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We offer a twist on the traditional on-campus living experience. Consider a Living Learning Community -- LLC for short. These communities are developed around a theme. Students who share a common interest or academic focus live on the same floor of a residence hall. In some cases, entire halls are devoted to a theme, for example, Sam May Hall is dedicated to our Fitness & Wellness LLC.

While some First Year Experience cohorts are established to assure a smooth, successful transition into college life and academic demands, others are developed around an academic course. LLC residents receive extra support and mentoring by faculty and staff in their focus area. Special programs and events are offered to enhance their experiences outside of the classroom, while helping them develop and refine their leadership skills. Below, learn more about requirements for LLC living and how to apply.

2015-2016 LLC Offerings

  • First Year Experience – North Hall (Entire hall: 106 freshmen)
  • Academic/Student Affairs LLC – FYS 104: Walkers Ate My Science Homework: The Walking Dead and 20th Century Science. To qualify, students must apply for this class through the course selection process and then select to live in Seth North Hall or in a Down the Hill residence hall.
  • First Year Experience Cohort – Vance Hall (Up to 100 freshmen)
  • First Year Cohort – James Hall (Up to 100 freshmen)
  • Sophomore Year Cohort – Beecher (Up to 50 sophomores)
  • Fitness/Wellness Experience – May Hall (Entire hall: 156 students)
  • All-Female– Barrows Hall (CCSU's only exclusively female residence hall)

North Hall
Students who choose North Hall will live among other first year students. Our goal is to help first year students fully acclimate to the university setting by offering programs and activities focused on study skills, campus resources, community building, and overall health and safety. Many programs are co-sponsored with The Learning Center at CCSU, as well as faculty members from various departments. Past events have included: How to Choose a Major, Impress the Suit, Midterm Study Sessions, Finals Bonanza, The Learning Center Workshop Series, and many more.

North also houses the First Year academic cohort FYS 104
Walkers Ate My Science Homework: The Walking Dead and 20th Century Science
This course will focus on controversial scientific discoveries and technologies of the 20th century as seen through the lens of Robert Kirkman's popular graphic novel series The Walking Dead and its equally popular TV series. We will use Kirkman's work to investigate the complex intersections between science, technology, and ethics. For an informed discussion of the controversies surrounding such advances, a solid backbone of scientific content must form the core of the course. Topics to be covered include: scientific methods and experimental design; ethics and scientific experimentation on humans and animals; the importance of scientific literacy; disaster preparedness and end-of-the-world scenarios; pandemics; biological and chemical warfare; genetic engineering and cloning; eugenics; and definitions of life, clinical death, life extension, and euthanasia. Students will be expected to have already viewed Seasons 1-4 of the TV series before starting the course. Previous experience with the graphic novel series is encouraged but not required. This course counts toward the General Education Study Area IV science requirement for graduation. Open to students in all majors.

*To qualify for The Walking Dead LLC, students must apply for this class through the course selection process and then select to live on-campus in North Hall or another residence hall Down the Hill.

Vance Hall and James Hall
Freshmen have the opportunity to live in a close-knit community with other first year students while also being part of a larger community of upper classmen. Our goal is to fully acclimate first year students to the university setting by offering programs focused on study skills, campus resources, community building, and overall health and safety. The blend of students of different class standing will enhance the student - campus experience by cultivating leadership modeling and mentoring.

Beecher Hall – Sophomore Year Cohort
Students who select into Beecher Hall will be offered special programs developed to enhance your sophomore year experience and develop networking with campus partners.

Sam May Hall – Fitness/Wellness Hall
If you want to be active - this LLC is for you! Our focus is to help students learn to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. Program offerings will include: workout strategies, stress relief, nutrition, diet options, and overall well-being. A variety of departments co-sponsor programs including: RECentral, Dining Services, Student Wellness Services, and the Department of Physical Education and Human Performance.

LLC Requirements
Our expectations and requirements for participating in an LLC are pretty simple:

Live in the designated LLC residence hall
Complete program assessments at the end of the fall and spring semesters
Participate in LLC programs and activities
Academic LLCs - you must meet the academic prerequisites of the LLC course(s)
Enroll in LLC academic courses required for your community through course registration with
Select the building noted that houses your Academic LLC
Have fun! 

How To Enroll
Check the LLC Requirements
Pay your housing deposit
During room selection, select into the residence hall where your LLC is located
Once housing selection and course selection is completed, you are automatically enrolled into the LLC
When you move into your LLC residence hall, the program will begin!

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