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newAlthough the book didn't have a chapter on Crowdsourcing (most of the book was actually about crowdsourcing) here are a couple of search engines that illustrate how far the concept has com: Read this article to learn about Datasift which portends to be Google with a human touch. And, via Tara Calishain, from The Next Web: ‘Digle’ wants to gamify search for uber-specific queries. “UK startup ‘Digle’ wants to change the way we search for hyper-specific queries. Rather than digging in and sorting through pages of un-optimized sites, Digle gives you the option to hand the task off to someone else. These ‘Finders’ are then tasked with the grunt work in exchange for badges, higher positions on the leaderboard, and credits — which are redeemable for cash.”


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Search the UContent site with a Google Custom Search Engine (see Chapter 11 for more information on CSEs): 

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Chapter 1 The Evolution of UContent


Chapter 2 Project Gutenberg


Chapter 3 Blogs


Chapter 4 Wikis


Chapter 5 Podcasts, Slides, Screencasts and Video


Chapter 6 Facebook


Chapter 7 Online Reviews of Products and Services


Chapter 8 Self-Publishing

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Chapter 9 Citizen Journalism


Chapter 10 Tagging, Folksonomies and Social Bookmarking


Chapter 11 Custom Search Engines


Chapter 12 Cybercartography


Chapter 13 Yahoo! Pipes


Chapter 14 Flickr



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