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CCSU & the Neighborhood


CCSU is proud to be considered a good neighbor, and we are committed to working with our neighbors in addressing common concerns.  We invite our Belvedere neighbors to share their thoughts and ideas with us. You can email us either through this link or you can copy and paste this address in an email: Neighbors@CCSU.edu. You may also leave a message at this telephone number: 832-2444.  Although we may not be able to respond to each message, all messages will be duly considered. If you have a concern requiring immediate attention--a party next door grown out of hand, for example--please contact the New Britain Police Department at 9-1-1.

We also want you to know what CCSU is doing to address problems with loud parties, unruly behavior, and other issues that have had a negative impact on our neighborhood. Here is a list of things that we are currently working on:

1. We are creating a Town-Gown Committee to serve as a communication conduit and generator of ideas; we invite your recommendations for "Town" representatives on that committee.

2. We are increasing police presence on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

3. We have established a mutual aid agreement with New Britain Police enabling individual CCSU neighborhood patrols and CCSU-New Britain joint patrols.

4. We are creating additional on-campus events for students, such as the "Devils Den @10," a student-coordinated, non-alcoholic entertainment series taking place in the Student Center on Thursday nights.

5. We are exploring ways to engage CCSU students in our efforts:

Neighborhood volunteer outreach, building on existing volunteer efforts (such as our annual fall leaf-raking for our Belvedere neighbors) to enhance students' sense of neighborly responsibility.

         Adopt-a-Street/Neighborhood initiative

         Expand the Connecticut State University System student code of conduct to hold
         students accountable for off-campus behavior

These and other measures will be pursued to ensure that our neighborhood remains attractive, safe, and a good place to live and to learn.



1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT 06050  860.832.CCSU or toll free instate 1-888-733-CCSU

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