Education and Interests

Received her Ph.D. from Boston University and had a post doctoral fellowship at the graduate center at CUNY. She taught as an adjunct during graduate school and one year at Haverford College. In 1997, Dr. DiPlacido came to CCSU.

She teaches Intro to Psychology, Health Psychology, Personality, as well as graduate classes that include Health Psychology, Psychology of Stress and Psychology of Women's Health.

In her free time, Dr. DiPlacido likes spending time and connecting with friends, reading, watching movies and doing "outdoor stuff."



There is a big transition from high school to college. The work and the hours that you have to put in is a full time job.  There is a lot of sacrificing you will have to do. Prioritize and know that in the long run there will be a benefit. Don't be afraid of the faculty. Don't be hesitant. Let your professor(s) know of problems as soon as possible. Take advantage of all the resources on campus, such as events. Make a connection to Central and make Central your home. Time management is very important. To develop skills, the learning center offers a Methods of Inquiry course which goes over the basics such as reading a text and time management. Also, ask other students about professors before taking a class. Have fun and enjoy the experience!