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VCR 577 L722

LIFE: BBC Worldwide Americas, c1997.

Summary: Chronicles the origin and development of  life from the first single celled creatures through the age of the dinosaurs to the complex variety of life that exists today.  (35 min.)


VCR 577.52 I82

ISLAND: BBC Worldwide Americans, c1997.

Summary: Journey from tropical paradises to some of nature's bleakest outposts.  (35 min.)


VCR 578.769 A489

AMAZING CREATURES OF THE TIDEPOOLS: Barbara Lawrence Productions, c1999.

Summary: Examines the tidepools along the rocky coasts of Oregon and California. This video contains unique and rare footage aboard a floating marine laboratory where students will see first hand what it's like to be on a plankton collection trip.  (2 videos--1 hour & 41 min. total)


VCR 589.2 R851ot


Summary: Unravels the mysteries of mushrooms and molds, and shows how fungi feed, grow and multiply.  Describes various kinds of fungi.  (50 min.)


VCR 589.9 B131


Summary: Explores the world's enormous bacterial population, which not only is a source of many diseases, but also plays an indispensable role as decomposer and manufacturer of useful products.  (59 min.)





VCR 591 A598

ANIMAL RECORDS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1997.

Summary: Features the fastest, biggest, and cutest animal record holders from the giant fly squirrel to the slow sloth.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.13 A489

AMAZING ANIMAL APPETITES: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary:  Henry the Lizard finds out about what animals, from the insect-eating chameleon to the leaf-munching koala, like to eat.  (25 min.)


VCR 591.18 A489

AMAZING ANIMAL SENSES: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary:  Henry the Lizard explores some animals that couldn't survive without their senses, from the lion's eyesight to the dolphin's sonar.  (25 min.)


VCR 591.18 H847ow

HOW ANIMALS MOVE: Eastman Kodak, c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the different ways in which animals move.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.18 R311ec

RECORD-BREAKING ANIMALS: Eastman Kodak Co., c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the world of fast animals including the bird with the fastest wings and the fish that swims the fastest.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.3 A489

AMAZING ANIMAL BABIES: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary:  Henry the Lizard discovers ways that animals, from the hunting dog to the cuckoo, raise their offspring.  (25 min.)


VCR 591.39 B115

BABY ANIMALS FROM THE WILD: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1998.

Summary:  Explores why the sweetest babies come from the wild such as tigers, gorillas, giraffes, elephants, zebras.  (26 min.)


VCR 591.4 A598co

ANIMAL COLORS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1997.

Summary: Explores animal colors from the dazzling macaw to the camouflaged leopard.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.48 A489

AMAZING ARMORED ANIMALS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary:  Henry the Lizard explores the amazing world of armored animals, describing several animals with hard or spiky skins or horns, including armadillos, porcupines, rhinos, turtles, and others.  (25 min.)


VCR 591.5 A489

AMAZING ANIMALS: AN ANIMAL YEAR: Dorling Kindersley Vision, 1997.

Summary: Explores extraordinary wildlife, crazy characters and unexpected animal surprises.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.5 C614

CLASSIC ANIMAL TRACKS: Environmental Media Corp., c1996.

Summary: The emperor penguin. The blue wildebeest. The mute swan. The alligator. The meerkat. The tiger. The humming bird. The wandering albatross. The army ant. The chimpanzee. he red kangaroo. The African elephant The grey squirrel.  The common hipp. The frog & toad. The common vampire bat. The elephant seal. The giraffe. The barn owl. The brown hare. The macaw. The flamingo. The killer whale. The polar bear. The lion. The sea otter. The coral snake. The vulture. The red deer.  (1 hour & 4 min.)


VCR 591.5 S287

SCARY ANIMALS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1997.

Summary: Explores scary animals including the vicious vampire bat and leggy millipede.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.5 T786tr

TREE LIVING ANIMALS: Eastman Kodak, c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the world of animals who climb, jump, claw and swing their way through the trees.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.52 A489

AMAZING ANIMAL BUILDERS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary:  Henry the Lizard takes a lesson in construction from some building consultants, including the web-slinging spider and the tunneling prairie dog.  (25 min.)


VCR 591.52 A598ni

ANIMALS OF THE NIGHT: Eastman Kodak, c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the world of owls, raccoons, olingos and other animals of the "night shift."  (30 min.)


VCR 591.52 D451es

DESERT ANIMALS AND PLANTS: Eastman Kodak, c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the world of desert animals and plants.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.52 F885re

FRESH WATER ANIMALS: Eastman Kodak, c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the word of fresh water animals.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.52 M928ou

MOUNTAIN ANIMALS: Eastman Kodak, c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the world of mountain animals.  (30 min.)

VCR 591.563 A598fa

ANIMAL FAMILIES: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1997.

Summary: Animal families can be very large from a flock of geese to an entire city of praire dogs.

VCR 591.563 A598mo

ANIMAL MOTHERS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1997.

Summary: Explores how animal mothers teach their young hunting skills and even toilet-training.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.57 A489

AMAZING ANIMAL DISGUISES: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary: Henry the Lizard finds out how zebras, cheetahs, and snakes use disguises.  (25 min.)


VCR 591.59 H847ow

HOW ANIMALS "TALK": Eastman Kodak, c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the different ways in which animals communicate.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.65 A489

AMAZING ANIMAL WEAPONS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary: Henry the Lizard learns the importance of not bothering animals, from the spiky porcupine to acid-squirting termites.  (25 min.)


VCR 591.69 P754

AMAZING POISONOUS ANIMALS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary: Henry the Lizard explores the amazing world of poisonous animals, describing several of them, including frogs, wasps, spiders, snakes, scorpions, and others.  (25 min.)


VCR 591.7 H116

HABITATS OF THE WORLD: Discovery Channel School, [2001.]

Summary: Lush and dramatic tour of the environments found throughout the earth.  Tour includes saltwater marshes, temperate forest, grasslands, tropical rain forest, and polar ice.  (54 min.)

VCR 591.754 D451

DESERT ANIMALS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1997.

Summary: Explores desert animals from a fog-collecting beetle to a furry meerkat.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.77 S439

AMAZING SEASHORE ANIMALS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1997.

Summary: Explores seashore animals including the stinging tentacles of the jellyfish to the dive-bombing seagull.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.9497 E56fo

THE ENCHANTED FOREST: Prism Entertainment, 1987.

Summary: Shows how, in the northern corner of Yugoslavia where the Danube and the Drava rivers converge, one of Europe's last wildlife oases thrives. Includes footage from Peter Lalovie's film THE LAST OASIS, of native wild animals.  (30 min.)


VCR 591.9798 W668al

WILD ALASKA: Travel Network, c1987.

Summary: Dale Johnson takes you to the Alaska wilderness to view its wild life and their struggle for survival. The camera follows migrating caribou, captures the nearly extinct musk ox, and a rare, dramatic life and death struggle between a caribou and a grizzly.  (1 hour)

VCR 591.994 A938


Summary:  National Geographic films animals from Australia's extreme environment including crocodiles and cassowary birds in the wetlands, pygmy possums and sugar gliders in the mountains, and huge numbers of kangaroos in the arid outback.  (1 hour)


VCR 592 M665

AMAZING MINI BEASTS: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary: Henry the Lizard explores the amazing world of invertebrates from aphids to starfish.  (25 min.)


VCR 594 S544

SHELL: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary: A mixture of animation and live footage serves as a background for a narrated introduction to the concept of the shell as a protective feature in the plant and animal worlds.  (35 min.)


VCR 594.5 A436fr


Summary:  Explores the ability of certain cephalopods such as the cuttlefish and the octopus, to confuse their prey and to communicate with their own kind by means of color pulsations and flashes.  (25 min.)


VCR 595.44 156di

INKY, DINKY, SPIDER: Prism Entertainment [1987], c1984.

Summary: Shows how, in the forbidding world  of the Florida Everglades, spiders establish their summer kingdom and provide some fascinating lessons in the art of hunting ingeniously.  (30 min.)


VCR 595.44 S754sp

SPIDERS: Eastman Kodak, c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the world of spiders.  (30 min.)


VCR 595.78 B988

BUTTERFLY & MOTH: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary: Mixture of animation and live footage introduces life history of moths and butterflies.  (35 min.)


VCR 595.781 D458

THE DESIRE OF THE MOTH: Films Inc., 1984.

Summary: A colorful portrait of the moths of Australia. Looks at their strange desires and characteristics such as their mysterious urge to follow the light.  (50 min.)


VCR 595.789 P942po

PRETTY POISON: Prism Entertainment, 1987.

Summary: Traces and describes the habits and life patterns of a monarch butterfly.  (30 min.)


VCR 597.6 F927tr

FROGS & TOADS: Eastman Kodak, c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the world of frogs and toads‑amphibians who progress from life in the water to life on land.  (30 min.)


VCR 597.9 R426

REPTILE: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1994.

Summary:  Introduces the alien world of these cold-blooded vertebrates with state of the art special effects and stunning graphics.  (35 min.)  


VCR 597.92 T962tu

THE TURTLE FAMILY: Eastman Kodak, cl988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the world of turtles.  (30 min.)


VCR 597.95 D494is

DEVIL ISLAND: Prism Entertainment, [1987?], c1984.

Summary: The deserted island Mona, just off the coast of Puerto Rico, is home to one of the largest lizards in the western hemisphere, the Mona Iguana.  (30 min.)


VCR 598 B115ab

BABY BIRDS: Eastman Kodak, c1988.

Summary: Introduces both young and old to the world of baby birds.  (30 min.)


VCR 598 B618

BIRD:  BBC Lionheart Television, 1994.

Summary: An exciting journey from the bird's distant dinosaur past to its present astonishing variety.  (35 min.)


VCR 598.3 W879st

WOOD STORK: BAROMETER OF THE EVERGLADES: Vestron Video, [1989], c1987.

Summary: Focuses on the wood stork, now an endangered species, which has depended on the Everglades as a source of food, water and shelter. The decrease in the wood stork population represents not only the demise of the species, but also the failure of an entire ecosystem.  (1 hour)

VCR 598.4 L897st

A LOVE STORY, THE CANADA GOOSE: Prism Entertainment, 1982.

Summary: Travel to the wetlands of North America, the breeding grounds for one of the largest, most intelligent and adaptable birds on earth, the Canada goose.  (30 min.)


VCR 598.9 B618

BIRDS OF PREY: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1997.

Summary: Explores birds of prey from the sharp-eyed eagle to the scavenging vulture.  (30 min.)


VCR 598.91 C153co

CALIFORNIA CONDOR: Vestron Video, c1989.

Summary: Shows six California condors living in the wild, their courtship flight, and the plight of their extinction.  (1 hour)


VCR 598.91 D285

DEATH ON THE WING: Greene & Dewar New Wilderness Productions, c1987.

Summary: Follows the migration of the golden eagle from the summer in Idaho to winter in Texas.  (30 min.)


VCR 598.97 M423

MASTER HUNTER OF THE NIGHT: Prism Entertainment, c1987.

Summary: Explore the true nature of the fabled night predator -- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the bird world -- the Great Horned Owl.  See what happens when a male owl is injured and the effect on his family.  (22 min.)


VCR 598.97 W5851i


Summary: Perched high atop the snowbound tundra of Quebec's Hudson Bay, the Snowy Owl reigns alone over the winter wonderland, as his many feathered friends have fled to warmer climates. Watch as five hatchlings come to life for one owl family.  (30 min.)  


VCR 599 M265

MAMMAL: DK Vision, c1996.

Summary: Mixture of animation and live footage serves as background for introduction of the life history of mammals.  (35 min.)


VCR 599.059 S578ig

SIGNS OF THE APES, SONGS OF THE WHALES: Vestron Video, 1988, c1983.

Summary: Revisits Washoe, a chimpanzee that communicates using American Sign Language, and examines some of the most recent language experiments being done with apes, dolphins sea lions, gorillas, and whales.  (1 hour)


VCR 599.323 R288

THE REAL MR. RATTY: Films Inc., 1985.

Summary: Looks at the life-style of the vole. Also describes the physical characteristics, activities, courtship, mating behavior, and rearing of the young.  (30 min.)


VCR 599.323 S774


Summary: Tells the story of an orphaned gray squirrel which was raised by the John Paling family cat and eventually returned to nature after frantic domestic chaos.  (25 min.)


VCR 599.4 V216am

VAMPIRE: Films, Inc., c1979.

Summary: This film covers not only the physiology of the vampire bat, but the fact they often form complex relationships and can display great gentleness.  (25 min.)


VCR 599.5 C645en

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE DEEP KIND: Prism Entertainment, 1987, c1982.

Summary: Introduces the humpback whale that migrates from the northern Pacific to Maui, where it courts, mates and breeds. Follows a mother and her newborn as they travel 4,000 miles, escaping from whale hunters, killer whales and sharks.  (30 min.)


VCR 599.5 G786wh

THE GREAT WHALES: Vestron Video, c1978.

Summary: A documentary on whales, including information on their anatomy, communication and migration patterns.  (59 min.)


VCR 599.5 M197mo


Summary: Travel to the Bay of Vadez in South America with Dr. Roger Payne and his family to observe the southern right whale.  (1 hour)  


VCR 599.5 S132wi


Summary: The history and current migration of whales, especially the humpback whale.  (25 min.)


VCR 599.5 S617si

THE SINGING WHALE: Pacific Arts Video, c1986.

Summary: Jacques Cousteau and the crew of the Calypso sail into a challenging adventure among the colossal hump back whales.  (1 hour)  


VCR 599.5 W552

WHALES: Pacific Arts Video, c1986.

Summary: Tours the last surviving wooden whaling boat, views experiments with a whale at Marine World in California, and conducts a series of studies with whales in the open ocean.  (1 hour)


VCR 599.5 W552do

WHALES, DOLPHINS AND MEN: Campbell-Jones Films Inc., [198‑].

Summary: Explores the extraordinary intelligence and behavior of whales and dolphins. Also examines the whaling industry and presents a case for the preservation of whales.  (50 min.)


VCR 599.5 W552ha

WHALE WATCH: Vestron Video, c1988, 1982.

Summary: Observes whales and their activities in the lagoons off the coast of central Mexico and introduces viewers to the methods used in studying and filming their behavior.  (1 hour)


VCR 599.51 R439of


Summary: Chronicles the return of humpback whales, after an absence of nearly twenty years, to the Farallon Basin, just off San Francisco. Describes humpbacks, blue whales, bottle-nosed whales, and dolphins outside the Golden Gate. Includes some of the early history of the area when whale populations were being indiscriminately depleted.  (50 min.)


VCR 599.53 H947

THE HUNTERS OF CHUBUT: Prism Entertainment, c1987.

Summary: This video visits the rugged Atlantic coast of Argentina and an exploration of the powerful predator the killer whale.  (22 min.)  


VCR 599.53 135


Summary: Journalist Hardy Jones and marine biologist Julia Whitty spent several summers filming dolphins in the Caribbean, learning to identify and determine the age of dolphins, exploring their sophisticated social relationships and intelligence, and observing the many ways dolphins use sound to perceive and negotiate their environment.  (50 min.)


VCR 599.53 S725so

A SOUND OF DOLPHINS: Pacific Arts Video, c1986.

Summary: Jacques Cousteau and the crew of the Calypso try to unravel the mysteries surrounding one of the world's most intelligent creatures, the dolphin.  (1 hour)


VCR 599.61 W361li

WE LIVE WITH ELEPHANTS: Eastman Kodak, 1988.

Summary: This is the story of scientist Lain Douglas-Hamilton's family who had lived with five hundred African elephants of Lake Manyara, in Tanzania for five years, and came to know every single one of them.  (1 hour)


VCR 599.72 Y47he

YESTERDAY'S HEROES: Prism Entertainment, 1988.

Summary: Shows how, in Australia, the wild descendants of the animals that helped build the continent, including horses, donkeys, and camels, experience the harsh and fatal reality of no longer being needed.  (30 min.)

VCR 599.73 F943ed

FROZEN EDEN: Greene & Dewar New Wilderness Productions, 1987.

Summary: Journey to the vast Ungava Peninsula where the world's last great Caribou herds thunder over a frozen Eden on their annual thousand mile migration.  (22 min.)


VCR 599.74 B592


Summary: A musical visit with giant Alaskan grizzly bears and their cubs and other Alaskan wildlife, including eagles, Dall sheep, caribou, foxes, black bears and sea otters.  (30 min.)


VCR 599.74 C357

CAT: Dorling Kindersley Vision, 1994.

Summary: Follows the fascinating and ancient journey of these mysterious and adored animals from the African Savanna to the modern home.  Investigates evolution, anatomy, habitat, behavior and more.  (35 min.)


VCR 599.74 D654

DOG: Dorling Kindersley Vision, 1994.

Summary: Discover the wolf connections that give dogs their hunting, courting, mating and social traits, and find out what a dog's life is really all about.  (35 min.)


VCR 599.74 H955

HUNTRESS: Greene & Dewar New Wilderness Productions, 1984.

Summary: Shows how an adolescent cougar is driven from the family den and treks the Colorado Rockies in search of a territory she can make her own.  (23 min.)


VCR 599.74 K51ki

KINDNESS KILLS: Greene & Dewar New Wilderness Productions, 1988.

Summary: Climb the Rocky Mountains of Alberta's Band National Park, where Black Bears are the main attraction for North American nature lovers. As bear seeking tourists flock to national parks to observe the bears in their natural habitat, the bears desperately try to stay hidden from sight. Ironically, when the bears become addicted to human handouts, they can become dangerous in such close proximity to the tourists.  (30 min.)


VCR 599.74 L253

LAND OF THE TIGER: Vestron Video, c1986.

Summary: Filmed in India, this film gives an intimate portrait of the tiger -- showing it stalking and catching a deer, confronting crocodiles, and a female tiger nursing her young cubs.  (59 min.)


VCR 599.74 044do

OLD DOG, NEW TRICKS: Prism Entertainment, 1987.

Summary: Filmed in the mountains of Montana and Wyoming, this program shows how man's effect on nature has changed the coyote.  (30 min.)


VCR 599.74 058


Summary: Explores the work being done by conservationists to save the habitat and future of the Florida panther and the African cheetah. Examines the issues facing the survival of the breeds including genetic variation, human overpopulation and interference, and poor natural resource management.  (1 hour)


VCR 599.74 S266

SAVE THE PANDA: Vestron Video, [1986], c1983.

Summary: Follows two scientists, one American and the other Chinese, as they trek through a Chinese nature preserve in search of giant pandas.  (1 hour)


VCR 599.74 W853

WOLF: BEYOND THE FAIRY TALE:  Natural Areas Association, 1994?

Summary: You're invited to listen as Native American Jack Gladstone eloquently tells the story of wolves in the US through song.  Then watch as the wolf itself reveals its complex character:  sociable, playful, shy, and aggressive.  (30 min.)


VCR 599.78 B368

BEAR: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1997.

Summary: Insight into the nature and legends that reveal bears to be seen as the symbol of strength and power.  Features the giant polar bear and the grizzly.  (35 min.)


VCR 599.8 M745

MONKEYS & APES: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1997.

Summary: Introduces the lives of the monkey and the ape.  (30 min.)


VCR 599.81 M495

MEERKATS UNITED: Home Vision, c1987.

Summary: MEERKATS UNITED features meerkats in the Kalahari Desert. THE IMPOSSIBLE BIRD features ostriches in Kenya.  (55 min.)


VCR 599.82 189


Summary:  This program joins Dr. Hans Kummer in his examination of the male dominated society of the Himalayan baboon.  (30 min.)


VCR 599.82 T143

TALES OF THE SNOW MONKEY: Greene & Dewar New Wilderness Productions, 1983, c1982.

Summary: Documents the survival and adaptive capabilities of the Japanese snow monkey. Follows snow monkeys in the north that live on twigs and bark during a six-month winter to the coddled snow monkeys that live by a ski resort where hot baths and food from tourists have become a way of life. Questions if this species will survive.  (23 min.)


VCR 599.88 A639

APE: Dorling Kindersley Vision, c1996.

Summary: A mixture of animation and live footage serves as a background for a narrated introduction to the life history of apes and other primates.  (35 min.)


VCR 599.884 A525th

AMONG THE WILD CHIMPANZEES: National Geographic Society, 1984.

Summary: Documents Jane Goodall's twenty-two year field research on the wild chimpanzees of East Africa. Shows the chimpanzees' nomadic behavior, their family structure, and their ability to hunt and make and use tools. Also looks at discoveries of warfare and cannibalism.  (59 min.)


VCR 599.884 A811

THE ASCENT OF THE CHIMPS: Prism Entertainment, 1987.

Summary: Studies the chimpanzees in their community enclosure at the Amhem Zoo in the Netherlands.  (30 min.)


VCR 599.884 G669or

GORILLA: Vestron Video, c1981.

Summary: Calls attention to the plight of the gorilla, which is on the verge of extinction. Profiles a zookeeper, a research scientist, a research psychologist, a writer-photographer, and a husband and wife team working on the mountain gorilla project. Film footage demonstrates the animals' intelligence, humanlike qualities, and the effects of their exploitation by humans.  (59 min.)


VCR 599.884 S439

SEARCH FOR THE GREAT APES: Vestron Video, [1989].

Summary: This documentary examines the efforts by scientists Diane Fossey and Birute Galdikas-Brindamour to study the mountain gorilla and the orangutan in the high mountains of central Africa and within a rain forest in Borneo.  (1 hour)

VCR 599.93 H918


Summary: Studying the human genome--all the DNA in our cells--allows us to explore fundamental details about ourselves. This kit, designed for grades 9-12, contains a video documentary in English and Spanish, a multimedia cd-rom, and a booklet describing genomics, genetics, and genetic medicine.  (15 min.)



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