Welte Hall
Herbert D. Welte Hall, housing an auditorium seating nearly 1,900, is used for various concerts in the Music Department as well as many university lectures, films and visiting performances. The New Britain Symphony, the Vance lecture series and a foreign film festival are part of the rich culture brought to the stage of Welte Auditorium each year. The building also contains the classrooms, rehearsal space, faculty offices and practice rooms used by the Music Department.

Torp Theatre
This is a 350 seat theatre in Davidson hall that was beautifully renovated in 2000. It is used by the department for many ensemble concerts and all student recitals.

Founders Hall
Founders Hall is a large formal room located in the administration building. Seating approximately 100, the room is used for smaller concerts such as student and faculty recitals, and chamber music concerts.

Elihu Burritt Library
The University Library houses an excellent collection of over 2,000 scores, 5,000 music-specific books, 1,200 CDs, and a growing number of Video Tapes and DVDs. A collection of over 2,000 LPs is in the process of being replaced with CDs. In addition, the library has subscriptions to over 50 current music print periodicals and maintains current reference materials. Its pleasant atmosphere, complete with individual listening stations and study carrels housed in a specialized media room, reserve room and helpful staff, make it the best place to study and complete research projects/papers.

In recent years, the library has significantly increased its electronic resources allowing students round-the-clock access to a number of valuable resources including the Naxos Music Library, Grove Music Online, JSTOR, and over 150 digital version of music periodicals. Digital (both text and audio) reserves is rapidly becoming an important resource for music students providing access to reserve materials beyond the hours of the traditional reserve room.

To facilitate access to all library materials and resources (including the convenience of on-line renewal) new students should set up the library PIN number soon after arriving on campus. www.consuls.org/screens/faq_5.html

The Music Education Resource Center contains updated journals, books and curriculum materials pertaining to music education. Students majoring in music education have access to MERC at specified hours.

Practice Rooms
There are practice rooms available in Welte Hall. Priority is given to music majors for their use. The first two weeks of each semester is the time for music majors to choose practice hours. Please sign up for times on the sheets in the Music Office before signing up on the practice room door.

Computer Centers
There are many computers available for student use on campus. The Marcus White Microcomputer Lab is the university¹s main general-purpose computer center. This lab offers acces to both PC and Mac computers, numerous black and white printers, 1 color laser printer, and text/graphic scanners. The Student Center has a number of ³Citrix Terminals² that allow access to basic computing operations, such as e-mail, library catalog searching, and web browsing. CentralPipeline Kiosks with the ability to print can be found all over campus. In addition, every Residence Hall has its own computer lab, and there are numerous computers, printer and photocopiers available in the Ehilu Burritt Library.

Every CCSU student receives a BlueNet ID. A BlueNet ID is the only account you need to access a number of CCSU¹s computer resources. A BlueNet ID is used to log on to many campus computers, to CentralPipeline (and all of its resources including WebCT and WebCentral-Banner Web Services), to access a CCSU e-mail account, and to connect to the campus Wireless Zone.

Soon after arriving on campus, students should also make sure to set up their library PIN number. ' To find out more information about general technology available to CCSU students please visit www.ccsu.edu/tech4u to view an online version of CCSU's student technology guide, Technology 4U@CCSU.

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