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 Schneider Family Book Award

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Description of the Award


What is the Schneider Family Book Award?

The Schneider Family Book Award honors an author or illustrator for a book that "embodies an artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences."  Awards are given for child (birth through grade school;) middle school (age 11-12;) and teen (age 13-18.)  Winners receive a framed plaque and $5000.


Who decides the winner?

The awards committee of the American Library Association administers this award. 


When did the award begin?

The first awards were given in 2004.


What special criteria are used to select this award?

  • Must portray aspects of living with a disability, whether the disability is physical, mental or emotional

  • Must portray the disability as part of a full life, (not as something to be pitied or overcome) and written for children and adolescents so they will better understand this theme

  • Must be published in the last three years

  • For a picture book, the committee will consider excellence of presentation to the audience of child or adolescent as well as the artistic technique, the excellence of pictorial interpretation of the story, and the appropriateness of style of illustration to the story.  The graphic form must be self-contained, not dependent on other media such as sound or film equipment

  • Format and typeface must be appropriate, clear and free of typographical errors

  • Must be a single publication, not an article or serial

  • Must be an original work by illustrator, author and/or co-authors

  • Author or illustrator must be citizen or resident of the United States

Why is it called the Schneider Family Book Award?

The award was donated by Dr. Katherine Schneider, senior psychologist emerita from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Counseling Services.


What does the award look like?

The circle-shaped Schneider Family Book Award features a blue background with a silver border and lettering. The letters "Schneider Family Book Award" form a semi-circle.  In the center is a circle surrounded by  eight, hand-holding children, alternating boy and girl.  Below the design is writing that may be Braille.


YEAR AUTHOR TITLE   (Curriculum Lab Call Number)
Young Children Seeger, Pete and Paul Dubois Jacobs DEAF MUSICIANS  (JPB Seeger)
Middle School Lord, Cynthia RULES   (YP  L866ru)
Teen Sachar, Louis SMALL STEPS   (YP  S121sm)
Young Children Uhlberg, Myron DAD, JACKIE AND ME  (J  U31da)
Middle School Fusco, Kimberly Newton TENDING TO GRACE  (YP  F993te)
Teen Rapp, Adam UNDER THE WOLF, UNDER THE DOG  (YP  R221un)
Young Children Bertrant, Diane Gonzales MY PAL, VICTOR/MI AMIGO, VICTOR
Middle School Ryan, Pam Munoz BECOMING NAOMI LEON  (YP  R989be)
Young Children Lang, Glenna LOOKING OUT FOR SARAH
Middle School Mass, Wendy A MANGO=SHAPED SPACE
Teen Clements, Andrew THINGS NOT SEEN   (YP  C626th)



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