The Department of Educational Leadership, Policy & Instructional Technology at Central Connecticut State University seeks to prepare well-educated and competent practitioners who are capable of improving the quality of education for Connecticut's children. The Department of Educational Leadership, Policy & Instructional Technology offers a Master of Science in Educational Technology, a Master of Science in Educational Leadership, and a sixth-year certificate leading to certification as an intermediate administrator or supervisor. The department also offers an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. The department is characterized by its emphasis on leadership for valuing diversity and achieving equity, innovations in technology in education, school improvement and systemic change, reflective processes, and action research as a basis for decision-making.The department includes twelve full time education faculty, several of whom teach courses in other departments, in addition to teaching within the Department of Educational Leadership, Policy & Instructional Technology. The Department values interdisciplinary collaboration as a means of fulfilling its goals. As such, department faculty work collaboratively to design programs which will prepare professional educators with the skills and dispositions needed to create learning environments where all learners will be successful. Department faculty are also associated with the Center for Multicultural Research and Education, and the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Technology.

Welcome to our new faculty members: Dr. Linda Clark and Dr. Maria Mongillo

Dr. Linda Clark has a Ph.D. in Higher Education from Penn State University. Dr. Clark has extensive higher education experience as working in student support, administrative, and faculty positions. Dr. Clark’s career includes substantial teaching in statistics. Her area of specialization is program assessment as it pertains to academic and non-academic initiatives in higher education. Dr. Clark has considerable experience in Intercollegiate Athletics. She served as vice chair of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee of the Faculty Senate at Penn State. Dr. Clark was one of two faculty members selected to be initial members of the Athletic Integrity Council at Penn State. She has collaborated on Title IX research and founded the Faculty Partner Program at Penn State, creating and cultivating relationships between athletic and academic environments.

At Central, Dr. Clark coordinates the Ed.D. program in Higher Education. This program prepares current higher education professionals for career advancement and increases the knowledge, scholarly aptitude and skills for more effective and efficient administrators.


Dr. Maria Boeke Mongillo joins CCSU as an Assistant Professor in the Educational Leadership department in the School of Education and Professional Studies. Prior to coming to CCSU, she was an Assistant Professor in the Graduate School at the College of New Rochelle, focusing on elementary, early childhood, and special education teacher preparation. She also taught courses as an Adjunct for Quinnipiac University, the University of Saint Joseph, and Southern Connecticut State University. Maria began her career teaching first and second grade in the Wilton Public Schools, and went on to work as a Research Assistant in the Office of Institutional Research at Norwalk Community College before concentrating her career on teacher and school leader preparation. Maria received her B.A. in Early Childhood Education from Boston College and her M.S. in Science Education and Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University. Maria’s teaching interests include learning theory, instructional practices, curriculum development, and research methodologies. Her primary research interests are in the area of developing and supporting teacher self-efficacy, especially for novice teachers and for teachers of math and science. She has presented her research at the American Educational Research Association, the Northeast Educational Research Association, and the New England Educational Research Organization annual conferences.

Maria lives with her family outside of New Haven. In her free time, she enjoys biking, doing crossword puzzles, and cooking.