Steven W. Horowitz, Ph.D.


Research Methods in Psychology I (PSY 221)

PSY 221 Syllabus

Associate Professor

Department of Psychological Science

Office: Barnard 100400 [suite of Psychological Science offices and laboratories on ground floor]

Voice Phone: (860) 832-3119


Dr. Horowitz teaches Research Methods in Psychology I & II, Learning and Memory, Sensation and Perception, Psychology and the Law, and History and Systems. His research interests include interviewing children as witnesses, the development of racism and bigotry, psychophysiological responding to violent video game play, and influences on participation in the democratic electoral process. Dr. Horowitz is the Law School advisor for the Psychological Science Department.

It is said that Edward Bradford Titchner's* pickled brain is on display at Cornell. To see an MRI of Dr. Horowitz's brain, while he lives, click here> Brain

*founder of Structuralism