About Us

Welcome to The Recreation Department, also known as RECentral.

RECentral provides a series of comprehensive activities including: Intramurals, Club Sports, Fitness and Recreation. When participating in any recreational activities (fitness classes, fitness centers, and intramurals) the department charges NO FEES; however Club Sports on an individual basis may have dues along with various special event activities. To find out if your club sport of interest requires any fees it’s recommended you contact the club president for further information (The information for the club presidents are also available on our website).

RECentral strives to:

Provide opportunities for recreation that encourage personal and group development

Promote healthy personal development

Improve overall campus life

Equipment Rentals: RECentral has a series  of sport items that students may check out from room 044 in Kaiser Hall with a valid Blue Chip ID. Items for check out are:

  1. Soccer Ball

  2. Basketball

  3. Tennis Racquet

  4. Tennis Balls

  5. Pump

  6. Wiffleball / Bat

  7. Volleyball

The website provides most of the information you need to get involved in one of the four disciplines at RECentral. If you have questions please feel free to contact the main office at (860) 832-3732.

We are looking forward to seeing you stay active with us!