Kathy. CRAFTS TO MAKE IN THE WINTER. Presents instructions for creating twenty-nine craft projects with a winter or holiday theme, including a confetti noise maker, Christmas candy ornament, baggy snowman, lace snowflake, bird valentine, and more. c1999.

J    745.54    M253fo

Mallett, Jerry J.  FOLD AND CUT STORIES.  Will it ever snow? c1993.

 J     796.91  K92ve
Krementz, Jill.  A VERY YOUNG SKATER.  A 10-year-old relates her experiences as a skater. 1986, c1979.

J    796.12    M883yo

Morrisey, Peter.  THE YOUNG ICE SKATER.  Introduces the history, equipment, and techniques of ice skating. c1998.

J     811.52   F939ru
Frost, Robert. THE RUNAWAY.  A poem about a colt frightened by falling snow.  c1998.

 J     811.52   F939s 
Frost, Robert.  STOPPING BY WOODS ON A SNOWY EVENING.  Illustrations of wintry scenes accompany each line of the well-known poem. . Stopping by woods on a snowy evening. [1978]  

 J     811.54   J17ju
Jacobs, Leland B.  JUST AROUND THE CORNER: POEMS ABOUT THE SEASONS.  A collection of twenty-five poems celebrating seasonal highlights such as the autumn leave, snow prints, flying kites, and beaches. c1993.

 J    811.54   Y54sn

 J    92   B477ma
Martin, Jacqueline Briggs.  SNOWFLAKE BENTLEY.  A biography of a self-taught scientist who photographed thousands of individual snowflakes in order to study their unique formations. 

YP    974.7    M978bl

Murphy, Jim.  BLIZZARD: THE STORM THAT HANGED AMERICA.  Presents a history, based on personal accounts and newspaper articles, of the massive snow storm that hit the Northeast in 1888, focusing on the events in New York City. c2000.







P.R.    372.35    H791se

Hope, Cathy.  SEASONS, THEMES THROUGH THE YEAR.  Each section contains activities and ideas for language, art, craft, mathematics, social studies and music as well as detailed lists of poetry, stories, interest reading material and other sources. c1982.


P.R.    372.35    Z78wi

Bauman, Toni.  WINTER WONDERS.  Hundreds of ideas and activities for the winter season.  Good Apple, c1978.


P.R.    372.55    B347ce

Zinkgraf, June.  CELEBRATIONS: WITH MORE, SPRING SURPRISES, WINTER WONDERS, AND FALL FANTASIES.  Creative activities and seat work. Handicrafts. c1985.



TAPE    B636sn
Blake, Howard. THE SNOWMAN.  [sound recording]  CBS, p1983. Based on the picture book of the same title by Raymond Briggs. 

VCR    S674  
THE SNOWMAN.  [videorecording] (26 min)  A young boy's dream of his snowman coming to life is described in muted pastels and exquisite orchestral score. Weston Woods, c1982.

 VCR    S674s 
THE SNOWY DAY. [videorecording]
  (6 min.)  Expresses the delight of a young boy as he romps in the snow. Weston Woods, [198-?] 


Prepared by Donna Wallach, January 2005.



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