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copyright 2012 by Nicholas G. Tomaiuolo, M.L.S., Elihu Burritt Library, Central Connecticut State University

 Nick Tomaiuolo's test of Gigablast's Custom Topic Search, Rollyo, and Google Custom Search Engine Interactive -- Try 'em !

Try your medical/health search in each of the custom search engines below and compare your results.  Here are my results for the search "h1n1 vaccine"

These 5 Web sites searched in all 3 services (note: no specially weighting was given to the results; only top level domains are searched):

Centers for Disease Control

The Mayo Clinic

National Center for Biotechnology Information

National Library of Medicine



Gigablast goes first


Rollyo goes next

note: pull down the menu and select Health Resources search

Google Custom Search Engine goes last -- remember only top level domains are searched; no tweaking has been done in any of the custom engines.



Test Results

Results for my test search for "H1N1 vaccine":

about 118 items retrieved from Gigablast (first ten = 1 cdc, 7 WebMD, 2 Mayo Clinic)

about 11,300 items retrieved via Rollyo (first ten all from the CDC)

for custom searches Google does not estimate the number of results (first ten = 8 from CDC, then 1 from Mayo Clinic then 1 from CDC )

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