Education and Interests

Earned her BA in Psychology at Bucknell University and her M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Toronto. She completed post-doctoral research at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and at Brandeis University. In her research on language development, memory, and auditory perception, she's had the great pleasure of working with volunteers representing almost every age demographic, from 3-year-olds to 80-year-olds. She has also worked with deaf children (ages 4 through 16) who have cochlear implants (devices that transmit sound waves directly to the brain).

Nowadays, the focus of her research is mainly on older adults' language development, auditory perception, and memory. "Working with older adults is a particular joy - they have fantastic stories to share about their lives and how their world has changed over the years. Some older adults have concerns about their memory, their hearing, and their ability to communicate, and my research helps shed light on some these issues. In collaboration with Dr. Carrie Andreoletti, we've established the Gerontology and Audiology lab, which is located in the Vance Academic Center. If you are interested in learning more about the lab, our research, or opportunities to become involved in research, please contact either Dr. Andreoletti or myself!" 

When not on campus, you can find Dr. Fallon desperately trying to keep up with a beautifully ferocious toddler - her daughter, Catherine. She also enjoys reading, woodworking, and singing in the New England Chamber Choir with her husband, Martin.



Each course is an opportunity to develop skills. Yes, you will learn content, but you can also learn how to analyze and critically evaluate information, devise effective problem-solving strategies, master new technologies, hone oral and written communication skills, develop interactive skills with your peers and your professors, sharpen attention and focus, and enhance your long-term retention of information. In short, embrace your courses as a means of preparing you to meet life's challenges, whatever they may be.