Information Today (2012)

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Chapter 11 Custom Search Engines

Examples of Interesting Google CSE created by others

Best Tube Sites (searching for videos) -- courtesy of Lakhbir Singh

Sites where you can create your own CSE

Create a Custom Search Engine using Google

Péter's PolySearch Engines

Gigablast Custom Topic Search (use the code at the bottom of this Gigablast page)




Custom Search Engines built by Nick T.

Custom Search Five Health/Medical Sites using Gigablast CTS, Rollyo, and Google Sustom Search -- Interactive so you can compare the results (Try them)

Test Drive 6 More Custom Search Engines created by the author

Try custom searches for "All Things Biographical," "What's Cookin'?" and a consolidated search of Rollyo.

An Early Implementation of Google Auto-Completion in a Google CSE

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