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Undergraduate students at CCSU can run their own degree evaluation.  A degree evaluation is a report that shows a student's progress towards their degree.  It shows requirements for the degree, pointing out which requirements have been met and which requirements still need to be met.  This is not an official document until it is confirmed by your degree auditor.

Graduate students should consult their Planned Program as approved by their major advisor.

How to run a degree evaluation?

How to run a degree evaluation? (Advisor Procedure)

How to read a degree evaluation?

How to run a "what if analysis" degree evaluation?  If you are in a pre-program (such as Pre-Business, Pre-BSED, etc.) or if you are considering changing your major, then you will need to run your degree evaluation as a "what if" scenario.

Important information about degree requirements

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Course Equivalencies: A list of courses that are equivalent, and therefore, credit can only be earned for one of the courses.

Student Inquiries:  Please email our office at regstaff@ccsu.edu.  Please include your name, student ID number, and anticipated graduation date along with your inquiry.

Application For Graduation Form: All undergraduate students must apply for graduation one year prior to their graduation date by filling out this form.

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