Students’ mural promoting tolerance unveiled

NEW BRITAIN - About a dozen Central Connecticut State University art students used their paint brushes to bring attention to their frustration over what they see as society’s Islamaphobia, and their work was unveiled Friday.

Borrowing a quote from the Muslim Quran, “Show Forgiveness, Speak for Justice, Avoid the Ignorant,” the students used a combination of Arabic script and wild-style lettering to create a 40-foot mural for display at one end of the Student Center’s exterior. Designed as a portable banner, the artwork, promoting religious tolerance, can be used as a backdrop or display at other venues or conferences on or off campus.

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With the 4th Annual International Mural Slam behind us, here's a quick recap of the paint, people and prevailing wind. Thanks to everyone for coming out--see you next semester!



Unique mural painting program for socially engaging art

(CCSU Courier Front Page)

Murals--whether painted on a wall, ceiling, or other permanent surface--record what's important to people's lives. They resonate with history, stretching back to cave art in southern France.

Today, following in this long tradition, CCSU art students wield their brushes and express their ideas through the Art Department's Mural Painting program, described by it's director, Associate Professor of Art Mike Alewitz, as unique in the nation. "Our students learn the history and techniques of mural art while painting on campus and in the working-class neighborhoods of central Connecticut," he explains. "CCSU students have created a remarkable breadth of art. We have works about string theory, microbiology, and Greek mythology. Murals are decorative, humorous, abstract or personal. Of course, since murals are part of public discourse, many have tackled socialist issues like 9/11, war, the occupation of Iraq, feminism, immigrant workers, sexual abuse, popular culture and other similar subjects."

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Dedication of THE SPIRIT LIVES Mural

Speech by Mike Alewitz to the United National Peace Conference, July 24, 2010

40 Year Commemorative Banner for the Massacre of Students
at Kent and Jackson State May 4 & 14, 1970

Painted May 4 - 14, 2010 by Jerry Butler & Mike Alewitz

Assistance by: Vanessa Butler, Zoe Nicole Shaw, Ally King, Elliot Vallez, Hema Savitri Pertab

Dedicated to the Martyrs of the Freedom Flotilla