Office of the Registrar Contacts

Main Phone (860) 832-2236

Fax (860) 832-2250




Registration & General Assistance
Main Phone-General Inquiries (860) 832-2236 Registration, General Inquiries
Vacant, Unit Supervisor (860) 832-2236 Registration, Permissions
Carol Lummis, Secretary (860) 832-2271 Registration, Optical Scanning (Exams & Course Evaluations)
Barbara Zalot, Assistant Registrar (860) 832-2240 Registration, Independent Studies, Early Academic Alert
Matthew Bielawa, Associate Registrar (860) 832-2242 Registration, Banner Reporting
Student Records, Transcripts & Enrollment Verifications
Melissa Davis, Office Assistant (860) 832-2247 Student Records (Last Names A-Z)
Vacant (860) 832-2226 Student Records (Last Names M-Z)
Degree Audit  & Graduation
Rebecca Pickering, Assistant Registrar (860) 832-2315 Transfer Credit  Approvals, Inactive Degree Audits,
General Graduation Questions
Elena Simon, Degree Auditor (860) 832-2244 Initial Degree Audits, General Graduation Questions
Jack Paolino, Degree Auditor 860) 832-2197 Senior Degree Audits (Last Names A-L)
Rachael Davis, Degree Auditor (860) 832-2239 Senior Degree Audits (Last Names M-Z)
Academic Scheduling
Amanda Tellier, Associate Registrar (860) 832-2267 Course Schedules, Classroom Assignments
Faculty Load Reporting
Curriculum & Catalog
Nancy Boscarino, Associate Registrar (860) 832-2241 Banner Catalog & Curriculum Updates, CAPP Updates
Independent Studies
Patrick Tucker, Registrar (860) 832-2294  
Carla Cyr, Secretary (860) 832-2294 Applications for Graduation, Appeals (SAP, Residency, Refund)


Office of the Registrar
Davidson 116
Phone: (860) 832-2236
Fax: (860) 832-2250

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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