Education and Interests

Carolyn R. Fallahi is a child and family therapist with a specialization in attachment issues and childhood abuse. She graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia, and has worked in both inpatient hospitals, outpatient clinics, and private practice.  In addition, during that time, she taught at many different colleges as an adjunct professor. In 2002, she decided to pursue a career change and began full-time at CCSU. 

While at CCSU, Dr. Fallahi has taught Introduction to Psychology, Lifespan Development, Child Psychology, Psychology of the Exceptional Child, Research Methods in Psychology for Graduate Students, Psychopathology, Introduction to Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and the Psychology of Diversity. Dr. Fallahi conducts research in the teaching of psychology, rejection sensitivity, chemical dependency, children's issues, and vicarious exposure to trauma.




Dr. Fallahi is very approachable, so just come in and talk! Working ahead of time is the key to success. Joining in on research with the faculty will help improve your credentials in order to get into graduate school and help you obtain great letters of recommendation.


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