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Aggregators and lists of magazine sites

Free Medical Journals Database
FreeMedicalJournals provides links to 1300 periodicals.  Although you cannot search the site, you can look for journals by specialty or alphabetically. According to the home page, "Over the next few years, many important medical journals will be available online, free and in full-text.  The access to free scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice and attract Internet visitors to these journals.  Journals that restrict access to their Web sites will lose popularity."

Headline Spot 
200 links to periodicals are filed under one of eighteen categories.

Internet Public Library Serials
Annotated links to online periodicals grouped by subject.

Librarians' Index to the Internet: Magazines by Topic
Publications are listed under 54 subject categories.

Librarians' Index to the Internet: Periodicals
Annotations and links to 285 online periodicals.

Magazine Directory
An alphabetical list of magazines with links to the individual magazine sites.

Magazines A to Z
Another handy list of links to magazines' websites.  Incidentally, don't be fooled by the "Search for Articles" option; it just sends your request to FindArticles.

Newsdirectory List of Magazines
The home page offers access to the websites of electronic periodicals by subject category.  The user may also search for a magazine title or browse for publications by geographical region or country.  The range of periodicals listed is impressive.  It includes numerous foreign magazines as well as the typical Western newsstand titles.

Individual Magazines and Journals
Atlantic Unbound
The Atlantic Monthly's online counterpart provides a complete archive of issues back to September 1995 enriched with essays that put older stories into perspective along with special feature articles that augment and edify the content of items from the current issue and. Sidebars and links take readers to interviews with authors, web only columns by Atlantic editors, and multimedia items.

Time Magazine 
Although only 50% of the print magazine makes it too the website, nothing is “ever left on the cutting room floor” meaning that the stories that do appear can be expanded. Time's website has provides room for special projects that never make it to the print version.

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