Education and Interests

Received her undergraduate degree from the University of Utah. She also participated in research at University of Minnesota, and earned her Ph. D. in Developmental Psychology from UCONN.  Her Post doctorate work was completed at the UMASS Medical School/Eunice Kennedy, Shriver Center. 

She started at CCSU in the fall of 2003.  Her focuses are on communication development in infancy, the caregiving behavior of adolescent parents, and cognitive training for elderly individuals with dementia. 

Dr. Wood enjoys the visual and culinary arts, and she refers to herself as a movie buff.



For transfer students, make sure everything transfers and meet with your advisors to make sure you are on track. If involvement is important to you, get involved with campus life. Freshmen-getting adjusted to college is hard, especially learning study skills and getting sleep. Always think of the next step and don't lose sight of your goal. It is ok to take time off from school and come back, because your goal should be not just passing and getting a degree but getting an experience and preparing for the future.