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VCR A275

AGONY OF ALICE: Greater Washington Educational Telecommunications Assoc., 1987.

Summary: John Robbins entices viewers to read the book The Agony of Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  (15 min.)


VCR A316

ALADDIN AND THE MAGIC LAMP: Rabbit Ears Productions, 1993.

Summary: Actor John Hurt relates this enchanting tale from A Thousand and One Nights, about a young rogue and the genie who helps him win the love of the Sultan's daughter.  (30 min.)


VCR A316an

ALADDIN & HIS WONDERFULA LAMP: Playhouse Video, [1987], c1986.

Summary: An evil magician plans to use Aladdin to get hold of a magical lamp and the genie who dwells within it.  (47 min.)


VCR A374


Summary: Recounts the experiences of Alexander with the creatures and people he meets on sea and on land as he drives his car around the world.  (13 min.)


VCR A416op

ALL ABOUT OPPOSITES!: Dorling Kindersley Vision; c1995.

Summary: Buddy, the elephant, and Pip, the mouse, and a host of loveable puppets bring fun, humor, and songs to delight and stimulate young children's imaginations, while they learn about the world around them.  (30 min.)


VCR A416sh

ALL ABOUT SHAPES!: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1995.

Summary:  Buddy, the Elephant, and Pip the mouse, and a host of loveable puppets bring fun, humor, and songs to delight and stimulate young children's imaginations, while they learn about the world around them.  (30 min.)


VCR A456

ALPHABET TRAIN.  Railway Productions, c1998.

Summary:"A-to-Z learning fun, with lots of really cool trains!"  (60 min.)


VCR A489

AMAZING BONE: Weston Woods Studios, 1985.

Summary: Tells the story of the piglet, Pearl, who finds an unusual bone that has unexpected powers.  (11 min.)


VCR A489g

AMAZING GRACE:  Weston Woods Studios, [1993].

Summary:  Although a classmate says that she cannot play Peter Pan in the school play because

she is black and a girl, Grace discovers that she can do anything she sets her mind to.  (10 min.)


VCR A533

ANANSI: Rabbit Ears Productions, c1991.

Summary: Oscar-winner Denzel Washington narrates two hilarious folktales about Anansi the spider. Jamacian music by Reggae musician UB40.  (30 min.)


VCR A535

ANATOLE: SVE, [199?].

Summary:  A story in animation, which tells how the mouse Anatole brought honor to a cheese factory in Paris when he secretly graded the cheeses which he tasted.  (9 min.)


VCR A577nd

ANDY AND THE LION: Weston Woods Studios, [198‑?].

Summary: Andy meets a lion on the way to school and wins his friendship for life by removing a thorn from his paw.  (10 min.)


VCR A598ni

ANIMAL FARM: Vetron Video, 1986, c1954.

Summary: A fable about Farmer Jones' domesticated animals that revolt against their cruel master. When they are then taken over by the pigs and find they have exchanged one form of tyranny for another, they unite again in a common cause.  (72 min.)


VCR A584

ANGELO: Carousel Film & Video, c2000.

Summary: Angelo, a quiet and artistically talented 12-year-old boy, is bullied by classmates and overlooked by his teachers.  His passion is his painting.  Without uttering a single word throughout the film, Angelo portrays the loneliness and frustration of not being understood.  Then he creates a colorful billboard advertising his mother's bakery.  His mother and the townspeople realize that Angelo has a special talent.  (30 min.)


VCR A615oa

ANNIE OAKLEY: Playhouse Video, c1989.

Summary: Beginning her life as Phoebe Moses, little Annie becomes a master shot while still a young girl. Later her husband, marksman Frank Butler, first convinces her to change her name to something more flashy and then persuades the famed Buffalo Bill to hire Annie for his Wild West Show.  (52 min.)


VCR A788rt

ARTHUR'S EYES: Great Plains National Instructional Television Library, c1983.

Summary: His friends tease Arthur when he gets glasses, but he soon learns to wear them with pride.  (30 min.)


VCR A885Of

ATTIC OF THE WIND: Weston Woods Studios [198-?].

Summary: A lyrical poem focusing on the need of children to hold on to small beloved things.  (6 min.)


VCR B112


Summary: Based on story by Laurent de Brunhoff.  Babar, Queen Celeste and cousin Arthur invited to America to make a movie.   They get sidetracked several times on route to Hollywood.  (30 min.)


VCR B112tr

BARBAR'S TRIUMPH: Family Home Entertainment, 1991.

Summary:  Based on book by Laurent de Brunhoff when Babar tries to get his jungle friends to join forces to protect themselves from the deadly hunters.  (51 min.)


VCR B124

BACH'S FLIGHT TO FREEDOM:  Sony Classical Films & Video, c1995.

Summary:  Bach, as a 32-year-old chapel organist, feels that his boss, Duke Wilhelm, stifles his creativity.  But, the temperamental composer recognizes a kindred soul in his new 10-year old assistant, Frederick.  For both know all too well, what it's like not to be able to follow your dream.  (53 min.)


VCR B368

BEAST OF MONSIEUR RACINE: Weston Woods Studios, c1974.

Summary: Someone is stealing Monsieur Racine's prize bears. He lays a trap and catches a strange but harmless‑looking beast, and the two become great friends. What happens when Monsieur Racine presents his dear companion to the Academy of Science throws Paris into an uproar.  (9 min.)


VCR B368fl

BEAR AND THE FLY: Weston Woods Studios, 1985.

Summary: A story about a bear who tries to swat a fly at the dinner table. Shows the disastrous results. An animated film without narration.  (5 min.)


VCR B383an

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Playhouse Video, c1986.

Summary: The shy, unselfish Beauty is a captive of a grotesque beast, but she comes to discover that ugliness can mask great goodness.  (50 min.)


VCR B412

BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS: Walt Disney Home Video, c1971.

Summary: Angela Lansbury and Roddy McDowall star in Disney production of an amateur witch and three waifs help save Britain from Nazi invaders.  (117 min.)


VCR B528

BERNICE BOBS HER HAIR: Monterey Home Video, c1876.

Summary: Adaptation of story by F. Scott Fitzgerald and starring Shelley Duvall as a young flapper bobs her hair to gain peer approval, but her plan backfires.  (49 min.)


VCR B789oy

BOY WHO LEFT HOME TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE SHIVERS: Platypus Productions, Inc., c1986. Summary: A boy with a complete lack of fear must rid the King's castle of an evil sorcerer.  (52 min.)


VCR B793

BOYS AND GIRLS: Beacon Films, c1983.

Summary: Tells about a young girl who yearns to be allowed to help her father with his fox-breeding business but is required to help her mother with household chores.  In a gesture of rebellion, the girl lets a horse escape as it is about to be slaughtered for fox food.  (25 min.)


VCR B794

BOYS WILL BE BOYS:  Intermedia, c1994.

Summary: This dramatization, though fictionalized, was inspired by a real event dealing with sexual harassment.  Ali, an energetic high-school sophomore unexpectedly finds herself the target of unwanted sexual attention.  The film focuses on the negative effect that disrespectful, demeaning, and intimidating behavior can have upon another individual.  With the support of family and friends, Ali fights back, with a surprising outcome.  (45 min.)


VCR B836

BREMEN TOWN MUSICIANS: Rabbit Ears Productions, 1993.

Summary: In this spirited tale from the Brothers Grimm, four animals begin new lives as musicians and unwittingly disband a company of robbers along the way.  (30 min.)


VCR B851

BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA: Public Media Video, c1985.

Summary: The life of a ten-year-old boy expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer who subsequently meets an untimely death.   From his sorrow he learns the meaning of friendship.  (58 min.)


VCR B973

BURT DOW, DEEP-WATER MAN: Weston Woods Studios, 1983.

Summary: Burt goes fishing, takes refuge from a storm in a whale's stomach, and decorates a whole school of whales' tails with striped Band-Aids.  (10 min.)


VCR C338at

CASEY AT THE BAT: Playhouse Video, c1989.

Summary: Even on the fateful day when Casey strikes out, he remains the hero who brought joy back to Mudville, saved the town stadium, and gave America it's national pastime.  (53 min.)


VCR C357at

CAT IN THE HAT: Playhouse Video, c1989.

Summary: Two young children face the sad prospect of rainy day boredom.  Then in walks the madcap mischief-maker who won't leave till he finds his moss-covered, three handled gredunza. The search virtually destroys the house, only to be magically cleaned-up by the Cat in the Hat just in the nick of time. The afternoon becomes fun indeed! Based upon the book of the same name by Dr. Seuss.  (30 min.)


VCR C478

CHARLIE NEEDS A CLOAK: Weston Woods Studios,1982.

Summary: A shepherd decides to make himself a new red cloak. He shears his sheep, cards and spins the wool, weaves and dyes the cloth and finally sews a new cloak.  (8 min.)


VCR C479

CHARLOTTE'S WEB: Paramount, 1979.

Summary: The classic story is described by its author White as a tale of "friendship and the salvation, a story of miracles--the miracle of birth, the miracle of friendship, the miracle of death."  (1 hour & 34 min.)


VCR C494

CHATO'S KITCHEN (Spanish): Weston Woods Studios, 1995?.

Summary: To get the "ratoncitos," little mice who have moved into the barrio, to come to his house, Chato the cat prepares all kinds of good food. Based on the book by Gary Soto.  (12 min.)

VCR C558

CHRYSANTHEMUM. [Weston Woods, c1998.

When Chrysanthemum is old enough to go to school, she begins to feel her name is "absolutely dreadful" instead of "absolutely perfect."  (12 min.)


VCR C574i

CINDERELLA: CBS/ Fox Company, Playhouse Video., 1987.

Summary: Classic story starring Leslie Ann Warren, Stuart Damon, Ginger Rogers, Walter Pidgeon, and Celeste Holm. Music by Richard Rodgers; lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II.  (1 hour & 24 min.)


VCR C574in

CINDERELLA: Faerie Tale Theatre. Platypus Productions, Inc., 1986.

Summary: Jennifer Beals, Matthew Broderick, and Jean Stapleton star in this fairy tale.  (53 min.)


VCR C638n

CLIFFORD'S FUN WITH NUMBERS: Scholastic Productions, Inc., c1988.

Summary:  Birthday party. This program is designed to help children understand numerical values and relationships.  (30 min.)


VCR C719

COLORS!: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1995.

Summary: Buddy, the elephant, and Pip the mouse, and a host of lovable puppets bring fun, humor, and songs to delight and stimulate young children's imaginations, while they learn about the world around them.  (30 min.)


VCR C796

CORDUROY AND OTHER BEAR STORIES: Weston Woods Studios, 1993.

Summary: Three animated stories based on the children's books, Corduroy by Don Freeman, Panama by Janosch and Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey.  (40 min.)


VCR C796ci

ADVENTURES OF CORDUROY: THE CIRCUS.  Viacom Productions Inc.c1996.

Summary: When Corduroy gets left at home while lisa and her family visit the circus, he decides to invite all his friends at the mall to his house for a party.  When Hattie disappears the gang has to search the house, the mall and finally end up at the circus.  (27 min.)


VCR C796di


Summary: Corduroy discovers a chicken egg by the dinosaur exhibit at the museum and thinks he has discovered a baby dinosaur.  (22 min.)


VCR C796ho

ADVENTURES OF CORDUROY: HOME. Viacom Productions Inc. c1996.

Summary: All the stuffed toys at the store try to help Corduroy find his missing button so that he can find a home.  (25 min.)


VCR C796pu

ADVENTURES OF CORDUROY:  THE PUPPY.  Viacom Productions Inc.  c1996.

Summary:  Feeling alone and unloved when Lisa adopts a new puppy, Corduroy decides to find a new home.  We share his adventures as he finds his way to his friends at the mall where Lisa first found him.  But has he really left Lisa for good?  (27 min.)


VCR C855

COUNT WITH ME: Dorling Kindersley Vision, 1995.

Summary: Buddy the elephant, and Pip the mouse, and a host of lovable puppets bring fun, humor, and songs to delight and stimulate young children's imaginations, while they learn about the world around them.  (30 min.)


VCR C855c


Summary: In this animated feature, Emily the country mouse leaves her home to visit her cousin Alexander in the city, but when a cat chases them, they both return to the country for the kind of Christmas they really like.  (25 min.)


VCR C975

CURIOUS GREORGE RIDES A BIKE: Weston Woods Studios, 198?.

Summary: The adventures of the little monkey who is given a bicycle by his friend, the man in the yellow hat. (10 min.)


VCR D221cl

DARLIN' CLEMENTINE: Playhouse Video, 1989.

Summary: The miner's daughter who was the darling of the gold camps step out of music books and onto the screen in this lively version of the story behind a legendary American folk song.  It's the Gold Rush of 1849 and men from all walks of life are heading for California to make their fortunes as prospectors.  As the only woman in a mining camp called No Place Really, Clementine, the daughter of Lucky Jake, can have any man she wants.  (49 min.)


VCR D637de

DOCTOR DE SOTO: Weston Woods Studios, c1984.

Summary: Dr. De Soto, a mouse, copes with the toothaches of various animals except those with a taste for mice, until

 the day a fox comes to him in great pain.  (10 min.)


VCR D637s

DR. SUESS'S ABC: Random House Home Video, 1989.

Summary: Dr. Seuss presents the letters and their sounds, and shows how the sounds join to form words.  (30 min.)


VCR D711

DREAMS OF FLYING: California Image Associates, 1989.

Summary: A young Hispanic woman struggles to overcome traditional family and social pressures.  The importance of education, career, and family planning are stressed.  (28 min.)


VCR D835da

DAREDEVIL DUCKS: Walt Disney Home Video, c1988.

Summary: Two cartoons starring Disney's delightful duck characters - Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louis and several new creations.  (44 min.)


VCR E39le

ELEPHANT'S CHILD: FROM JUST SO STORIES: Rabbit Ear Productions, c1986.

Summary: Long ago when elephant's child had no trunk, a young elephant who was full of "satiable curiosity" asked the crocodile what he had for dinner.  His alarming discovery explains why all elephants now have long trunks.  (27 min.)


DVD  E46

ELLINGTON WAS NOT A STREET: Weston Woods, c2005.

Summary: Based on the book by Ntozake Shange, a young girl remembers when influential African American leaders visited her home.  Narrated by Phylicia Rashad with music by Duke Ellington, the film introduces Paul Robeson, W.E.B. DuBois, Ray Baretto, Sonny Til, Dizzy Gillespie, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Virgil Akins, the Clovers and Duke Ellington.  (12 min.)


VCR E55em


Summary: Two con men arrive at the emperor's fashion show and plot to sell their clothes to him.  The clothes are supposedly invisible to all but the wise and worthy.  (54 min.)



EVERTHING GROWS!:  Dorling Kindersley K Vision, 1995.

Summary: Buddy the elephant, and Pip the mouse, and a host of lovable puppets bring fun, humor, and songs to delight and stimulate young children's imaginations, while they learn about the world around them.  (30 min.)


VCR F121

FABLE OF HE AND SHE: Coronet/Mti Film & Video, c1974.

Summary: An animated fable that challenges stereotyped and sexist thinking and celebrates the joys of individual self-expression.  (11 min.)


VCR F234

FARMER'S WIFE.  PBS Home Video, c1998.

Summary:"Independent filmmaker David Sutherland takes us deep inside the world of Juanita and Darrel Buschkoetter, a remarkable young Nebraska farm couple, to tell a compelling love story. Gleaned from more than 200 hours of film shot on location over three years, 'The farmer's wife' follows Juanita and Darrel as they face seemingly insurmountable economic hardship, only to confront an even greater challenge: repairing their damaged marriage. What emerges is an epic story of faith, perseverance, and triumph, and an indelible portrait of a real American family's struggle to hold onto their dreams and to each other.  (6 hours)


VCR F295

FEELINGS: Great Plains National Instructional Television Library, 1986

Summary: Sights and sounds of New York's Central Park provide the backdrop for LeVar's probe into the world of feeling.  (30 min.)


VCR F532


Summary:  Based on the book by Maira Kalman, a retired fireboat is called into service to assist in fighting NY city fires on September 11, 2001. (13 min.)


VCR F648


Summary: Blown away from a clothesline stretched high between two buildings, a pair of frilly ladies' pantaloons embarks on a swooping, swirling tour of the streets, docks, markets, playing fields, and byways of a colorful Renaissance city - only to come to rest (much to the delight of their harried, pursuing owner) at the very spot which they began their breathtaking journey.  (6 min.)


VCR F668


Summary: Based on the traditional American folksong are the compelling adventures of one family's escape from slavery via the Underground Railroad. (30 min.)


VCR F829ra

FRANKENSTEIN: MCA Home Video, c1987.

Summary: An adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel about the scientist who creates a terrifying monster.  (71 min.)


VCR F927

FROG WENT A-COURTIN': Weston Woods Studios, [197?].

Summary: An iconographic interpretation of the folk song as illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky and sung by John Langstaff. Includes subtitles for use in audience participation singing.  (12 min.)




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