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Scott O'Dell Historical Fiction Award 




What is the Scott O'Dell Award?

Scott O'Dell established this award to encourage other writers to focus on historical fiction.  The story must have historical significance and meet all the usual literary criteria for the genre and be potentially appealing to readers.  A $5000 award goes to the meritorious book published in the previous year for children or young adults.


Who decides the winner?

The  advisory committee of the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books selects the award winner.  Since inception of the award, the committee has been headed by Zena Sutherland, Professor Emeritus of Children's Literature at the University of Chicago.  Books to be considered must be written by a U.S. citizen, published by a U.S. publisher and set in the New World (U.S., Canada, Central or South America.)


When did the award begin?

Conceived by the Scott O'Dell foundation, this award began in 1981 with the first award given in 1983.  


Why is it called the Scott O'Dell Award?

Scott O'Dell wrote over two dozen books for children and young adults and many deal with historical subjects.  He won the Newbery Medal, Hans Christian Anderson award of merit, and five other awards for his novel, Island of the Blue Dolphins.


What does the award look like?

A golden circle features three dolphins.  Circular wording on top "SCOTT O'DELL AWARD." Circular wording on bottom "FOR HISTORICAL FICTION."


YEAR AUTHOR TITLE   (Curriculum Lab Call Number)
2007 Klages, Ellen GREEN GLASS SEA   (YP  K63gr)
2006 Erdrich, Louise THE GAME OF SILENCE
2005 LaFaye, A. WORTH  (J  L161wo)
2004 Peck, Richard RIVER BETWEEN US
2003 Pearsall, Shelley TROUBLE DON'T LAST
2002 Taylor, Mildred THE LAND (YP T244la)
2001 Lisle, Janet Taylor THE ART OF KEEPING COOL
2000 Bat-Ami, Miriam TWO SUNS IN THE SKY
1999 Robinet, Harriette Gillem FORTY ACRES AND MAYBE A MULE
1998 Hesse, Karen OUT OF THE DUST  (YP H587ou)
1997 Paterson, Katherine JIP: HIS STORY  (YP P296ji)
1996 Taylor, Theodore THE BOMB
1995 Salisbury, Graham UNDER THE BLOOD RED SUN
1994 Fleischman, Paul BULL RUN
1993 Dorris, Michael MORNING GIRL  (J D716mo)
1992 Hahn, Mary Downing STEPPING ON THE CRACKS  J H148st)
1991 Van Raven, Pieter A TIME OF TROUBLES
1990 Reeder, Carolyn SHADES OF GRAY  (J R323sh)
1989 de Jenkins, Lyll Becerra THE HONORABLE PRISON
1988 Beatty, Patricia CHARLEY SKEDADDLE  (J B370ch)
1986 MacLachlan, Patricia SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL  (J M161sa)
1985 Avi THE FIGHTING GROUND  (J A957fi)
1984 Speare, Elizabeth George THE SIGN OF THE BEAVER  (J S741s)


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