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The CCSU Mural Program is directed by Internationally recognized mural painter Prof Mike Alewitz. Asside from teaching mural painting and street art at CCSU, Alewitz has painted murals thoughtout South-Central LA, New York, Baghdad, Chernobyl, Mexico, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Israel, the Occupied Territories and numerous other locations. In 1999, Alewitz was named a Millennium Artist by the White House and is the co-author of is the co-author of "Insurgent Images: The Agitprop Murals of Mike Alewitz". Alewitz is also currently a member of United Scenic Artists, IATSE Local 829 and the CCSU chapter of AAUP.

For more information on the mural collection, upcoming events or how to enroll, contact:

Prof Mike Alewitz at / Maloney Hall 033

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