Sixth-Year Certificate (092 Immediate Certification) > Program of Studies

The degree program leading to intermediate level certification is a 30 credit hour program and is designed to scaffold learning opportunities for students. These learning opportunities include both courses and assessment points. The courses are grouped into three levels: introductory level coursework, intermediate level coursework, and advanced level coursework. Students are allowed to proceed through the program and take coursework in the next level only upon successful completion of coursework and the assessments, or with the approval of the student's advisor. The courses and assessment points are illustrated below.

Courses and Assessments for the Sixth-Year Certification Program

Course Work

The courses are designed to be taken in pairs, except for EDL 590.  Each pair of courses is taken as two semester-long courses at 3 credits each. It is recommended that they be taken in the following way: EDL 605 and EDL 606; EDL 610 and EDL 611; EDL 615 and EDL 616. After completing two of these paired courses, some students do choose to take the final pair at the same time as they take the internship (EDL 690, EDL 691 and EDL 692).

Performance Assessment Embedded in Courses: As a program and a department, we are committed to authentic and other forms of performance assessment. Assessment strategies used across courses include rubrics, rating forms, simulations, role playing, and applications of knowledge gained in courses to authentic projects such as school improvement, budget simulation, social justice, education platforms, law and policy, safety and school climate, action research, and, teacher supervision and evaluation. 

In order to be approved to take the internship, all students must successfully complete all requirements or get the permission of the department chair.

  • EDL 590 - Leaders as Learners (3 credits)
  • EDL 605 and EDL 606 Leadership for Teaching and Learning (6 credits)
  • EDL 610 and EDL 611  - School Leadership (6 credits)
  • EDL 615 and EDL 616 - Understanding External Environments of School Leadership (6 credits)


  • EDL 690-691-692 Internship in Educational Leadership (6 credits)


  • Electives (3 credits) * If you have not fullfilled Special Education requirement, you must take Special Education 501.

Students must complete their program of study by taking 3 credits of electives. Students may also fulfill their electives requirements with coursework from other subject areas such as special education, educational foundations, reading, math, and bilingual education.