Constitution Room

Supervisor Conversation

Wednesday August 20th (9-10:15) in HB 330

Friday August 29th (9-10:15) in HB 222: For those who missed the 1st date

New Supervisor Orientation

Wednesday August 20th (10:15-11:15) in HB 330

All Student Teacher Orientation

Tuesday August 26th (3:30-6:00) in Constitution

Cooperating Teacher Conversation

Thursday September 4th (4-5:15) in Nutmeg Room


Lunch & Learn


*for supervisors only

Student Teaching Wrap-Up

(All Student Teachers)

Wednesday December 10, 2014 (2-4) in Constitution




Welcome to the Office of School-Community Partnership (OSCP)


The clinical work of student teaching and other course related field experiences have long been recognized as the essential component to the preparation of teachers as it serves as the crucial link between formal preparation and full-time independent teaching. This web page is intended to be a resource for individuals applying to student teach, those currently engaged in the student teaching semester, and those individuals who support this important work:  cooperating teachers, university supervisors and K-12 school districts.

It is our goal to serve CCSU’s teacher candidates by collaborating with the K-12 school communities in the placement of CCSU student teachers.


The OSCP mission supports the mission of the School of Education and Professional Studies in the preparation of professionals for the early childhood, elementary, secondary, special education, and K-12 settings.  In order to accomplish this mission, the OSCP must work collaboratively with CCSU faculty/departments to ensure that Teacher Candidates are prepared to:

  • Serve in the region, the state, and the nation.
  • Apply principles of learning and assessment through a variety of technologies to guide our own best practice and that of practitioner in the professions.
  • Develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for professional practice and community service through learning experiences that are rich in diversity of perspectives, values, attitudes, and beliefs and that are enhanced by active reflection.

In addition, guided by the purpose of preparing leaders for service in diverse communities the OSCP must work closely with state-wide school districts as well as the State Department of Education to secure appropriate placements for Teacher Candidates to put theory into practice in a classroom setting.


The OSCP is proud of its longstanding commitment in serving both CCSU teacher candidates as well as public school communities. If, at any time, the OSCP can assist you, I encourage you to contact our office.



Ellen Benham

Coordinator of School-Community Partnership




A mandatory student teacher orientation will be held on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 3:30 - 6:00 p.m.  in the Constitution Room.  Please be sure to attend!