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History of Africa

History of the Ancient World

History of Asia

History of Europe






VCR 930 S497


Summary: Philo of Byzantium, approximately 2000 years ago, compiled a list which ancient Romans considered to be the seven great man-made wonders of the world.  Only the Great Pyramid of Giza still stands.  The other six are Hanging Gardens of Bablyon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Temple of Artemis at Ephesos, Mausolem at Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes, Pharos (lighthouse) at Alexandria.  (1 hour)


VCR 932 A541

ANCIENT EGYPT: Discovery Video, 1987.

Summary: Experience the sights of Egypt again and again including the golden treasures of Tutankhamun, the temples at Luxor and Karnak, the tombs of the Pharoahs, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza.  (30 min.)


VCR 932 E32gy

EGYPT, QUEST FOR ETERNITY: National Geographic Society Educational Services, 1982.

Summary: Host E.G. Marshall looks at the ancient Egyptians who spent their whole lifetime preparing for life after death. Shows how the monuments and temples they left behind, celebrate the power and mystery of their civilization. Highlights the works of Ramses.  (1 hour) 


VCR 932 T966ut

TUT, THE BOY KING: Warner Home Video, c1988.

Summary: A tour of the Egyptian treasures taken from the tomb of King Tutankhamun. This program, which was taken from the television special of the same title, features Orson Welles in an on‑screen narration of a traveling exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Washington. D.C.  (49 min.)


VCR 932.01 S446ec

THE SECRETS OF THE PYRAMIDS: Doko Communications, c1986.

Summary: Part of a series on the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, this video explores the pyramids.  (30 min.)


VCR 936.2 B668

THE BODY IN THE BOG: Films Inc., 1985.

Summary: Describes the discovery of a body in a peat bog in Cheshire, England, from the Iron Age. Techniques used by the British Museum to analyze the body are shown and evidence of a ritual killing is revealed.  (30 min.)


VCR 937 A541

ANCIENT ROME: Films for the Humanities, c1999.

Summary: Scholars discuss the unification of Europe under the Romans, the military structure and tactics that allowed them to conquer much of Western Europe, and the cultural and social aspects of Rome before the empire collapsed in 476 AD.  (47 min.)


DVD  938.07  A378


Summary: Description of conflict between Greece and Persia.  After Persian leader Xerxes the Great burns Athens in 480 BCE, Alexander the Great, leads the Macedonians to victory over Darius III in the Battle of Issus and Gaugamela.  Alexander finally destroys Persian capital of Persepolis in 331 BCE. (50 min.) 


VCR 939.21 I35


Summary: Homer's tale about the siege of Troy takes historian Michael Wood to Greece, Turkey and Berlin, as he tries, with the aid of modern-day techniques, to discover whether the war really happened. Volumes 1,2,3.  (3 videos--ca. 5 hours)





VCR 940.3 U55

UNDERSTANDING WORLD WAR I: SVE & Churchill Media, 2001.

Summary: This program succinctly describes the events leading up to the Great War, including its immediate causes, military alliances, important people, battles, weapons and outcome.  Through black and white footage and still photographs, the battles on land, air and sea are reviewed as well as the significant individuals on both sides of the conflict.  (24 min.)

VCR 940.53 A613

ANNE FRANK REMEMBERED: Columbia TriStar Home Video, c1996.

Summary: Vintage newsreels, photographs and even rare home movies to look beyond the celebrated pages of Anne's diary.  (ca. 2 hours)


VCR 940.53 D539

DIARY OF ANNE FRANK: FoxVideo, 1995.

Summary: Millie Perkins, Joseph Schilkraut, Shelley Winters, Richard Beymer, Gusti Huber, Lou Jacobi, Diane Baker, Ed Wynn star in dramatization of a young girl's diary describing the lives of  eight people who hide in an attic for two years to avoid arrest by the Nazis.  (2 hours & 50 min.)


VCR 950.53 I61


Summary: Four high school student complete assignment to discover what life was like for teenagers in Japanese-American internment camps during WWII by interviewing former camp inmates and visiting a former camp.  (33 min.)


VCR 940.53 K64on

KLEIN, GERDA WEISSMANN, 1924- ONE SURVIVOR REMEMBERS: Holocaust Memorial Museum, c1996.

Summary:  Through a series of interviews, photographs and footage shot in the actual locations of her memories, Gerda Weissman Klein takes us on a journey of survival through one of the most devastating events in the history of mankind.  (39 min.)

VCR 940.53 M533

MEMORIES OF ANNE FRANK: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1999.

Summary: Filmed in the Frank's apartment and the building where they hid, Miep Gies recounts her experiences working for Otto Frank, bringing food to the fugitives, the expose of the hidden Jews, the liberation of Amsterdam, Otto Frank's return from Auschwitz, and the publication of Anne's diary.  (52 min.)


VCR 940.53 W253 v.1

THE GREATEST CONFLICT: WORLD WAR II: International Video Entertainment, 1985.

Summary: Historic battles come to life with rare combat footage in this overview of the war from 1939-1945.  (35 min.)


VCR 940.53 W253 v.2

NORTH AFRICA, THE DESERT WAR: International Video Entertainment, 1985.

Summary: On Feb. 14, 1942, veterans of Rommers Africa Corps attacked at the Kasserine Pass. This volume recounts the bloody confrontation of German, British and American forces.  (35 min.)


VCR 940.53 W253 v.3

THE BEACHHEAD AT ANZIO: International Video Entertainment, 1985.

Summary: In May 1944, the Allies planned to cut German communications between Rome and Cassino. The Germans attacked and penetrated the Allied beachhead. A counterattack by the Americans managed to break the stranglehold.  (35 min.)


VCR 940.53 W253 v.4

D-DAY, THE NORMANDY INVASION: International Video Entertainment, 1985.

Summary: Documents the day 155,000 Allied Troops drove the Nazis away from the beaches, at a high casualty price.  (35 min.)


VCR 940.53 W253 v.5

PURSUIT TO THE RHINE: International Video Entertainment, 1985.

Summary: Spotlights General Patton's Operation Cobra, a brilliant plan to break the stalemate against Hitler's armies along the French coast.  (35 min.)


VCR 940.53 W253 v.6

THE BOMBER OFFENSIVE: International Video Entertainment, 1985.

Summary: Ammunitions factory deep in Nazi Germany was the target of a B-17 bomber on October 17, 1943. American pilots faced death, destruction and finally victory in the battle for air superiority.  (35 min.)


VCR 940.53 W253 v.7

THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE: International Entertainment, 1985.

Summary: Close-up footage covers the street fighting in Aachen, attack and breakthrough at the Siegfried line, and deadly battles in Hurtgen Forest. This costly battle dealt the final blow to the Nazi war machine.  (35 min.)


VCR 940.53 W253 v.8

THE BATTLE OF GERMANY: International Video Entertainment, 1985.

Summary: With a combined British, Canadian offensive along the battle front, and the remaining bridge at Remagan, Eisenhower was able to establish a bridgehead into the Fatherland.  (35 min.)


VCR 940.53 W927

WORLD WAR II: THE HOME FRONT: Beacon Films, 198?.

Summary: Actual film footage and interviews as people reminisce about everyday life in the United States during World War II.  (30 min.)  


VCR 940.54 D277

D-DAY PLUS 40 YEARS: Films Inc., 1984.

Summary: Interviewing a few veterans of the attack on the Normandy beachhead in 1944, Tom Brokaw briefly relates the events surrounding Operation Overlord using combat footage, tours the area as it exists today, and has some veterans recount some of their combat experiences on D-Day. Includes a portion of the ceremonies in Normandy marking the 40th anniversary of the landing.  (52 min.)

VCR 940.5425 H668


Summary: Peter Jennings presents a documentary using historical documents, diaries & memoirs.  (1 hour & 9 min.)


VCR 940.5425 L881

THE LOST GENERATION: Films Inc., 1983.

Summary: Presents interviews with survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki intercut with historical footage shot by American cameramen in 1948 and with drawings of the tragic events. Urges that no further use be made of nuclear weaponry out of respect for the injured and dead of the two Japanese cities.  (20 min.)


VCR 940.545 V646

VICTORY AT SEA: Embassy Home Entertainment, 1986.

Summary: A six part documentary about World War II featuring the high points of the U.S. naval operations on land and sea from 1939 to 1945 as recorded in footage taken by allied and enemy combat photographers.  (6 videos--ca. 11 hours)


VCR 940.55 A512me v.1

45/85: AMERICA AND THE WORLD SINCE WORLD WAR II. VOLUME I 1945-1952: American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., 1986.

Summary: Focuses on the days following World War II, the post-war boom in America, the Rosenberg trial, and civil war in Asia.  (53 min.)  


VCR 940.55 A512me v.2

45/85: AMERICA AND THE WORLD SINCE WORLD WAR II. VOLUME II, 1953-1960: American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., 1986.

Summary: Reviews the signing of the armistice to end the Korean War, the invention of television and the discovery of the polio vaccine, civil rights, McCarthyism, and the Soviet launch of Sputnik.  (54 min.)


VCR 940.55 A512me v.3

45/85: AMERICA AND THE WORLD SINCE WORLD WAR II. VOLUME III, 1961-1975: American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., 1986.

Summary: Examines the short-lived Kennedy era and the steps that led to the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis, Lyndon Johnson's agenda for social change, U.S. involvement in Vietnam, Richard Nixon's election and resignation in the aftermath of Watergate, and a nation headed for a gas crisis.  (52 min.)


VCR 940.55 A512me v.4

45/85: AMERICA AND THE WORLD SINCE WORLD WAR II. VOLUME IV, 1976‑1985: American broadcasting Companies, Inc., 1986.

Summary: Covers the election of Jimmy Carter; the fall of the Shah of Iran and rise of the Ayatollah; the hostage situation, Ronald Reagan's election and the Geneva Summit.  (53 min.)


VCR 941 F527


Summary: Shows the gardens, palaces, and other surrounding structures commissioned during the reigns of George I, George II, and George III.  (52 min.)

VCR 941 S932

THE STUARTS RESTORED: Films inc., 1977.

Summary: The heritage of Charles II including the royal hospitals designed by Christopher Wren, da Vincis at the Royal Library in Windsor, riding and yacht racing.  (1 hour) 


VCR 941 T912

THE TUDORS: Films Inc., c1977.

Summary: This segment of Royal Heritage Series looks at some of the glories of the Royal Collection; the portraits of Holbein, the miniatures and the jewels. The palaces of St. James and Hampton Court are explored.  (1 hour)


VCR 941.084 M297


Summary: Traces the history of the relationship between Canada and Great Britain by chronicling the visits of the Royal Family. Parts 1 and 2.  (2 videos--1 hour & 30 min.)


VCR 941.085 Q3


Summary: A Portrait made in 1986 when Queen Elizabeth II became 60 and had reigned for over 30 years. A look at her life and the ceremonies which have marked special occasions, her travels in the course of her duties, and her relations with her children and their families.  (55 min.)


VCR 941.6 A861

AT THE EDGE OF THE UNION: Films Inc., 1985.

Summary: Examines the extremist viewpoints in the conflict in Northern Ireland through the eyes of two members of the Northern Ireland Assemble who stand firmly on opposing sides of the issues: Martin McGuinness, a Sinn Fein representative who believes the British should leave Ireland completely, and Gregory Campbell, a loyalist who feels that all IRA members should be killed.  (50 min.)


VCR 942 R888we

ROYAL WESTMINSTER: Films Inc., [198-?].

Summary: The history and a tour of Westminster Palace.  (15 min.)

VCR 942.04 B336

THE BATTLE OF MORTIMERS CROSS: International Historic Films, 1987.

Summary: Re-enactment of Edward Mortimers (King Edward IV) victory over the invading Lancastrian army in February 1461, during England's Wars of the Roses.  (1 hour & 20 min.)


VCR 942.132 B561

THE BEST CLUB IN LONDON: Films Inc., 1983.

Summary: Nuts and bolts operation of Parliament and a history of that operation.  (50 min.)


VCR 942.132 B979


Summary: How paper, especially legislation, passes through parliament.  (50 min.)


VCR 942.132 H842

THE HOUSE OF PEERS: Films Inc., 1983.

Summary: Past and present view of Parliament especially the House of Lords.  (50 min.)


VCR 942.132 065

ORDER! ORDER!: Films Inc., 1983.

Summary: Focuses on the speaker and his duties as well as the role he plays in regulating debate and voting procedure. Interspersed with broader history of Parliament.  (50 min.)


VCR 942.132 P149

PEOPLE OF THE PALACE: Films Inc., 1983.

Summary: A history of the palace and the people who work behind the scenes there.  (50 min.)


VCR 942.132 T523


Summary: Anthony Quayle narrates a history of Parliament.  (50 min.)


VCR 942.132 V645


Summary: A history and tour of Westminster Palace.  (50 min.)


VCR 942.613 R888oy

A ROYAL RETREAT: Highlight International Film Productions, 1987.

Summary: A visit to the country home of the British Royal Family. Historical pictures of the Royal Family at Sandringham are included. The grounds and the collection of vintage vehicles are highlighted.  (25 min.)


VCR 943.086 M835

MORE THAN BROKEN GLASS: Ergo Media, Inc., c1989.

Summary: Through archival footage, photographs and firsthand interviews with witnesses, this video forms a sharp portrait of the night the Nazis began their campaign against the Jews.  (57 min.)


VCR 943.8 K38

KATYN FOREST MASSACRE: Polish Relief Committee, [199?].

Summary: Based on the original German and Russian film, this film documents the 1940 World War II atrocity.  (30 min.)


VCR 947 V652

DISCOVERING RUSSIA: International Video Network, c1995.

Summary: Video Visits travels to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and Red Square in Moscow.  (1 hour)



VCR 951 C539

CHINA: IVN Communications, 1995.

Summary: Integrated approach to social studies and world history teaching.  (30 min.)


VCR 951.057 C539hi

IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA: Highlight International Film Productions, c1987.

Summary: Offers a glimpse of the economic and social activities of the Chinese people as well as views of the countryside, rivers, cities, parks, and national landmarks throughout China.  (50 min.)


VCR 951.156 F696ci

THE FORBlDDEN CITY: Fries Home Video, [1987].

Summary: Explores the history and culture of China as reflected in the art and architectural treasures of the Forbidden City.  (1 hour)


VCR 951.95 K84

KOREA: WAR, PROSPERITY, DEMOCRACY: Korea-America Society, c1995.

Summary: Shows footage of the Korean War and current modern day Korea for the purpose of creating knowledge and understanding of Korea.  (1 hour * 33 min.)


VCR 952 W765

JAPAN: IVN Communications, c1995.

Summary:  An integrated approach to social studies and world history teaching.  (32 min.)


VCR 953.8 S255

SAUDI ARABIA SERIES: Films Inc., [1985].

Summary: This three-part series provides a political, economic, historical and cultural look at Saudi Arabia.  (3 videos--ca. 1 hour each)


VCR 954 W764

INDIA:  IVN Communications, c1995.

Summary: An integrated approach to social studies and world history teaching.  (28 min.)


VCR  956  I85

ISRAEL & PALESTINE: Bethesda, MD: Discovery Channel School, c2003.

Summary: This BBC production consists of 2 videocassettes. Volume.1 Roots of Conflict covers history, politics and social issues beginning with the 1947 decision to create homeland for the Jewish people.  Volume 2 Fight For Peace traces attempts for peace, especially the Oslo Peace Accords of 1993.  (98 min.)


VCR 956.1 T939

TURKEY, LAND OF GREAT HISTORY:  World Life International, [198?].

Summary: Travel guide tour of Turkey, including Istanbul and the island of Samos.  (28 min.)


VCR 956.94 J56

JERUSALEM: WITHIN THESE WALLS: National Geographic Video, 1987.

Summary: A kaleidoscopic view of Jerusalem and its people as they are today--the remarkable outcome of 3,000 years of history, hope, and faith.  (1 hour)


VCR 959.7043 H436he

HEARTS AND MINDS: Embassy Home Entertainment, c1985.

Summary: Examines the American consciousness that led to involvement in Vietnam. Includes the interviews with General William Westmoreland, former Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford, Senator William Fulbright, Walt Rostow and Daniel Ellsberg.  (1 hour & 52 min.)


VCR 959.7043 V431 v.1

VIETNAM: A TELEVISION HISTORY: Sony Corporation of America, 1987.

Summary: Roots Of War -- The First Vietnam War, 1946 -1954.  (2 hours)


VCR 959.7043 V431 v.2

VIETNAM: A TELEVISION HISTORY: Sony Corporation of America, 1987.

Summary: America's Mandarin, 1954-1963 -- LBJ Goes To War, 1964-1965.  (2 hours)


VCR 959.7043 V431 v.3

VIETNAM: A TELEVISION HISTORY: Sony Corporation of America, 1987.

Summary: America Takes Charge, 1965-1967 -- America's Enemy, 1954-1967.  (2 hours)


VCR 959.7043 V431 v.4

VIETNAM: A TELEVISION HISTORY: Sony Corporation of America, 1987.

Summary: Tet, 1968 -- Vietnamizing The War, 1969-1973.  (2 hours)


VCR 959.7043 V431 v.5

VIETNAM: A TELEVISION HISTORY: Sony Corporation of America, 1987.

Summary: Cambodia And Laos -- Peace Us At Hand, 1968-1973.  (2 hours)


VCR 959.7043 V431 v.6

VIETNAM: A TELEVISION HISTORY: Sony Corporation of America, 1987.

Summary: Homefront, U.S.A. -- End Of The Tunnel, 1973-1975.  (2 hours)


VCR 959.7043 V431 v.7

VIETNAM: A TELEVISION HISTORY: Sony Corporation of America, 1987.

Summary: Legacies.  (1 hour)


VCR 959.8 R581

RING OF FIRE: Mystic Fire Video, 1989, 1988.

Summary: The "Ring of Fire" is a chain of active volcanoes in the Pacific. In the islands, the Blair brothers search for the golden-tailed Phoenix, find giant carnivorous lizards, witness human sacrifice and live with headhunters. They attend funeral rites, live with a dream wandering tribe, and join the dance of the hornbill. Volumes 1,2,3,4.  (4 videos--ca. 1 hour each)


VCR 959.86 A832ba

ASIA, VOLUME I: BALI: Ernst Ineractive Media Publications, c1993.

Summary: Interdisciplinary study of Balinese culture viewed through the eyes of children.  (18 min.)





VCR 960 G786

THE GREATNESS OF AFRICA: Educational Video Network, c1997.

Summary: Introduction to the greatness of Africa through a discussion of its history, civilization, and contributions to the world.  (20 min.)  


VCR 960.1 D569


Summary: The film gives a history of Africa from many locations by showing life as it is today and using archive film and dramatized reconstructions. A discussion of early civilizations that arose in Africa is followed by examination of three different communities to examine the ways African peoples have adapted to often hostile environments.  (1 hour & 54 min.)


VCR 960.2 B582


Summary: Gives a history of Africa from many locations showing life as it is today plus archive film and dramatized reconstructions. Looks at the succession of Europeans which came to Africa -- explorers, missionaries and empire-builders. The 1880's saw a 30-year "scramble for Africa" when nearly the entire continent became subject to European colonial rule.  (1 hour & 54 min.)


VCR 960.2 C262


Summary: Gives a history of Africa from many locations showing life as it is today plus archive film and dramatization reconstructions. Traces the medieval gold trade from Africa to India, China and Italy. Then, to explore ways in which African kingdoms functioned, Davidson visits Kano in Nigeria, where a king still holds court in his 15th century palace, and ancient rituals continue to command the respect of the people.  (1 hour & 54 min.)


VCR 960.2 R783

THE ROOTS OF AFRICAN CIVILIZATION: Knowledge Unlimited, c1996.

Summary: Highlights the art, culture, history and civilizations of ancient West Africa.  (25 min.)


VCR 960.3 R595


Summary: Gives a history of Africa from many locations showing life as it is today plus archive film and dramatization reconstructions. Discusses the major struggles for African independence and looks at the post-colonial Africa of today. Includes interviews with several African statesmen.  (1 hour & 54 min.)


VCR 962 N695il

THE NILE: Warner Home Video, c1986.

Summary: In this breathtaking travelogue, the Cousteaus embark on a daring ten-month expedition along the entire course of the world's largest river, capturing on film the Nile's astonishing natural beauties, menacing dangers, primitive cultures and animal sanctuaries.  (1 hour & 56 min.)


VCR 966 D219


Summary:  Employs a mixture of interviews, slave narratives, and dramatization.  Tells the story of the impact of the Atlantic slave trade.  Takes the viewer from the house of slaves on Goree Island off the coast off Dakar, Senegal, to the village of Juffere on the Gambia River.  (50 min.)


VCR 966.7 A258gh

AFRICA, VOLUME 2: GHANA: Ernst Interactive Media Publications, c1996.

Summary: Interdisciplinary study of Ghana's culture viewed through the eyes of children.  (37 min.)


VCR 966.7 C536

GEORGINA WILLIAMS OF GHANA:  Rainbow Educational Media, c1995.

Summary:  Videocassette that acquaints students with the lifestyles of children from Ghana by taking them through a typical day in the life of 9-year old Georgina Williams.  (17 min.) 




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