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Central Authors is an annual series of 12 half-hour programs produced for Connecticut's cable television stations and online viewing. The format allows our faculty and staff the familiar comfort of the classroom lecture . . .but in the Campus Bookstore. It also provides them the luxury to wax over their work for the full 30 minutes without interruption. Essentially the full span of scholarship defines the topical domain with presentors ranging from seasoned veteran authors to 'first-book' pens. 

Taping Schedule

All tapings begin at 12:15 in the CCSU Bookstore.

FALL 2017

100 Things to Do in Hartford before You Die
666 Days of Metal 
Chip McCabe (Alumnus)
Wednesday, September 13
Special Double Taping

Explaining Suicide: Patterns, Motivations, and What Notes Reveal 
Kathy Hermes (History)
Wednesday, October 11

 At the Broken Places: A Mother and Trans Son Pick Up the Pieces
Mary Collins (English)
Wednesday, October 25

The LITA Leadership Guide: The Librarian as Entrepreneur, Leader, and Technologist
Carl Antonucci (Burritt Library)
Wednesday, November 1

Ancient America: Fifty Archeological Sites to See for Yourself
Kenneth Feder (Anthropology)
Wednesday, November 15

 Watch Central Authors daily on CCSU TV, channel 23, at 8:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 7:30 pm, or online at

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