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Frames Per Second is produced by the CCSU Media Technology Department.  The goal of the program is to highlight and feature local filmmakers.  A particular emphasis is placed on student filmmaking.  The filmmaker is interviewed in-studio and some of their work is interspersed throughout the program.  The freshman effort of Frames Per Second debuted in the Spring of 2010 on CCSU TV 23.

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FPS 1301
Guest: Doug Sobon
FPS 1302 Guest: Evan Mann
FPS 1303 Guest: Melissa Erdman
FPS 1304 Guest: Michael Barra
FPS 1305 Guest: Brian Trent
FPS 1306 Guest: Jason Vega
FPS 1307 Guest: Dustin Wong
FPS 1308 Guest: Steve Rand
FPS 1309 Guest: Michael Lombardi
FPS 1310 Guest: Mike Cianci
FPS 1311 Guest:
FPS 1312 Guest: Bryan Kopp

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