Education and Interests

Received her her Ph.D. from the University of North Texas in Clinical Psychology. She has worked at a state mental hospital, a health maintenance organization, private practice and came to CCSU in 1987.

Dr. Austad teaches a variety of clinical classes including Abnormal Psychology, Stress Management, Clinical Psychology, Death and Dying, Short-term Psychotherapy and the Health Care System, and Theories of Psychotherapy, Counseling. Dr. Austad has also set up a fledgling biofeedback center at CCSU and hopes to make it grow into a thriving entity. Interested students should speak with Dr. Austad.  Dr. Austad's research interests include biofeedback, peace psychology, psychotherapy and evidence based mental health and the health care system. She is always appreciative of students who want to collaborate on research projects. Dr. Austad is also Co-coordinator of the CCSU Peace Studies Minor Program.

In her free time, Dr. Austad likes to sail and hike.



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