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Blue TV

Summer 2015 Digital Cable Transition

New Channel Line Up Now Available

You can also view the CCSU BLUE TV line up on


BLUE TV service to campus was upgraded to digital service over the summer of 2015. A new program guide is now available on the cable system channel 73.1. Additional channels have been added to the lineup and most channel locations have changed.  It is important to rescan your television or tuning device in order to receive the new digital lineup.  Please review your television to see if it has a Clear QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) built-in tuner (sometimes listed as QAM tuner). Locate your television model number and perform a search online using that make and model. Most manufacturers offer an online version of the operator's manual that will confirm if your television has a QAM tuner built-in. Please also consider visiting the Campus Televideo Digital Television FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for a list of known televisions that do not have a tuner built-in

If no QAM tuner is present in your television alternative solutions are available. One option is listed below. Please contact the Media Center for more information  


Set Top Box (STBs) Alternatives

These boxes will decode the digital signals so that it works on
your older analog device/TV. Listed devices have been tested
and utilized by Campus Televideo and are recomended.



This set top box is availble online through multiple vendors inlcuding Amazon, Wal-Mart, B&H Photo Video and NewEgg.

Not able to receive the campus television channels (23.1, 23.2 and 23.6) on your iView box? The latest firmware update should resolve that issue. Contact the Media Center for more information.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will High Definition channels be offered as part of this upgrade? No.

Should I be seeing virtual channels (61.1, 61.2, etc.)? Yes.

Why is this being done? To provide a more clear, crisp and reliable picture and television service to campus residents

My TV stopped scanning and is not receiving all of the channels? Some TV manufacturers have a solution for this issue. Contact the manufacturer via their website and ask if a "firmware update" is available for your television model to correct this problem. They will provide instructions for installing the latest firmware on your television.

How do I set up my television in my Residence Hall?
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