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Chapter 3 Blogs


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Everything Blog 

Lists of Librarian/Library Blogs

Everything Blog


User Generated Content: An Overview  (see "Blogs" beginning at page 4)


Weil: Top 20 Definitions of Blogging


Rosen: The Weblog: An Extremely Democratic Form in Journalism


Winn: "State of the Blogosphere 2008: Introduction"


More Technorati on the State of the Blogosphere (Chronological List 2004 to 2011)


Kirkpatrick: Technorati Numbers Indicate Blogging is Niche and Slowing


Top 100 Blogs Ranked by Technorati (Authority)


Time Magazine: Best Blogs of 2010


Time Magazine: Best Blogs of 2011


Salem Press Awards for Best Library Blogs: 2010 and 2011


Navarro: The Dark Side of Blogging: When Free Gets Ugly


Lists of Librarian/Library Blogs


Blog Software Options


Frequency of Comments in Public Library Blogs


Frequency of Comments in Academic Library Blogs


New York Public Library Policy on Patron-Generated Content


Blake Carver's Ten Librarian Blogs to Read in 2010


GetDegree's list of Top Fifty Librarian Blogs


Frequency of Comments to Blogs Written by Individual Librarians (avg. comments per post)


Chuck Jones: The Ancient World Online


Business Blog Consulting's List of Statistical Packages that Monitor Blog Success




Dynamic Feed Control Wizard


LibWorm (search librarians' blogs)


FriendFeed (real-time feed aggregator)

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Lists of Librarian/Library Blogs



# blogs

Blogging Libraries Wiki


Blogs in the Liblog Landscape (2007-2009) Walt Crawford


Favorite Blogs: List and Commentary Meredith Farkas/Information Wants to Be Free




LISZEN (Library Zen Network: Wiki)


Weblogs: LISWiki



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