The Web Library: Building a World Class Personal Library with Free Web Resources

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Relevant links for the latest on free resources and other related issues
Prolific author Charles W. Bailey, Assistant Dean for Digital Library Planning and Development at the University of Houston, provides his Open Access Webliography. The site offers content that will give readers an excellent background on Open Access as well as many links to free resources (some covered in my book, some new). Bailey is on top of the OA movement; give it a look.

Open Access Now (from BioMed Central)

Peter Suber's Open Access Blog 
Digital Library Federation
SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) Open Access Newsletter

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Online or Invisible? by Steve Lawrence, Ph.D. (Articles freely available online are more highly cited. For greater impact and faster scientific progress, authors and publishers should aim to make research easy to access.)
Create Change (co-sponsored by the Association of Research Libraries, SPARC, and the Association of College and Research Libraries.)

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