Emergency Preparedness & Response

Emergency Preparedness generally:

Click HERE to access CCSU's Emergency Procedures Guide (PDF)

Calling 911 - fast facts

The New Britain PSAP routes all emergency calls to the appropriate first responder including the CCSU Police via the CCSU dispatch center, including calls made from cell phones.

Emergency Notifications (CCSU ALERT) - What to expect and what to do:

All currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, and other campus employees have been enrolled in the CCSU Emergency Notification System (ENS). Click HERE for information on receiving electronic notifications and updating your contact information.

CCSU's Emergency Notification System (CCSU ALERT) focuses on emergency notifications in concert with a public safety response to avert threats and minimize the potential consequences of campus emergencies.

What to Expect:

Upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of the campus community, the CCSU Police will activate both:

What kind of emergencies trigger a CCSU ALERT? The system is used primarily for:

What Should You Do?

  1. Seek shelter immediately in the nearest building away from doors and windows
  2. Seek additional information via the CCSU website
  3. Only call 911 if you or others are in danger (Calling 911 for information prevents the receipt of emergency calls.)

STAY or Evacuate?

As part of its efforts to help safeguard the CCSU community in campus incidents with the potential for loss of life or bodily harm, the University suggests a protection strategy for the campus titled “STAY.” Unless advised to evacuate a facility (e.g. for a fire alarm) or the campus, or when necessary to flee imminent harm, you should use the STAY strategy. The key components of the STAY strategy are:

You must take measures to protect your safety until the police give the “all clear.”

Under the STAY strategy, existing emergency plans and access to shelter-in-place options will be emphasized. It is expected that a large number of people would seek shelter in place in classrooms and major buildings on the campuses. Any decision to lock down buildings would be made on an individual and localized basis within the framework of overall incident management. In other cases you may be required to evacuate your room or building. Announcements may be made within a building by fire alarm or otherwise through the CCSU ALERT system. If you have access to radio, television or the Internet, use these resources to keep informed and follow whatever official orders you receive.

Three important things to remember are:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Do not take unnecessary risks.
  3. Follow instructions.

In the event of any emergency requiring a building evacuation, leave the building immediately and move a minimum of 300 feet away from affected buildings. Activate the fire alarm as you leave. Call the University Police Department from a safe location by dialing 911 or 860-832-2375. Do not re-enter the building until emergency personnel declare it safe.

CCSU ALERT FAQ's - The following are the two most common questions: