Education and Interests

Received his degree from SUNY at Buffalo in 1975 with a degree in Biopsychology. When he graduated, he studied maternal behavior in rats (which he notes, was the last time he worked with rats). In 1975, Dr. Engwall came to Central to work on drug and alcohol issues. In 1980, he started a Drugs and Behavior course, which led to a study in 1988 about Drugs and Behaviors on campus. Since 1988, his survey has been implemented on all of the Connecticut State Universities.

Dr. Engwall's interest in psychology focus on drugs and alcohol, eating disorders, stress, gambling, and high risk behaviors. Also, Dr. Engwall was the department chair of Psychology, as well as leading the Advising Center. However, after serving as head of the Advising Center for ten years; he missed teaching and came back to the psychology department. 

Dr. Engwall's personal interests include: playing instruments (his favorite is the string bass, but he also plays tuba, keyboards, guitar, and string instruments) and his involvement in church.