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Chapter 13 Yahoo! Pipes

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Official Yahoo! Pipes Information Sample Pipes
Lists of Exemplary Pipes Jeff Hastings' article about Pipes
Nick Tomaiuolo's Pipes Baker's Dozen: Science, Technology, and Library Pipes to Test Run and/or Clone

Search the UContent site with a Google Custom Search Engine (see Chapter 11 for more information on CSEs): 


Official Yahoo Pipes Information

Yahoo Pipes home page

Yahoo Pipes Blog (home page)

Yahoo Documentation for Pipes


Sample Pipes : Note -- Most of these Pipes will only run under Internet Explorer!

Browse Popular Pipes

Jonathan's U.S. Population by State

"Anthony M": The Interactive Content Keyword Searchable Yahoo Pipe (searches your search term in various news sources)

Online Brand Protection Pipe

Nicole Engard's UK News Pipe  and What I Learned Today blog

Yale Center for Medical Informatics: State Cancer Profile

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Lists of Exemplary Pipes

Corvida: The ReadWriteWeb's list of "Ultimate Yahoo! Pipes"  

HYVEUP Blog: Best List of Pipes So Far

Tutkiun: Unique and Useful Yahoo! Pipes List


Jeff Hastings' article about Pipes

Hastings: "Yahoo! Pipes: Interactive Feed Aggregator/Manipulator." School Library Journal.


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Pipes created by the book's author Nick Tomaiuolo:

Searchable Library Technology RSS Feed Combiner

Twelve Librarians' Blogs Searched by the Keyword "presentations"

Nick Tomaiuolo's Pipes Home Page

Example of a Yahoo! Pipes Project embedded as a Badge on a Webpage

Yahoo! Pipe as an RSS feed (New Political Science Materials at the University of Richmond Libraries)


A Bakers Dozen: Science, Technology, and Library Pipes

a sampling to test run or clone

EduComm Twitter Group

EduComm is a national conference designed to bring the best business and technology solutions to today's higher education leaders. EduComm promotes creative collaboration, shared information, and innovative ideas, with special attention to dynamic new leadership opportunities  empowered by new technologies.

Green Living

A compilation of the most popular Green Living Blogs. It includes RSS feeds from such sites like Treehugger, Inhabitat, Autobloggreen, Greenbean, Dwell, and many other top blogs. Topics include building green, home improvement ideas, green automobile reviews, new technology, gadgets, lifestyles, cooking, shopping, and everything else that can be done to reduce our waste and at the same time improve our quality of live.

GRIN: Genetics Robotics Information Technology and Nanotechnology

Issues in Education

Education news from national news sources related to NCLB, standardized testing, homeschooling, literacy, and vouchers.

Library Job Listings

Combined job listings for library careers in the United States and beyond

Library Literature Journals

A mash-up of numerous library lit journals table of contents. Proxied for Temple U but a clone could be made to re-proxy for your institutional needs.

PNAS NEJM JBC JCS MCB AACR journals filtered

Collects RSS feeds from scientific journals listed in title, and allows you to filter on words included in the title and abstract to generate a feed.

Quick Online Tips Technology News, Blogging Tips, Computers and Web 2.0

Technology Trends This pipe is designed accumulate all of the current days technology news.


This mashup brings together news on how the current financial crisis is affecting stocks in the technology sector. It combines the latest news from the New York Times, the UK Financial Times, and Reuters News Agency. It is a one stop shop for anyone keen on having a quick glance at the current trends in stock prices related to technology from three of the world's most powerful news organizations. The information is automatically updated as any news on technology and stocks come up in the three news sources.


Information about technological gadgets: iPods, cell phones, computers, digital cameras and more.

Technology News from Around the World

Information Technology News from around the world. Combined feeds from Slashdot, InfoWeek, InfoWorld, CNET, PCMag, MIT, etc.

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